Lose Weight Fast

by Lily

I want to lose weight fast. I'm thinking about doing the lemon detox, but I still don't want to lose my body type.

If I do it, is it something going to happen to my body type?

Hi Lily,

I'm not sure what you mean about losing your body type. Do you mean the natural shape of your body and the tendency of where you carry extra weight?

I think it would be difficult to change that basic tendency by using a detox program of any sort.

However, losing weight fast, though very appealing, isn't always the best or healthiest way to lose weight.

As usual, if you don't make significant dietary and lifestyle changes, you'll put the weight right back on and probably even more on top of it.

If you are looking for something to help you lose weight and keep it off safely and naturally, consider the Weight Management Starter Pack.

This Weight Management package includes:

  • Propeas - vegetable protein powder (vanilla flavored) which helps to maintain muscle while losing weight
  • Fit-n-Fiber - herb and fiber combo that helps to control your appetite and stimulate healthy digestion
  • Cellstar - low sugar juices that provide antioxidents, immuno support, etc.

One of the dangers of trying to lose weight fast without proper nutritional support, etc., is that you can lose muscle mass, weaken your immune system, and even cause your metabolism to actually slow down.

A gentle detox is a healthy option in most cases, but unless you are extremely ill and with limited time for action, a radical detox is probably not your best course of action.

To your good health!

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