Loose Your Bowel Every 3-4 Days?

by Eva P.

What will happen and what to do if you loose your bowel every 3-4 day?

I always loose my bowel every 3-4 days. With this, I feel heavy and uneasy. What should I do to have a regular every morning or evening habit?

Dear Eva,

This is a good question and one that I am glad you have brought up. Too many people think that it is "normal" or "okay" to only have a bowel movement every few days or less. This is just not true!

As you have mentioned, it leaves you feeling bloated and uncomfortable, but it can also lead to a number of serious health conditions.

Think about the fact that all of the food you eat is sitting in your intestinal tract during that time and essentially rotting and becoming toxic.

Yes, of course, your body is trying to utilize the nutrition out of the food that you have eaten, but if your bowels aren't moving at least every day, your body is not working efficiently and something is wrong.

It's not likely that you are getting the nourishment from your food like you should be, so even when you DO try to eat a healthy diet, your body isn't benefiting as it should.

What can you do to change this and speed matters up in the bowel? Several things!

  1. Drink more water. Many people don't get enough water into their body each day. This creates dehydration in the intestines. Your waste matter becomes dry and hard and very slow moving. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

  2. Eat more high fiber foods. Whole grains and vegetables are really helpful in keeping the food passing through the digestive track as it should.

  3. Be sure you are getting enough essential fatty acids. If you eat a lot of fish, you are probably okay in this area, but you can also get
    essential fatty acids from certain grains like salba or chia, or from taking omega oil supplements like AIMega.

In your case, I would suggest you begin by cleansing out your intestines with a natural herbal cleanse like Herbal Fiberblend. You most likely have a lot of old waste matter packed in your colon that has been restricting your natural waste movement.

You need to get that cleaned out so that your bowels will begin to function normally and allow your body to process your food efficiently so that it can benefit from the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that you eat.

It's pretty simple to cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend:

  • You start by taking one teaspoon of the powder mixed in a glass of water or juice twice per day.

  • After a few days, you increase to 2 teaspoons twice per day.

  • After a week or so, you can increase up to a nice heaping tablespoon twice per day. Follow on with this amount daily until you have given your entire digestive tract a good cleanse (usually about 3 months).

  • While cleansing, be sure to drink plenty of water (8-10 glasses per day). This will help the herbs and fiber to do their job.

    They will soften and eliminate old waste matter, parasites, bacteria, and toxins that are currently making you feel heavy and uneasy. The herbs even help to heal the lining of your intestines and improve your paristalsis action (the muscle contraction that promotes bowel movements).

  • When you are ready to stop the cleansing process, you gradually reduce the amount of Herbal Fiberblend you take per day just as you increased it in the beginning.

Those are my best suggestions, Eva, for developing good bowel habits so that you eliminate at least once per day. I hope that they are of help to you and that you will soon be feeling great!


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