Parasite Is Living Around My Ears...

by Randy
(Simpsonville, KY)

What type of an insect or parasite is living around my ears in tunnels?

I have come in contact with some type of insect or parasite that has been living under my skin for almost a year now.

When it first appeared it started on my chin under my beard. At first a couple of hard spots started and felt and looked like ingrown hairs. About 2 months later these completely covered my chin and they would open up as a large pimple.

Still at this point I haven't seen any type of an insect or mites. About 2 weeks later large ingrown hair looking bumps came up on my neck below my hair line.

These things would start bothering me and grew so fast in a couple of hours they would burst open and it looked and felt like sand inside these things and each spot has left a very obvious scar.

Just a short time later I started feeling a bug run across my forehead. It started becoming more frequent and on each arm a couple small red sores would pop up and in three days the little sores where as big as dimes.

At this time I went to see a doctor and he called them "blood mites" and still yet I haven't seen one. He said they were basically scabies and wrote me a script for a tube of peramectrin and a 10 day supply of antibiotics that helped kill mites or insects in your body.

Well, every thing cleared up almost totally, but about 3 weeks later my chin starts bothering me again. The ingrown hair knots are coming back and in 3 days my chin was covered with these and the bugs or whatever they are. There are so many in my face, my skin feels like it's on fire - never itchy but painful burning.

I go to another doctor who gives me the same script. I said I've already been down this road and ask if there was any thing stronger. I said I think they are too deep and the peramectrin wasn't getting down to all of them.

He said scabies are just under a layer of skin and I didn't do everything needed to get rid of them.

I said, "Under a layer of skin?"

He said, "that's it."

I said, "Can you explain this on my forearm?" There was a hardened skin area I showed him. It looked like a toothpick was sticking out a little bit I pulled it out it was a small tube weaved of hairs from my body and glued. It was all the way to the bone in my arm. I also found 3 more like this on my stomach.

Now I discovered on my face by each of my ears there is a network of tunnels one
after another stacked on top of one another and the blended into the skin so well they were almost invisible and some ran to my ear lobes and the outside of each was covered with a shell.

After removing this there are hundreds of holes in each ear and must be a egg laying site. The tunnel were very hard to remove. They were anchored to my skin so well and next day the were back in place.

What are these things?

Hi Randy,

Wow! What an unusual condition you are describing with this parasite living around your ears.

It's not that it's unusual to have mites or parasites living around the ears, but the tunnels, etc., that you describe are a bit out of the ordinary.

When I first started reading your story, I too though scabies, but that soon changed as you continued with further details. It is interesting, though, that the antibiotics and cream (perhaps Permethrin) gave you temporary relief.

It is quite common that if you don't get rid of a parasite infection thoroughly, it comes back - and with a vengeance.

Having said that, you seem to have much more than a typical scabies infection. I can't tell you exactly what mite you are dealing with, but I can give you some good suggestions of what to do to have the best chance of getting rid of them for good.

Keep in mind that you want to treat this problem from the inside out. For that reason I encourage you to try the following:

The first two are anti-parasitic and the last two are immune boosters. These working together can help your body eliminate the problem and heal. These are what I use myself and recommend to all of my clients with success.

The reason why I suggest that you continue with the Herbal Fiberblend for at least 3 months is to ensure that you completely eliminate the parasites and not get another flare up. It's safe to use long-term.

The BarleyLife and AIMega are also fantastic and can be used indefinitely if desired.

You can save money on your purchase by getting them wholesale, knowing that they come with a money back guarantee. If they don't work for your particular situation, you get a refund.

If I had a parasite living around my ears, this is exactly what I would do myself! :)

I hope you come back and locate this reply to your question, Randy, because I see you didn't put in your email address for notification purposes. I decided to go ahead and answer your question hoping that you come back and search for it. Even if you don't, perhaps someone else will be helped by the response.


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Oct 08, 2021
Light at the end of tunnel NEW
by: Living in hell

Dealing with same thing, figured out it's graphene oxide nanotechnology parasites. Get NAC asap FDA is removing it due to its miracles it produces in Covid patients.

Mar 28, 2019
Bugs NEW
by: Anonymous

I think it’s scabbies but I’m not a dr and couldn’t find one that was worth having . My skin is in bad shape because not one dr really cared " it’s been very painful and the worst nightmare you could imagine .

Sep 12, 2016
worms and bugs around my ears NEW
by: Michael


There killing me ! I HAVE HAD THEM FOR 4 YEARS AND NOW I AM DIEING ......... They become immune to everything .. There so big now some over 4 inch and have gone x-potential. They bite hard on my arteries and feed from my blood and its hurting so much.

Its taken me 4 years to get my Dr to let me see a specialist and now they cancelled my appointment due to a NHS strike action ...

I am going deaf and blind ! They are so big now long and nasty .... I am so weak thin and cant eat more then 1 bowl of soup every 4 days.

The worm wood is not working as they just avoid it ! I need radio therapy or I will die !

I have hundreds of them eating me alive ad no one gives a dam but me ! Don't just talk about it wage war on it at every level.

NHS doctors are idiots only in it for the money and their training is incomplete and the internet is now my Dr.

But why the ears checks and face ? They are very cleaver and work together . We need to be the same.

I am a real quantum mechanic a master of what we call the field and have made many discoveries . My most important one is the harmonic code for DNA and the harmonic code for the periodic table.

I have abundant free energy technology amazing talents only to be eaten alive by worms and bugs.

I love Christ I love my work I love humanity when I can find it like here and what I read is a war zone of hidden terror ....

Their is something very strange going on ? In the USA they spray the atmosphere with hundreds of very large planes everyday ... Its not as they say weather technology its something else.

We are in there jet stream and our sky is getting a load of something that is attacking us ........

Some of these bugs chose there victim and we seem to have something in our blood that is different then others ?

I don't know how it happened to me ? one day I was good and the next this worm crawled down my arm from its nest under my ear. AND NOW I HAVE SO MANY SO SO MANY .....

I need to isolate the dam thing and study its fermions ! We seem to all have some kind of attractor ? Maybe some kind of signal from our immune system ?

These are no normal parasites they have collective intelligence . And also attract other bugs ..... And some even have parasites living inside of them.....

I suspect GM is genetically mutating some insects ect and parasites ...............................

Something has given us a signature that attracts them !

We all need to check our blood group and DNA I believe we share some genes that have emission signature's.

All genes switch on an off and emit micro AM RF modulation that like all electrical systems DO WHE THEY SWITCH ON AND OFF.....................

Our bodies have activated a homing signal for specific bugs ! And is why some who live with us never get it..........

I know I am right ! When new forms of behaviour happen something has triggered it ! And this silent evil epidemic is known and it has many faces to it.

This is a very dangerous situation for humanity as it will continue to mutate and change until it is eating everyone and everything.

My sisters dog knows when he sees me he looks at me and barks like made ? Its like he sees them !

We need to see them to ! Get a UV bulb and drink a florescent marker ASAP .......................


Some with long hair get different effects and its not in the mind its in and around the body !

There is also another strange connection as to their arrival ! Like something is driving them to do these strange things .....

Please look up the disclosure project by Dr Gree in the USA ......................................

These parasitic invasions stated at a time of intense global UFO encounters and I do mean real ones.............................................

Far to many and I have my own experience ! Then we take a look at the history of humanity when we first made contact with other humans.............

Epidemic after epidemic .........................

I have always been good at isolating the strange things in life and energy and I just have this filling of intuitive insight.....................

If I live or die all that I own I wish to give to this fight but to whom can stand and fight ?????

I can take a stem cell from urine and grow it in such a way it is tuned like an embryonic stem cell ............................................

I have many gifts to give this fight ! Please come forward and stand together and fight as a one body as a one mind and protect everyone that does not find there way here..................

Come find me at overunity,com I am SEQUENTAL9 !


WE MUST FIGHT THIS AND WIN ! I love you all !


Oct 05, 2014
Weakened Immune System
by: Angie from

Hi Lynn,
The best thing to do when you have a weakened immune system is to do everything you possibly can to strengthen it! That means you need to cleanse/detox your body and build/boost your immune system with nutritional support.

Where do you start? In my opinion, the best thing to do is start with the basics...

Those are my three favorites when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck when you are trying to boost your immune system.

Yes, of course, I can give you a half dozen additional suggestions of nutritional supplements that will really help, too, if you have the money and the determination to be more aggressive in boosting your immune system and improving your health, but those three are the most important when getting started.

If you want a more aggressive protocol, just ask and I'll be happy to oblige, but for many people too much becomes overwhelming and then they don't follow through. Keeping it simple can often be more successful in the long run.

Hope this helps and you begin your journey down the road to better health soon!

Oct 05, 2014
Parasite Is Living Around My Ears...
by: LYNN

This sounds very much like what I have but they have been in my ears as well. The tubes are there and it took me a very long time to find them. I have a weakened immune system from Hep C and just went through another treatment. I always get a bad rash along with the other things. It started after a trip to Belize and has been going on for years. Just went through another treatment and am breaking out again, Starts as red sore but when I put iodine or alcohol on it, small grey dots start spreading out. There are so many symptoms It would take forever to explain it all. What can someone with a weakened immune system do?

Aug 22, 2014
you're not alone randy
by: nancy

I have the same thing except mine has these teardrop-looking things under my skin. they look almost like ticks. after messing with my face, I found these hard black things that are burrowed way into my skin. when I try to remove one, these brown things come to the surface and microscopic little brown things jump out and attach to my skin like they were super glued on. then they burrow back into my skin. I have the tunnels too. i have them all over my body i've been trying to get help for 4 years. most of the doctors treat me like i'm crazy. if I ever find some help i'll let you know. please do the same.

Aug 04, 2014
Update -> August 3 2014
by: Nicole

I wanted to update my status regarding these pests that drive all of us over the edge. We have lost sleep, our hair, and for myself, my dignity too! I have found that these ear mites (for myself) are accompanied by another problem. I too have been diagnosed as being insane and told I would benefit from psychiatric help. We are definitely not delusional and this illness is a condition that DOES exist.
Morgellons and Myiasis are two of the top infections that doctors refuse to acknowledge or even attempt to treat. There is some wonderful information on the internet that is easily found and very helpful. Once I discovered the website, I read and studied all the pictures and diagrams that were available. At first I was relieved that I finally found the answers to all the questions that had been haunting me. Then, I became a bit mortified at the fact that this condition is very serious and needed to be addressed and treated immediately!
30 days ago I was literally in a crisis that confined me to be in a real 'danger zone' with my health. Frightened, extremely tired, week, and tortured, I started a treatment plan. The first thing I did was cut off my hair and shave my head. I was able to breathe! It was as if these mites were suffocating me with my own hair. I then began taking "NUTRI-SILVER". With the customer support service and website information, it made it much easier for me to tackle this dilemma. The support through the company is absolutely excellent. They understand and treat this condition seriously. Unlike the Doctors that would rather dope us up and send us off to the funny farm. I am now taking the "NUTRI-SILVER" faithfully, along with shampooing and washing my body daily by adding it to my shampoo. THIS REALLY, REALLY WORKS !!! I have combined "WOODWORM" which is an anti-Malaria/ anti-parasite medicine and "BLACK WALNUT" that can be easily purchased through a health food store or local pharmacy. You do not require a prescription. Once a week I visit a Chinese medicine doctor and he has been very helpful with the techniques used to assist in driving these 'bugs' out of my body. Like this wonderful website suggests detoxifying and immunity boosting, it is important to combine and give your body back what has been depleted. This horrific battle is far from over as it is not curable overnight. However, I now know and believe I have a fighting chance. I am feeling clarity as the 'fog' has lifted. The sharp shooting pains I once experienced in my head have ceased. My ears have stopped ringing with pain. My Bowel movements are regular once again. And my skin lesions are drying up not spreading to other parts of my body :) I am sleeping again nightly and my energy levels are improving. Depending on how far along one is with this condition, it is important to be consistent and faithful when starting this program. Keeping bedding and personal clothing clean daily is also a must. I change my clothes 2-3 times a day, wash my bedding daily, vacuum the carpeted areas and wash all other hard surfaces. It's well worth the feeling and I find that mentally it helps me to rest and sleep better.
It has been one of the biggest challenges in my life and I believe with all my heart and soul that, if this is helping will definitely help you!
Good luck and lets prove to all those doctors that we are not crazy!!!

-> Tell your bugs that my bugs say, 'hi'!

Jul 30, 2014
by: Concerned

I was concerned for all the people who have posted their stories about this and hoping that each one has gotten relief of even better, gotten completely rid of these things. For what's it's worth, I believe all of u, and I'm not afflicted with it. And never heard of it until now. But I know you all r speaking the truth and it's a shame out medical professionals either don't believe u, don't want to believe u, or r being told to dismiss it for political reasons I assume. I wish I could help more directly, but u all r in my prayers.

May 01, 2014
I have the same living creatures
by: kim

Its nice to know I'm not alone. Its unbearable. Mind started off with 1 hair on my chin. It was really annoying me.. . I pulled it out & I'm positive the hair was moving. Even my family said I was crazy. After a few months I could feel movement over my face up my nose in my eyes into my mouth this all happens as soon as they think I'm asleep. I've had this for 3 years.

Been put in a mental hospital as they thought I was imagining this. I've now stitches all over my head. I've found deep stitches from side hairline to side of my eyes, nose, mouth, ears. Rolled up hair stitch Eva so neatly. Hair liked glued toback of ear. Hair always under my breast, how does the hair get there? I now get tiny white hard presumably they eggs in my eyes under skin tunnels. Lots of hair running down & stuck to side of ear. Never seen bug but feel them crawling to my ear, around my head. I hate it, its wrecking my life. Appreciate above stories. I hope 1 day we will be freed from this creature whatever it is. All the best! !!!!!

Mar 16, 2014
Update - it's been 2 weeks
by: Nicole

It's been 2 weeks since my last post. I read all the information this website has to offer and I took it upon myself to try out one of the home remedies suggested. The suggestion about using 'a lot' of dish soap and 'a lot' of Vaseline together was a great tip! The information does indicate that it can be hard to handle, however it has brought me relief and I am no longer using alcohol to mask the nightmare of having these mites drive me crazy :) I will testify that if 'one' with this problem can get past the 'burning' of the skin, well then, it is well worth it! Relief......ahhhhhhh!
However, unless I repeat the treatment, I'm afraid it is not a definite cure. My problem is a little bit different as what happened to me is basically unheard of. Eight months ago I was cleaning out a hayloft in an old barn. At first I thought I was bit or stung by a spider or bug. I became very ill and started to experience many symptoms that were very unsettling. Two months following a 'click beetle' flew out of my arm, minus it's 6 legs and 2 antennas. I was mortified to think this 'beetle' had been in my system for so long. I continued to experience all sorts of reactions from what this had done (including hair loss). Doctors could not imagine this happening and refused to believe me when I tried over and over again to explain that I was sick and it was not a psychosis that I was suffering from. I do believe, because of this wonderful site, I have been given some answers by others suffering from the same thing. Thank you for that!! In addition, I have been in touch with an entomologist, which is a zoologist who focuses on insects. They to are baffled as the behavior is not normal. There have been times I thought my life was in jeopardy and this was going to be the fate of my death. Loosing the battle to this bug is not an option! With the help of ancient Chinese medicine, detoxing my system, upping my Vitamin D, dropping Iodine in my water ever morning, taking cod liver oil and using the treatment of dish soap and Vaseline, I can finally feel like I am over coming this nightmare and I have a chance at beating it. So a big T H A N K Y O U for this website:) Everything I have read has made me feel better knowing I'm not alone in this madness. Best wishes for healthier you <3

Mar 03, 2014
OMG Finally I found someone to concur what I'm going through!!
by: Nicole

Randy is not loosing his mind!! I have read your articles and all of Randy's comments. I broke down in tears, because this assures me I am N O T loosing my mind. I am suffering from the same thing and I am going crazy! These little suckers are nothing but torture! I have been to 2 GP's, the infection control department and even visited a psychiatrist. After spending a night in emergency, the doctor signed me off as insane! How demoralizing this has been! No one can help me and won't. I have also resorted to old Chinese medicine, however it has just been temporary relief. I have placed band aids over all the holes, I have used multiple lotions, hydrocortisone 1%oint tar, antibiotic creams like fudicine. Among other things I will not disclose, as I'm sure Randy will understand, I JUST WANT MY LIFE BACK! I'm afraid to eat because it gives 'them' the fuel to attack me! I have started drinking straight alcohol to put them to sleep. This cannot continue. I must find a cure and if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to help us. Thank you!

Jan 12, 2014
have faith
by: victoria

all i have to say is that thereare miracleseveryday and i believe you on whatever level. whether you are speaking scientifically or spiritually or paranormally may write me back on this comment thread. i went through a health scare that wasnt normal in any means not for me, my doctors or those who felt they loved me but couldnt either help or show their belief to me in a way that benefitted me. i am still afflicted by the stuff, but see higher answers and truths and yes, some relief in everyday things becoming extraordinary now that i am not alone, and truly know and feel love from Jesus..dont forget- i believe you. you are not alone, ever.. do yours follow a cycle of stages and do any animals in your house experienceoddthings? minwtriage

Sep 18, 2013
Parasite around ears
by: My Itch

I too have the exact thing as Randy. I have been detoxing internally and taking supplements for over a year. Finally found a Dr. who would listen to me and she put me on Doryx and I have taken Ivermectin pill on two separate occasions. I took one dose one week and then followed with the other the next. I could literally see them jumping off of me. When I would take a soaking bath with Epsom and TTO I could see them land on the white tile. It has been around 6 weeks since my first dose of Ivermectin and they are finally dying off. However, they are dying off inside of me and my itch is relentless, for the body trying to push them out. My Dermatologist did a biopsy on me twice, with visible bugs and they came back as normal! I have soon come to accept I have Morgellons and since there isn't a cure as of yet, I need to keep up a daily routine to keep them at bay. One night when I was doing my scrapping of dead skin, I have over 1000 tiny bugs on a paper towel.

Jun 08, 2013
Fighting your Parasites Successfully
by: Angie from

Are taking any nutritional supplements and cleansing supplements, or are you just treating your problem externally with the baths, etc?

For long term relief you really DO need to tackle this from the inside out so your body can help you fight it.

Jun 07, 2013
by: Anonymous

This is in regArds to Randy's posts,
I was wondering if randy ever did get a diagnosis for the mite or insect living and burrowing into his skin around his ear area?? I'm very concerned, I've had similar symptoms in a problem I've been having.. In the same area as well as stomach and also other areas of my body... I'm at wits end, and don't want to sleep in my bed or any bed for Tht manner, I've used epsome salt baths and Tht does dry them up and they seem to come back within a few days, it's disgusting, I. Have cats and they sleep with me, but I've researched cat mites and demodex skin mites and my symptoms r more like Randy's ..wht ever they r they do leave a shell on the skin, like when they die u just see a shell when u scratch it off, and they do lay eyes in front of the ear lobe.. I am too embarrassed to go to the doctors but I've never heard of this and I spend half of my busy days just soaking my body in gloves , peppermint oils, garlic powder, epsome salts , etc etc, and by the way all those work and they do kill them , u can mix them all together in water and use as much as u can stand... It burns bad, but I do it all day long and also drench my hair and ears and everywhere ... I sleep with it on and I just feel grouse , I know this sounds out there, and I'd be the first one to call someone out on a parasite paranoia, I'm also not a hypochondriac , in fact I have lupus and haven't taken my Meds or seen my rhuemitologist in over 2 years.. Do I need to find new homes for my cats? . I'm worried my kids will get them so I sterilize everything I touch, it's so much work / and stress for

Dec 09, 2012
Hi Randy. I could of written your letter myself
by: Anonymous

Have you looked up Morgellons? . Be sure to find the letter from the CDC denying any of this exists. The cowards. It's going to take someone very very very important before this condition ever comes to light. And I just don;t know if that will be in my lifetime. How long have you had it? Count your blessings your family has not caught it YET. dOCTORS WILLL GIVE YOU TE SAME MEDS THE PREVIOUS ONE DID, EVEN THOUGH YOU TEL THEM IT DONT HELP. tHEY WILL LIE ON YOUR VISIT RECORDS. tHEY WILL MAKE YOU OUT TO BE A DRUG ADDICT. tHEY WILL MAKE YOU OUT to be crazy. After all you see hairs that move, you have sores that you pick yourself and if you would just stop it, you wouldnt have a problem. It's all in your head, you are crazy. Sorry cant help you I dont know what it is. I don't see anything in these pictures other than skin and blood. I don't see anything in these samples other than a little blood and small scab. There's nothing there.
That's just a few of the things you can get ready to hear. I've lost 30 pounds and cannot stand to eat. I tried to off myself. I send pictures to scientists on iline and they cant seem to help me. There was a doctor in Mayo's clinic that actually accepted someone & whatever it was they did they worked. Sorry, I dont know the address. Just to go Mayo's and look for research. I dont know how anyone especially a so called doctor could miss the face looking right at them. I can give you some things that have helped me. I've been with this proboem that dont exists for 3 years now. My life as I once knew it is over. Let me know if you want me to send you what I found to help. GOOD LUCK TO YOU. sAME FOR ME, ALSO i HOPE.

Dec 07, 2012
Parasite Living Around Ears
by: Angie from

Continued from above...

In spite of choosing the name "All About Parasites" for my website, I'm not a parasite expert. I have to admit that I was a bit naive when I began this site, as I was only intending to cover the common parasites that have plagued us for years and cause digestive issues and skin conditions that can be remedied through natural herbal remedies and good diet and nutritional supplement choices.

Little did I realize the horror stories that would be submitted from people suffering from "unknown" parasites all around the world - unknown to me and unknown to most of the medical profession.

Regardless, I believe the fundamentals of good health (Healthy Cell Concept) are the same no matter what condition you are fighting - whether it is parasites or some other debilitating disease.

Personal example:
I had an incredibly irritating skin condition a little more than a year ago. It was a painful and itching rash covering my back and spreading over my body. I never did see any visible parasites, but I fought the condition externally for weeks with little/no results.

I finally took my own advice (Grin!) and began cleansing internally with the Herbal Fiberblend and boosting my immune system to give my body the tools it needed to fight off whatever it was that was attacking my system.

Within 2 weeks of faithful use, the condition was nearly gone and I continued on with it to be sure I didn't get a recurrence. Although I still don't know what it was I had or where I got it, I'm very thankful that it is gone and has not returned. (My husband never got it either.)

It served as a good reminder to me that when you cleanse your body and boost your immune system, the body can do amazing things.

Whether you use the supplements I suggested or some others that you find, I genuinely believe that giving your body as much "GOOD STUFF" as you can is foundational to improving your condition and eliminating the underlying cause.

The body is created in an amazing way to fight off infections, bacteria, parasites, etc., but it can only fight with the resources it has available to it. Does that make sense?

Do keep me posted on your progress. I pray the Lord gives you wisdom and guidance to find the right solution for you and your family.


Dec 07, 2012
Parasite Living Around Ears
by: Angie from

Hi Randy,

So glad you located my response to your query. Thanks for providing more details of your current situation. I'm so glad that your family has so far escaped becoming infected.

Your presumption that you picked up something nasty while working at the hospital sounds quite likely to me. Sadly, people die quite regularly from infections that they pick up while in the hospital.

I truly wish I could tell you what it is you're dealing with. I'm not surprised that you've gotten little help with doctor's or online.

Parasites are not something doctor's are well educated on, unless that is their specialty. Even then, there are no doubt thousands of different parasites and it seems we are rapidly being exposed to more and more as a result of easy international travel, genetically modified foods, exposure to an ever increasing number of toxic chemicals, etc.

Even well-known parasites, like lice, are becoming resistant to the chemicals that are commonly used to treat them.

Probably the best website for the widest range of parasite identification would be the CDC website. It's difficult to navigate and is certainly not all inclusive.

Another resource that you may want to try is your local Kentucky Cooperative Extension office - usually in association with an agricultural college. They will often ask you to bring in a sample for evaluation. They probably don't charge and you may even get lucky and get some positive results back.

I certainly understand your reluctance to throw away more money trying to figure this out. It's also a concern as to whether the medical treatment you are receiving will actually do more harm than good. Quite often the immune system is weakened by the treatment and the particular parasite is unaffected.

This allows the parasite to gain even more ground in the body because the body's natural fighting immune system is compromised.

I sincerely hope that you will find the answers you need and mostly that you will be able to eliminate the infestation completely and for good.

To be continued...

Dec 07, 2012
parasite living around my ears
by: Anonymous

Thanks Angie this is Randy you replied back concerning the issues I've been dealing with I ran short on time on the earlier comment besides the 2 doctors i have also dealt with a dermotoligist for 3 months biopsies and due to the 3 medical professionals not being able or not wanting to listen to questions and concerns wanting to identiffing what i'm dealing with I am a supervisor for a construction company and this started while I was in charge of a large hospital remoldoling project including the ER area and bio hazard areas that were torn out and replaced I have a family that thank god show no signs of infection so far, I have spent hrs on the internet trying to id what this is and would like to know so I can be sure its totally removed and gone I have a script for Ivomectrin and 2 weeks ago took first round of pills and not seeing or feeling any signs of slowing it down and my concerns are increasing do you know of a web site that maybe of more help to id these things I have a few of these parasites i got while removing one of their tunnels going to my ear and was alarmed at their size of these things visible to the naked eye no need for a microscope I have no problem with the use of your product and maybe the next step but thats not taking place until i can find out what they are incase later a member of my family show signs of infection from fhem. All these web sites that are connected to a doctor state take no chances treat your entire family I will need to hit a lottery somewhere to do so because I have a LARGE amount of money trying to treat one person lab test for biopsies,scripts creams one tube of cream prescribed by the dermotolagist was 300 dollars and not once listened to a word I said concerning what it might be I think she is still thinking its a problem due to sun exposure and have spent over 3000 dollars and am not going back to hear well lets try this and get 5more scripts for creams to go on my shin while I'm feeling these things move around on my face. Any help in this I greatly appreciate.

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