Malabsorption Syndrome

by Bill
(Vancouver, B.C. Canada)

I have been unwell for many years, only recently diagnosed with malabsorption syndrome, causing secondary hyperparathyroidism.

My PTH levels tend to normalize on mega-doses of Calcium and Vitamin D.

I suffer symptoms of fatigue, weakness, and weight loss despite a very good appetite. I have elevated fecal fat levels, and my other symptoms include drooling at night, skin discoloration under eyes.

I am basically emaciated, despite a very good intake of food.

Numerous diagnostic testing was all negative, all biopsies normal, gall-bladder removed, stool tests always negative for ova and parasites.

Any suggestions?

Hi Bill,

I am so sorry to hear of the health problems you have been suffering for so long. Trying to determine if malabsorption syndrome is the underlying cause or just another symptom of some other underlying cause is difficult.

In many cases of malabsorption, the cause is a toxic bowel or an impacted bowel that won't allow the nutrients from your food to pass through the intestinal wall and be absorbed into the blood stream as it should.

Yes, parasites can be part of the problem, whether they show up in tests or not. But that may or may not be the whole of the problem.

Poor or inefficient waste transit from faulty digestion can create a build up of old fecal matter lining the wall of the intestines. Also, mucus builds up on that lining and waste matter creating even further problems.

You asked, "Any suggestions?" I do have suggestions! :)

First of all, I would recommend you start with a complete digestive cleanse using a natural herb and fiber supplement. I suggest Herbal Fiberblend for this purpose.

The unique combination of herbs help to soften old
matter, eliminate mucus build up, and flush out parasites. Essentially, it detoxifies your bowels.

Start with 1 tsp. twice per day. Over a two week period, gradually increase until you are using 1 tablespoon twice per day. Continue on with that amount for a few months (minimum of 3 months in most cases).

I would also suggest that you add some probiotics to your daily routine, like Florafood. These are the good bacteria that your body needs to help build up your immune system.

Finally, to help with the malabsorption syndrome problem and improve your energy levels, I would highly recommend you try using some whole food supplement powders at least until your digestive issues are improved.

I like the Garden Trio and Leaf Greens for this purpose.

Because these are whole foods juiced at the peak of their nutritional levels, the fiber has been removed so your body has less work to do to absorb the nutrients they provide.

Simply mix them together in water or your favorite juice and drink them down. They get absorbed into your system within 15 minutes.

Those would be my best suggestions if you were a relative of mine and I wanted to help you get well. I'd start you on them immediately.

The body is remarkably resilient when we are able to get to the root of the problem and give the body the tools it needs to heal.

Malabsorption Syndrome is nothing to take lightly. I pray that these suggestions will be helpful to you and that you feel like a new man again soon.

The supplements I've suggested are all available in Canada here.

To your good health!

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