Is Colon Cleansing Healthy?

Is colon cleansing health

People often wonder, is colon cleansing healthy, or is it simply the latest fad in a long list of health fads that come and go over the years.

It can be really difficult to determine the validity of the many health claims that we are bombarded with every week from various sources. Magazines, TV commercials, radio, junk mail, and even spam in our inbox, are all sources of the latest and greatest nutritional breakthroughs - or so they claim.

Those of you who follow my articles regularly know already that I'm a big natural health advocate. Naturally, I'm delighted when evidence is published that reinforces the benefits of whole foods, vitamins, minerals and natural supplements for one health concern or another.

Sometimes, though, the health messages seem mixed or perhaps exaggerated claims are made in an effort to promote a new product. That's not so bad if the product really works, but how do you know if it really does?

I have to admit that occasionally, for answers to question like, "Is colon cleansing healthy?" I do my research and then end up relying on common sense to make my final verdict.

So, let's look at the concept of colon cleansing in more detail. There are various types of cleanses that people consider. They range from an extreme fasting type cleanse to a more gentle and easier to manage digestive cleanse. Can you guess that I prefer the latter?

No doubt there are drastic cases of severe debilitating health where time is of the essence and radical measures need to be taken to try to rid the body of toxins and parasites as quickly as possible regardless of the possible dangers of colon cleansing that might result from the severe shock to the system.

I've been in a situation myself where someone dear to me was dying and we were getting to the point where we'd almost try anything if we thought it might work for pain relief and healing. However, cases like those are few and far between.

Most people wondering, "Is colon cleansing healthy?" and looking for information about the benefits or dangers of colon cleansing are having minor digestive complaints or perhaps intestinal parasite concerns. For those people, I tend to believe that a safe, natural, and gentle cleanse is the way to go, as long as it is effective.

Which brings us back to the question of, "Is colon cleansing healthy and safe?"

In our modern era of extremely poor diets - fast food, processed food, chemicals, additives, preservatives, herbicides, pesticides, high sugar intake, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and more - I would go beyond saying that colon cleansing is healthy. I would go so far as to say it is almost necessary for most people in order to maintain good health.

We fill our bodies with all this "gunk" and then wonder why we can't go to the bathroom easily, or why our skin is breaking out in rashes, spots, and other uncomfortable conditions. We can't seem to figure out why our bottom is inching like crazy or why we feel so bloated and sluggish and tired.

The reason is almost always two-fold:

  1. Our body is struggling to process all the rubbish we feed it. Poorly digested food is trapped in the intestines. We become a breeding ground for parasites, and our waste has trouble passing.
  2. We aren't getting enough good quality vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes from the food we eat, and even when we make the attempt, they aren't being absorbed properly because of the condition of our colon.

Put those two facts together and you end up with an over-toxic body that needs a good clean out!

What Kind Of Colon Cleansing Is Healthy?

Is colon cleansing health

If you do much searching online, you'll soon discover that there is a whole host of suggestions for cleaning out your colon and detoxing your body. You may hear of the "master cleanse" where you only drink lemon water that has maple syrup and cayenne pepper in it - for days on end.

Or, you may find a number of products that tend to clean you out in just a few days by popping some pills or drinking some potion.

I'm not necessarily saying that these ideas or products are foolish or completely ineffective, because some of them do provide you with some results. My concern is more for your long term health benefit and getting the job done properly and realistically with something that's do-able for the average person.

When my husband and I decided it was time for us to do start taking our health more seriously, we began with a healthy 3-month colon cleanse. We didn't completely change our diet or our routine. We simply started incorporating Herbal Fiberblend into our schedule twice per day.

It doesn't taste great - I'll freely admit that! But mixed with a little grape juice or mango juice it was completely bearable and did a wonderful job of cleaning out our entire digestive system. We stopped using Herbal Fiberblend on a daily basis after our 3 month cleanse, but we ALWAYS keep it on hand because we discovered other benefits that we love.

If we feel any "bug" coming on, we get started on the HFB right away. If we over-indulged (as we all do on occasion) and feel just plain yuck as a result, the herbs and fiber help clean out the pipes and get things moving again on schedule.

Is colon cleansing healthy? I believe it is healthy AND beneficial when you use a reliable and sensible cleansing protocol. What do you think?

Have A Colon Cleansing Question or Comment?

If you have any questions about colon cleansing feel free to ask them here. Give as many details as possible to give us the best chance of being of help to you.

On the other hand, you might have an experience of your own to share that will encourage and help others find relief. Please take a couple of minutes to tell us about it.

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