Major Decline In My Skin Tissue

by Manette
(Waco, TX)

If I can see a major decline in my skin tissue from parasites, what do my insides look like?

I have small to large craters on my back, from neck to buttocks. Also on the backs of arms and legs. Lesions all over my body, now starting around my jaw line.

When bathing my body, to rub over these spots hurts badly, almost like small shards of glass in skin.

It also feels like I'm rubbing sandpaper against sandpaper. When washing your skin with a rag, it should feel good.

There are black thread like fibers and white thread like fibers that dace around or act jittery when caught with tweezers. Every so often I will see a light pink or blue.

I always feel creepy crawly on my skin, especially shoulders up. My hair always wants to attach itself to my back or face and is painful at times.

Please help.

Dear Manette,

Your initial question, "If I can see a major decline in my skin tissue from parasites, what do my insides look like?" is a VERY important one that I wish more people would ask themselves when dealing with skin parasites.

So many people have the idea that if it is the skin that is exhibiting a problem that they only need to treat the skin externally. It's amazing how many of us seem to be unaware of how the whole body is connected and affected
by the various experiences of life.

I'm always trying to encourage everyone to give themselves a very good natural herbal cleanse to help the body kill and eliminate parasites quickly and safely as well as support the body with some strong nutrition.

Even when you are NOT afflicted with obvious parasites or health issues, a regular internal cleanse can be essential in maintaining your good health and keeping your body strong and parasite free.

However, when you KNOW you are dealing with something - whether parasites (internally or externally), excess toxins, allergic reaction - ANYTHING that is causing your skin to erupt with a rash, itching, creepy crawly sensations, lesions, or anything else - internal cleansing is absolutely necessary, in my opinion, as well as nutritional support to help the body heal - especially in cases as severe as yours.

Please let me encourage you to consider a thorough cleanse using some or all of the following supplements:

**Most important

I very much hope that you will be able to follow a simple natural protocol like this and get the healing that your body needs.

Please let me know if I can be of further help.


P.S. If you haven't already done so, you also may want to try soaking in a bath with sea salt and some essential oils (like clove, lavender, coriander, orange).

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Nov 30, 2016
Decline in skin tissue. My skin NEW
by: K in Houston

Is falling apart. I originally assumes it has fake. I have what I guess we call Morgellons. Plus sevthings. I used to think they were fake unyil when a hair on the floor begins to "dance" for me
Or the dozens of name AND dateS om my arm and leg are perfectly clear. When so ONE freaks out and starts sweating.,. AND I can tell them. Oh......yea. No biggie. Tis is what I've been telling you for months. THEN AND ONLY THENVSILLNTHEY BELIEVVE.
Mine have been go on a year or so but they change once a week. Different life cycles I think. I eod like someone to study this "undpeakable" Meaning We KNOW phyzicisns know about it.. I'm retired but I worked in veterinsry med. Ce for 25 years and at 3 colleges of veterinary medicine. Please let me know,lib apply for a grant. I've only gotten them through my university research. Sorry about spelling errors. Om typing on my tiny smart phone

Aug 15, 2012
To Manette NEW
by: Danielle

Dear Manette, I believe you have Demodex face , body and hair Mites. I've been dealing with the same thing/symptoms for over 2 years now and it's a nightmare. It takes over your life doesn't it?

I have tried everything and the only thing that worked and gave me some relief is/was "Dry Mustard". Mix it with your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body cream.

Google "Toni's Mustard Power - The Problem" web site for instructions to how to use the mustard.


It takes one application of the mixture to see stuff coming out of your skin and's amazing!
And it will get worst for a few hours and maybe a day (since they are fighting to survive) but you will see a difference just about right away.

Hang in there girl. After six weeks you'll be normal again and will have your life back.

Good luck.


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