Parasite In The Tissue Of Your Cheek

by Sylvia
(Atlanta, GA)

Is it possible to have a parasite in the tissue of your cheek?

I strongly suspect I have a parasite inside the right tissue of my cheek. What can I do?

There is no pain, only occasional headaches, although rare. Food sometimes gets stuck when eating, also rare.

A bulge inside my cheek occasionally appears, and if I put peroxide on a q-tip and hold the tip to the bulge then it goes away.

It is larger sometimes and softer others. It is soft, and sometimes I see a black pin size dot in the front of the bulge that disappears when the bulge disappears.

Hi Sylvia,

It's possible to have a parasite in the tissue of your cheek, but is there anything specific that makes you assume that it is a parasite rather than something else causing this bulge in your cheek?

I'm thinking it is more likely to be an infection of some sort based on your description. I'm not a doctor, of course, so I'm really just thinking out loud.

I've had something similar to what you are describing as a bulge in the cheek, but mine was the result of me accidentally biting the inside of my cheek. Ouch! There was definitely pain involved and, of course, a bulge or lump of tissue was formed.

Because of the bulge, it made it difficult to avoid biting the same spot over and over again until it healed.

Since you are saying that there is no pain involved in your situation, I'm assuming that you did NOT bite the inside of your cheek. :)

Using the peroxide is a good idea. You could also try using some clove oil on the area because it has natural anti-parasitic properties.

You said food is getting stuck sometimes. Do you mean in the tissue of your cheek? That makes me also think that it's possible that an infection is the culprit.

Either way, infection or parasite, you should try to boost your immune system with probiotics, etc., and even consider a natural internal cleanse. Here are some good choices for you to think about...

Some or all of those supplements can be very helpful in aiding you to eliminate possible parasites or bacterial infection.

To your good health!

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Oct 16, 2016
G pulchrum NEW
by: Alex

Albendazole 400 mf qid

Dec 11, 2013
salva gland NEW
by: judy

I too have something in my cheek. Two dentists have suggested it is most likely a salva gland but that it would be in same area every time it comes up.....BUT..... It is NOT in the same place. It comes up in different areas in my cheek and sometimes feels as if it draws up into a hard lump. I don't know what to to.

Oct 26, 2011
Not Swollen Glands?
by: Angie

Hi Sylvia,

Thanks for the clarification, but I'm still not sure I'm understanding fully. Is the bulge in the cheek where you place the peroxide on the inside of your cheek or outside? (In your mouth or on your face?

That IS definitely odd that you are having troubling swallowing as a result (if it is actually related).

It's also interesting that you are getting this bulge under your neck, too, but that they both go away so quickly. I would normally think a bulge under the neck like that would be a swollen gland, but it's not sounding like one, is it.

I can see why you are thinking it is some parasite in the tissue of your cheek because of its very odd behavior. I wish I could confirm it for you one way or another, but I honestly don't know.

It would be interesting if you were able to see a doctor while the lump was active so that they could feel it, etc., and perhaps identify it, but they would most likely just give you antibiotics.

It's good that you are taking the tea you described. That may help, but be sure to boost your immune system too with some probiotics, etc., which will help your body fight back.

Wish I could be more help. Let me know if you find out for sure what this is or if you find something that gets rid of it for good.

Oct 26, 2011
Clearification concerning the Bulge
by: Sylvia

The food occasionally gets stuck in my throat and will not go down. I wait a few minutes and then slowly it starts to go down. The bulge in my cheek appears then goes away with in the hour or after I place the peroxide soaked q-tip of against it. There is also a bulge under my neck on the same side of the cheek, once in a while. If I push against it for a while it goes away. I can't feel anything moving and there is never any pain from any of this. These bulges are never out at the same time.
I am currently taking savory and cloves in a tea along with a tsp of pumpkin seed oil. These are remedies for parasites.

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