Infectious Colitis

by Carol L.
(bakersfield, california, USA)

I have battled infectious colitis to an on-going colitis issue that has taken me from 114 lbs. to 88 lbs.

I was wondering if Salba would help, along with my heavy Probiotic regiment?

Hi Carol,

Salba may be helpful for your infectious colitis. It is full of Omega essential fatty acids which act as an anti-inflammatory.

Have you considered using Herbal Fiberblend? It is a natural herbal cleanser with both cleansing and healing herbs that can really help repair the lining of the intestines over time and regular use.

I would also consider trying the BarleyLife, too, for it's nutritional benefit. The better the nutritional intake, the better the body can heal.

Let us know if you try the Salba and what you think about it's effect - if you notice a positive result.

To your good health!

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