Parasite Cleanse Not Good Enough?

by Kim

What If A Parasite Cleanse Seems Not Good Enough?

What If A Parasite Cleanse Seems Not Good Enough?

I have done a month-long cleanse, used Biltricide, and pyrantel pomoate and still have parasites. HELP!

I have taken pinworm medicine on two different occasions, two weeks apart. After that, as a precautionary measure, I decided to do an herbal parasite cleanse - Paragone - for one month.

During that time, I became very alarmed with what I was seeing in the toilette. I had NO IDEA that I could be so full of so many creatures!

I then went to see my doctor. He gave me a one-day prescription for Biltricide, which I took.

I am now finished the cleanse. I still am passing worms, and I can feel them moving around inside me. How gross is that?

I have ordered Humaworm but it hasn't come yet. Any suggestions?

Why do I seem to be losing this battle? I never have thought of myself as an unhealthy person.

Thanks for your help,

Dear Kim,

It is rather amazing and appalling when we realize the number and amount of parasites that can be harbored in our body, isn't it?

You said you never thought of yourself as an unhealthy person. That's good. Parasites can and do make people very sick if they are not cared for and eliminated.

Your strong constitution has worked in your favor so far. It's great that you have discovered the parasite infection and are taking action now.

You obviously have taken some products that are, at the very least, partially effective. I haven't used or recommended those particular products myself, but having looked at the ingredients, I can see why they would start the parasites moving out of your system.

The herbal remedies you mentioned certainly contain the right types of herbs to do the job.

Don't consider that you are losing the battle. You obviously are eliminating parasites, you just haven't eliminated them ALL yet, and that is what you need to be sure to do.

If you stop before complete elimination of parasites and eggs, they are able to reproduce and populate your system again.

I always recommend a number of particular natural supplements to people who suspect or are certain that they have a parasite problem.

I'll tell you what they are and why I recommend them. You must then decide for yourself what action you want to take.

  • Herbal Fiberblend - Although HFB comes in both powder and capsule form, I strongly recommend the powdered form as being more effective.

    You mix the HFB with water or juice twice a day starting with 1 tsp. each time and working your way up to 1 Tablespoon. This should be used for 3 months for a full colon cleanse to be sure you have cared for the problem.

    Herbal Fiberblend is a blend of soluble
    and insoluble psyllium fiber along with 17 cleansing herbs. The fiber bulks up your stool and the herbs work at softening fecal matter, killing parasites and fungus, and healing the lining of the intestines.

  • Para 90 - Para 90 is in capsule form and is an additional combination of herbs that fight a wider range of parasites. It isn't always necessary to use both HFB and Para 90, but they work together brilliantly and are highly recommended for known cases of parasite infections.

    If used along with the HFB, one bottle of Para 90 should be sufficient; to be taken for 1 month. If you want to take Para 90 instead of the Herbal Fiberblend, I would suggest you use 2-3 bottles over the 1 month, doubling or tripling the dose.

  • Florafood - Florafood is a combination of probiotics (acidophilus, bifidum, longum) that build up your friendly bacteria and help your immune system fight off the parasite infection.

    This step is particularly important when you have taken conventional medications and antibiotics that kill both good and bad bacteria.

  • Barley Life - BarleyLife is a whole food supplement powder that is made from freshly juiced young barley grass and is full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. It is another immune system booster that helps rebuild healthy cells and restore your energy and good health.

Since you have already spent your money on the Humaworm, I don't know if you are interested in additional products. Maybe you'll want to wait and see if the Humaworm does the job for you.

As it is, I only feel confident in referring you to products that I am knowledgeable about and am assured of their high quality.

In spite of what some people say, you can't always get rid of parasites in a matter of days. Depending on your particular condition and your faithfulness in following an anti-parasitic treatment, it could take you 1-3 months or even longer in severe cases or situations where you being exposed repeatedly.

Also be aware that you may experience flu like symptoms during the cleansing process as your body has to deal with processing and eliminating all those dead and dying parasite toxins.

Remember, you don't just want to eliminate the parasite problem, you want to build up a strong, healthy, immune system, too.

Don't feel bad about having a parasite problem. It is extremely common although many people don't even realize that is the cause of their suffering.

Several years ago, the US Center for Disease Control reported that according to their research approximately 1 in 6 Americans were infected with parasites. I suspect that the percentage has increased over the years because it is disregarded by many.

Let me know if you have further questions.

To your good health!
Angie from

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