Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome

by Lynda C.
(Fresh Meadows, N.Y. USA)

I'm considering a Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS) or Morgellons Treatment at the Parasitology Center in Arizona.

I've had facial/arm/hand sores since 2004 immediately following eye surgery to help alleviate tearing, blurry and double vision following another surgery (thyroidectomy-2003).

Since that eye surgery upper body nerve pain began-still have that but now pain from waist to knees (sciatic nerves/pelvic nerve also).

I have been following a Lyme protocol since 2006 diagnosis of barillia and babesia. Mostly antibiotics.

Now I'm on a homeopathic medicine which includes drops for the salival biofilms which seems to make sense. This medicine prevents the bacteria/virus/parasite from infiltrating my lower body which diminishes pain and improves mobility due to pain.

I've been considering the NCS/morgellons treatment at the parasitology center in Tempe, Arizona but since it's so far and there is no proven positive results - only spotty
confirmations of several patients results are available.

They also do not talk of physicians/med ctr/hospital so where does all this treatment take place?

Anyway the pain is moderate-severe and I wish there was a sure way to get rid of this disease!!!!

Hi Lynda,

So sorry to hear of your pain and suffering - and for so long, too. It sounds like one thing has triggered another, which has triggered another, and so forth.

That's not really too surprising because our body is so interconnected and once one portion gets out of balance, it can become a domino effect as the immune system is weakened and other portions have to work extra hard to compensate.

I hadn't heard of the parasitology center in Tempe, Arizona, before you mentioned it, so I was very interested in checking it out and seeing what they offered and recommended for those suffering with what we are all calling Morgellons symptoms.

As you discovered, they are referring to this condition as the Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS). Based on what information is available on their site, it appears that they are suggestion a very similar protocol to what we suggest here for Morgellons treatment.

Cleansing the body internally and boosting the immune system is the absolute best treatment advice, in my opinion, for Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome. You really can't do any harm that way and have a very high chance of improving.

I know the protocol on our Morgellons treatment page is costly if you're on a tight budget and want to include every single
supplement. For those who can't afford the full spectrum, I would be happy to help you determine what you should choose within your budget to get the most bang for your buck.

Now, let's discuss your personal condition. You mentioned that you first started having problems after you had your thyroid removed.

I hope that you have been having your hormone levels tested periodically to be sure that you're in balance. Hormone imbalance can be an underlying cause of so many different conditions.

You may find that you need some natural hormone replacement (usually progesterone) to keep all the others in balance as well. I actually use Renewed Balance cream for that purpose myself.

If you have been on antibiotics since 2006 (am I understanding you correctly???), I'm surprised you are not having even more issues than you have described.

Have you been taking probiotics to constantly replenish all the good bacteria that the antibiotics are killing off?

I think sometimes we forget how desperately our bodies need immune support through first rate nutrition and supplementation when we are in a weakened condition.

Many nutritionists have declared that our body needs 10x the nutrition to heal than it does to maintain good health.

Have you been taking a good quality supplement of essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 9)? EFA's are very helpful in reducing inflammation in the body, thus reducing pain in many cases. It's something you should most certainly consider if you have not done already.

Basically, Lynda, if you wanted to start with the very basics in an effort to assist your body in the healing process and "getting rid of this disease," I would try the following at the very minimum:

  • Herbal Fiberblend - herb and fiber cleanse
  • Florafood - probiotics to replenish the good bacteria
  • AIMega - essential fatty acids
  • Garden Trio - whole food nutritional support to help maintain proper pH and give your body more nutrition to work with

Whether you have Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome or Morgellons, or some other parasitic or fungal infection in combination with some other conditions, I really can't say.

I can simply give you my best suggestions, as I have, and hope that they will be of help to you and that your Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome symptoms will be cleared up and you will be pain free again soon.

To your good health!

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Jul 03, 2012
Finally Getting Rid of Parasites NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Sheryl,

Thanks for telling us your good news. I'm so pleased to know that you are doing so much better.

I'm glad to hear that you are cleansing internally and using probiotics. I wish I could convince more of our visitors of the importance of this action when trying to get rid of parasites.

I know that many may think I'm just trying to "make money" from them. That saddens me. Yes, of course, I do earn a small commission on sales of some of the products I suggest if they are purchased through this website. If I didn't, I wouldn't be able to afford to pay for this website and keep the information free for anyone who visits.

My greatest desire is not to make a lot of money from this site, but rather to be a genuine help to those who are suffering and enable them to get some relief in a healthy way.

Whether you get help here, or through Dr. Amin, or some other place, I just want everyone to get help and end their suffering.

I have to tell you that 95% gone stage is an excellent achievement, and I hope and pray you can tell us that it is 100% before too long.

(Although, I'm sure you probably know that we ALL have some parasites in us at all times - like candida albicans - but as long as it is kept in balance by our strong immune system, we'll call that 100%!) :)


Jul 02, 2012
Ive been to AZ clinic nov 2011 NEW
by: Sheryl from Bend Oregon

I have great respect for Dr. Amin, I had blood work for dental mercury and products and just completed having fillings removed safely only 3 a month or results could be like MS, he ran tests i requested for parasites and it was positive along with yeast and fungal disease. Protocal is cleansingfor parasites, (black on one side and shiny on the other), they r for me internal and external. Then the proper digestin and probiotic and supplements for health.
My first relief in nov 2010 was with Dr. Karjoo in Garden Grove, Ca. but only use the black soap. within days the itching started subsiding. a month and its in control then it is intermittent and you cant let up on fighting every sting or bite. (if youve had the dot that makes an arm or leg feel like the blood has been cut off to it, find the source and the soap kills it and in 15 min relief comes gradually. And washing daily of clothes and bedding is a must. I currently use the soap on a qtip for any sting or itch. unfortunately, ridding my house and dog of the pests has not been completed butr life is good.I use in my ears, nose around my mouth,to make sure nothing comes back. Getting to the 95% gone stage lets me lead a normal like. I pray to God that some day I will be parasite free.

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