Parasite Causes A Long Scratch Mark That Itches

by Molly Markgraf
(Hutchinson, MN, United States)

What type of parasite causes a long scratch mark that itches severely?

My brother was up in North Western Minnesota, where there was a lot of marshy water that he was in with his waders to get to his hunting cabin.

He now has approximately 2 to 3 inch scratch marks on his back and inner thigh that is about a quarter of an inch wide that itch severely. He also states that he doesn't feel well in general.

Hi Molly,

There are a ton of different parasites, most of them microscopic and unable to even be seen by the naked eye.

I'm not sure which in particular would cause these scratch marks on your brother. Is it possible that these scratches were made by branches, bushes, etc., and then have become infected by bacteria (parasites) in the water?

Is he developing more new scratches now that he is back, or still dealing with the same scratches that won't go away?

There are parasites, like scabies, that do make tracks (like scratches) just under the skin, but it doesn't really sound like that is what you are describing.

If your brother wants to try some natural remedies, he can apply Indian Neem oil to the skin itself to help kill external skin parasites. You can get the Indian Neem oil at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Since he is not feeling well overall, I'd strongly suggest he treat himself internally, too.

These would be the best choices...

  • Para 90 - antiparasitic herbs in capsule form

  • Florafood - good quality probiotics to boost the friendly bacteria and fight of the nasty ones

  • Bear Paw Garlic - anti-fungal and good for the blood

  • Garden Trio - whole food supplement powders rich in nutrition to boost the immune system and help him get over feeling so unwell

I have a brother that I've been trying to convince to take some natural products that I know will help him. :) I've even purchased the Herbal Fiberblend for him because I know how good it would be for him. (Actually, that one would be good for your brother too).

Do you think I can get him to take it? Huh uh! He'd rather be miserable. :) I wish you better luck with your brother!


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