Parasite Has Ruined My Life

by Kasey
(California, USA)

Some parasite has ruined my life!

Some parasite has ruined my life!

I have been to several doctors that just didn't want to deal with this, so I have been on my own trying to rid my body and home of this parasite.

It first started with a kitten I got that was infested with something not fleas not sure.

I gave it several flea baths, but couldn't get rid of them.

Then I started noticing whenever I would get out of the shower and after drying my hair it would have a greasy look to it even after several times washing it. I would brush or comb it and all of a sudden there would be like a tangled little ball in my hair and then another one on the other side of my head.

I couldn't comb it out. I would have to cut them out.

If I wear a dark color shirt I can lift it up to look on the inside of it and there will be all of these shiny specks and white specks all over it.

These parasites eat holes in my clothes, and I have glass items and plastic clear items that they have laid on for months and like embedded themselves onto the surface.

The parasites don't seem to crawl or move that I have seen. They just seem to lay there.

Do you have any suggestions or can you refer me to someone that I could send some specimens to of this parasite to get identified and hopefully a way to get rid of them.

Please I can't take much more of this. I appreciate any input I can get.

Thanks very much,

Hi Kasey,

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your battle with the parasites. It's amazing how these minute little things can take root and spread causing such havoc in our lives.

You're not the first person to say, a parasite has ruined my life!

Unfortunately, I am not completely familiar with a parasite that acts as you are describing. You mentioned going to some doctors, but have you been to a vet?

Is it possible that this parasite is a mite called the Cheyletiella Cat Parasite?

This particular parasite is sometimes known as walking dandruff. They are parasitic mites that can infect all breeds of cats.

Some of the symptoms are that they cause the formation of scales similar to dandruff as well as itchiness, inflammation, redness, and crusty patches.

If you've checked with a vet and they can't identify the parasites, either, I think it would be a good idea to send a sample to the US Center for Disease Control and see if they can identify it for you.

Apart from treating the cat, what other steps have you taken to try to rid your home and your body of these pests?

Here are my best suggestions for first steps to try:

  1. For your body - Order 1 bottle of Para 90 and 3 pots of Herbal Fiberblend.

    Take 1 Para 90 capsule three times a day, with meals.

    Start with 1
    tsp. of Herbal Fiberblend (mixed in water or juice) in the morning and again in the evening. After a week, go to 2 tsp. and then up to 1 Tbsp. for the third week.

    Continue with 1 Tbsp. of the HFB morning and evening until you've almost finished the 3 pots. When you are nearing the end of the third pot, gradually reduce yourself back down just like you went up.

    If you take other supplements or any type of medication, do not take them at the same time of day as the Herbal Fiberblend. Take it at least 1 hour before or after.

    The reason I suggest those two products in particular is because they have a wide range of anti-parisitic and anti-fungal herbs that will help rid your body of any parasites you may have.

    I can't guarantee this will solve your problem, but it's what I'd do if I were in your shoes. I have enough experience with them both to know that they are really effective and worth the effort.

    Since you are in California, use the US order form to get the best price.

  2. For your house - This one is a bit trickier. I always hesitate to recommend chemical based products, because everything of that nature does tend to have negative side effects involved.

    My first thought (and the least expensive option) is to get yourself some organic apple cider vinegar (it's cloudy and unprocessed). Put it in a spray bottle and spray all around your home with it. I know it will make the house a bit stinky for a little bit, but it won't hurt you to breathe it.

    Many external parasites can't stand apple cider vinegar, so that's a cheap and safe method to try.

    If you have the money to spend, I would suggest you try Cedarcide (Uncle Ben's Eradicator), as it seems to be quite effective.

    The other suggestion that I have often heard of but haven't personally needed to try yet, would be to get some food grade Diatomaceous Earth to sprinkle around the house (particularly the cat's bed, etc.).

    This can be ordered online or you may be able to find it at your local health food store or local gardening store. Just be sure to ask for food grade.

    Apparently, it's best to leave it there for about a week or so and then vacuum it up. It's a bit messy, but it is a drying agent that cuts into the parasites and dries up the pests, eventually killing them.

    When it's time to clean up, use a vacuum with a good filter because the DE can clog some vacuum types. Food grade DE is used in all kinds of places for natural pest control both internally and externally, so if the apple cider vinegar doesn't work, give it a try.

I hope you will keep me posted on your fight against the "parasite that has ruined your life" and let me know how you progress.

To your good health!
Angie from

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Apr 29, 2013
Same Skin Crawlers NEW
by: Sue from Spokane

I am going thru all the same things these people are with the skin eating worms... If that is what they are I'm not sure. It's going on three years and dozens of visits and docs just don't seem to really give a hoot.... Some have actually given a diagnosis by yelling it down the hall and not actually looking at samples. They treat me as if I am as disposable as they assume this is. I've almost accepted that this will kill me soon.


Dec 16, 2011
for you and your pet NEW
by: R harris

Same thing happened to me. I used a spray bottle with epsom salt, a little baking soda and filled rest with water. I sprayed it on my dog and rubbed it in. Don't need too much. He was covered with bumps all over. In two days he was back to normal. It worked for me and my house. Don't use too much baking soda or our house will be white. Also, dish soap and mineral oil (baby oil) mixed together (in spray bottle with mostly water) works on people. Soap (use dish soap or laundry detergent only) strips their protective shell (exoskeleton, sp?) And the oil then suffocates them. Worked for me and I was in pure hell for 6 mos. You people need healthy plants in your house, because they would prefer to be on them. They attack you when they are looking for a home and can't find one. Your doctor will think you are nuts so don't waste your time there. And please DO NOT use flea bombs and pesticides, they have adapted so well that the chemicals only piss them off. Be dilligent and treat yourself every day for as long as it takes. Clean everything...vacuum often! Spray the house once a week if you are infested. Take baths in the epsom salt, baking soda, dish soap and baby oil. If you stick to this, you WILL win. Good luck! I am praying for you.

Aug 18, 2011
I have the same problem!!
by: Anonymous

I have this very same problem - been to many doctors - I agree it is destroying my life!


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