Parasite Living In And On My Skin

by C.K. Brown
(Dallas, Texas)

Going on 9 Months with this parasite living in and on my skin......

The 11 doctors I've been to have no diagnosis. Because I have lived with this parasite for so long and have seen it many times, although, not alive, I believe with all my heart that it is a Sand Fly living in my skin and scalp. And yes, it's about to drive me crazy. I have to work at keeping my sanity.

All of the doctors say that it is "impossible for a sand fly to live on a human body." They didn't say why though, but they were all adamant.

I've been tested 3 times through biopsies for Leishmaniasis and it comes out negative each time. That truly is a large blessing for me.

I've healed all the lesions (I had about 20 on my face, neck, chest and breasts) with DE, or Diatomaceous Earth Powder and Neem Tree Oil.

Here's where I am now with them and it's not going anywhere really, but it's not progressing, which is another blessing.

The flies have built a lesion the size of a quarter which houses their eggs and membrane alternating. I kill off the eggs as soon as I can with Neem Oil or DE. They are eating the mucus out of my nose (it's frightening looking), and I guess my mouth and throat (I have frequent nosebleeds, and sore throats).

They are burrowing mainly, as far as I can tell, in my scalp right now. I do not know how to treat them and my doctor hasn't been helpful. Seems he would prefer to yell at me for removing the membrane or eggs on my face, than to get to a real treatment.

Please help. Please point me in
the right direction. Please give me some hope. I've frequently lost hope, but I manage to scurry up some more the next day. I'm determined not to let this microscopic fly beat me!


Dear C.K.,

It sounds like you've been making some good progress on your own fighting this parasite living in and on your skin. Definitely don't lose hope!

You are using some effective topical treatments, but I truly believe that you need to tackle this problem from the inside, too.

The supplements that I use for eliminating parasites (internal and external) are the following three:

They are all anti-parasitic and can be used on their own or in combination. I've used them all with great success.

I also suggest that you focus on building up your immune system to give your body the most/best tools possible to fight and heal. It's been said that it takes 10x the amount of nutritional support for the body to heal than to maintain good health. Don't underestimate the power of building up the immune system.

These are the most important supplements to give you what you need (in my opinion), to give you the "most bang for your buck." :)

You can check out each of those supplements further to see the benefits your body would receive. I can vouch for them personally because I use them myself. ;)

Use this US order form to get the wholesale prices and a money back guarantee.

Please do let me know if I can be of further help. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Be encouraged and keep fighting this parasite living in and on your skin! You can win!

Angie from

Comments for Parasite Living In And On My Skin

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Jul 02, 2021
Demodex? NEW
by: MFerrell

I had a much milder case of skin parasites, I think it may have been demodex. I smothered them with glycerin.

Jan 29, 2021
I took a lot of photo
by: Sexymama53

said that convict can be notape worm can be in our for a long timee related to rashes on the body I think what's going on is that we all have animals and the theirs tapeworm that goes of feeds on our body or long as you know and so on us on and after the fires you know where were these bugs that a go but it to people's flesh I don't the doctor will not tell you I and that's left from the fires so some of us are aware of it could and other people are dying in hospitl know the never to tell you go get some tape worm or medicine for dogs take it if it goes away then my theory is right

Jul 29, 2020
Sewer Gnats NEW
by: Bandit

6weekago,I broke the lever in the bathroom sink, waited a week to fix, in the meantime hundreds of sewer gnats infested my bedroom..Leaving the lever
off, gave the gnats a chance to infest my bedroom..Pest co comes once a week to sterilize the gnats. in the meantime my nose is infested with gnats, they love your nose for moisture, & also they are in my private parts, & run up & down
my legs...I am going to a nose Dr next week to see
if she can drain with Saline lotion them out. I do not know what I can use on my private parts to get
them off of me...They create 50-100 eggs a pop & live 20 days...So, I wish anyone could help me find something to put on me to get rid of the gnats...It has been a living hell...Bandit

Feb 16, 2019
hair skin problem fungus parasite NEW
by: kdones

1yr struglin hairskin black dots come outtry just about every thing feel at edge so stress trysome platain soap tee tree suplement garlic pill tumeric fish oil l found platain soap could beelieve was hair fall sink shocking feeling really good wanne too posted keep having faith God that will heal you Godbless

Jan 16, 2018
Did u have worms under the lesions? NEW
by: Jennifer

I am dealing with something very similar and I have also noticed that when you stop messing with them they do lesson a bit but I have so many reasons that it's hard to leave them all alone some of them seem to build up pressure or possibly infection underneath and that's when I pick the scab off because it drives me crazy and every time underneath will be these tiny clearance colored worm things and my doctors think I'm crazy as well I also noticed in the very beginning of this and still now to this day the little black fuzz balls that cover my socks in the inside of my undershirts and pretty much everything! My four-year-old son is affected by this as well which makes it even worse:( he breaks out in a bad rash under his pull up really bad about once a month and when I rub coconut oil on that little black things and fuzz pop out of his skin! During that same time of the month is when he complains of his butt itching... I've never seen an actual parasite in his stool but I have seen non-moving things that look like parasites to me I'm at my Wit's End I don't know what to do the Infectious Disease doctor says he would like to go ahead and treat it as if it is strongyloides and was going to proceed with ordering the medicine two different antiparasitics that he would take together I honestly have not called him back part of me feels like a terrible mother but my gut tells me not to give that stuff to him it's all poison and it's bad! And even if I did what about me and my other two kids we're not going to be treated so wouldn't we just pass it back to him!? But I'm scared of it because that's when the situation got really bad was back about a year ago when we thought it was pinworms so we all took the over the counter medication for it and ever since then it's been hell whatever it is that's inside of us was pretty po'd when we took that stuff.... so what if that were to happen again only worse:( I see a lot of homeopathic remedies for adults But I have yet to see one for children..?!

Sep 17, 2017
Four years in, hasn't went away but does get better NEW
by: April

I've battled this for four years now. It started with an open wound on my ankle, black specks and tiny gnats that were attracted to moisture and biting me. I had the sores all over my body. After four years I'm still battling it but I've learned to manage it and keep my sanity. Stress is a big factor. It's worse when I'm stressed. When I feel a crawling sensation or have the intense itch, I wet the area and massage it in circular motion and the black speck comes out of my skin. Once it comes out it stops itching. Some of the specks when pulled on stretch into what looks like a string of fuzz. The main thing that helped my sores heal was simply leaving them alone. It seems the more you pick at the sores the worst they get and the more you have. The original spot on my ankle is healed but is still dark in color and sensitive to touch. I'm still not the normal that I'd like to be but I can smile and live without feeling like I'm going to cause a zombie out break. I can hug my kids and not be afraid. One thing for me is keep the house clean especially the bathroom. When you bath once your sores are healed use an exfoliating loofa. Use White towels only and bleach after each use. I stopped wasting time with doctors, they all thought I was scratching due to anxiety. Which yes I did have anxiety and who wouldn't living like that. But I'm here to tell you all it does get better with time. Can I say you'll heal and be the person you were before, no. But it will get better and I'm proof. I thank God every day for giving me some piece of mind and I pray you will have it too. Don't give up. And God bless you all. If anyone has questions or wants my help I'm here for you all. Were not crazy and we need each others support.

Sep 10, 2017
Parasite NEW
by: NM

Research Morgellons online... many have this... impossible to get rid of but many things make life liveable..... lots of skin symptoms... some recommended:
Wormwood/Artemesia Annua; Cats Claw, Andrographis, Calendula/Arnica oil on skin, eye drops w/boron, saline for eyes and ears... alcohol on skin, baths w/iodized salt... some say seaweed helps/iodine; alpha lipoic acid as they eventually go into brain; s acetyl glutathione kills most things...not suree if it kills parasites but helps body maintain health and detox; Cina homeopathic helps also

Aug 28, 2017
Somethings living in my skin NEW
by: Jan

For the past year I've been living in hell cant get the dr to believe me thinks I'm mentally ill boyfriend thinks the same I have pics of something coming out of my skin when I take a bath everyone says it's just dry skin I held my hand over a bad & also a jar of water they seem to like water everyone agreed there was something in these but all said didn't come from my hand. My left hand and both feet are driving me crazy I'm at such a loss saddened by the the response of my so called friends and family

May 06, 2017
skin parasite treatment NEW
by: Evelyn

I eat raw garlic also take a cap full of Apple Cider vinegar. I take moringa powder but I still get flare ups. My doctor calls it faliculitis
But I still from time to time pull out a cluster of eggs. I am trying black seed powder next. Seems to only happen when I get stressed.

Apr 10, 2017
Parasites NEW
by: Cat

I got this parasite infestation a year ago& my 10 yr old grandchild has them also.Now a month ago she has this rare blood cancer!I am positive it is from the parasites!Nobody believes me!!!

Jan 11, 2017
Follow an aggressive cleasing protocol for long term parasite concerns...
by: Angie from

Hi Wendy,
I'm sorry you have been going through so much for so long. Have you tried the protocol that I suggested above in response to the first person's question. That's the same protocol (more or less) that I would follow in your case. Here are more details on following the parasite cleansing protocol successfully.

If you've been struggling for so long, you likely have a more severe condition, which usually means you need to take an aggressive approach. I encourage you to be consistent and stick with it to give your body a chance to cleanse and rebuild.


Jan 04, 2017
i think i'm turning into a worm
by: wendy

Please can someone help me. I was scratched really deep on my right breast by my big tomcat about 4 1/2 yrs. ago when he was spooked. Months later I started seeing and feeling things like worms in my skin, nose,mouth, they have eaten the cartiledge out of my ears and my toe nails off twice, my fingernails once, I have been very sick since then and have contracted a lot of diseases, fatty liver, joint and muscle problems,hair falling out with white stubby things in brush. I have 2 lung diseases now plus they call it a skin problem. Not 1 Dr. will admit it's parasites because 2 tests came back neg. I now have round worms and hookworms all through my body. You can cut anywhere in my breast and I don't feel it, it barely bleeds and closes up quickly. You can see the lines of the worms on my breast and all that's left is my nipple but now their working on that. Around my fingernails, no feeling, all worm, ears all worm. Several places on my body you can see these worms and when you go to take them out NO FEELING, goes into something like hard cartiledge that makes a loud crunch noise when cut. It to does not bleed, these things are everywhere and I feel like i'm turning into a worm yet not one DR. out of the 9 I've been to (except one) will say or treat me for parasites, Please help me.

Jan 01, 2017
Bugs are running my life can't take it
by: Theresa

I have bad sores all thru my scalp and hair like worms all in my scalp and skin and yes they do spread... I have tried everything that is not costly because I am a single (now unemployed mother) because I have sore on my arms, legs, back, stomach, and even my vagina and it is driving me crazy...the tea tree oil helps and so does alcohol but NOTHING GET RID OF THESE HAIR LIKE SNEAKY SMART WORMS...THEY are destroying my hair that use to be long and health now it is half eaten away and very unhealthy and yesterday I finally looked in the toilet and yes they are in my stool and I think in my blood and I am scared because I sleep all the time too and can't seem to loose any weight even though I don't eat and when I do I crave nothing but sweets and have no health insurance..please helped I have plenty of pics also

Dec 18, 2015
Update on hand, using adhesive.
by: Patricia

It's working. I only have it on my buckle. It's not as deep. I know this because it releaves slot of tightness and pressure I don't know if this will go away. Since I had it for so long. It is a smaller area. That's all I got til next update.

Dec 18, 2015
Small black dots after spraying on my ankles & feet.
by: Stevie R

Have been to 12 Dermatologist. Blood tests and samples. What gets that bugs move they don't stay in one spot. Took samples of these black dots to the Florida Bug specialist. And, they say they don't see any bugs. I know, darn well they came off my ankles & feet and for them to tell differently really pisses me off. These creatures travel under the skin and around my eyes. I have only been in the hospital 3 times in my life - 2 for C sections & 1 for a 3 day flu bug. Why is this happening to all of us and why are doctors ignoring this problem?

Sep 22, 2015
Parasites on head an upper arms
by: Jema

I have also had a problem w/ sumthing that is somehow burrowing in my scalp my dermatologist jst didnt believe me about what im goin through it was very depressing i have stopped goin to the doctor an now i just live with it. Its so hard to have this because you feel hopeless an like no one can help i understand your frustration stay strong an keep hope alive .

Sep 08, 2015
Don't use Bug Spray on your Skin
by: Micro_Orgasmic

I believe I suffer from what I call a micro organism imbalance and I have been willing to go to any extreme at times. I found over the years that I must use caution. Extreme imbalance events can cloud my judgment sometimes causing me to do the wrong things and sometimes I believe the exact opposite of what I should be doing.

When I see comments like the one suggesting to spray bug spray on your body 2 hours before showering it off. I become concerned these bugs are learning mind control. Healthy skin is your best defense. A weakened immune system and unhealthy skin is their playground.

Spraying your body with toxins like bug spray will benefit what is attacking you in the long run. Do not rely on short term benefits to gauge the long term effect. Things that are known to be harmful to the body ARE harmful. Always avoid those temptations.

The mind works in very interesting ways. It will always associate what it sees and senses with the closest thing it knows to exist as a way of making an identification. This identification process is limited by what we know. There are optical illusions that prove this a fact. Before you stubbornly defend what you believe especially when a part of you knows it doesn't make sense try searching and viewing various optical illusions on the web. Continue expanding what you know and you may very well find that your mind will make a better association and more accurate identification.

May 01, 2015
tic/parasites living in skin
by: jeanne

have had this problem since june2014. they will bleed and start. and seems to jump with removal

Apr 06, 2015
Reply To Comments
by: Mary

Putting brushes and combs into ziploc bags, and sealing the bags shut after every use will catch and smother any black flys or parasites, you will be able to catch these parasite flies and bring to the doctor or nurse to show them proof. Also try over the counter bug spray for multiple bugs, spray on hair and body 2 hours before showers.

Jan 21, 2015
parasite on hand ,whats working
by: patricia

I am on my 2cd year, with parasite on my hand. Layers skin deep.I have been using Elmer's glue, and adhesive.It is not doctor approved. It peels off and pulls the splinter like out, when burrows. I now.I have as small area left to get out.

Jan 21, 2015
Try Debriding Soap and Parasite Cleanse Parastroy
by: Llt

I'm just about to start these treatment. I've read a lot of good testimonial.

I'm afraid I will infect my kids. I miss hugging them. I pray to get better soon.

I have collembola symptoms.

Please email me if anyone know a better cure/relief. Jlat74 (at)

Nov 16, 2014
bugs coming out of my body
by: michael l

I have been dealing with these bugs close to a year. These bugs come out mostly out of my feet, ankles arms and scalp. They come out my upper and lower lip and get in my mouth so when I chew my food, they sometimes mix in with my food and drink. These bugs get in my clothes, shoes, and bed linen. There are 3 types of bogs. The white bugs(they look like lice, and some are wormy looking). Some are small, and brown in color. These bugs bite hurt coming out of my skin. they bite and cause bleeding. the black bugs are painful, and are mostly in my feet and ankles There like needles and stick me in my feet and ankles. Sometimes when I'm walking they feel like sharp glass sticking me in my foot. They crawl in my socks and pants. Then there are the hair bugs that looks like a fishing hook. They come out the bottom of my feet. When they come out they curl into a hook and stick me like a tack It's VERY PAINFUL. I've told this to doctors and they think I'm CRAZY. The only good thing is that I'm not contagious. My wife have seen all I've told you and gave me the idea to post my story online. I'm stressed out all the time, and has turned my life up side down. I want to be and feel Normal again. It's VERY difficult to live like this I HOPE YOU CAAN HELP ME.

Oct 25, 2014
Tea tree oil bath
by: April

The tea tree oil may burn if the wounds are large and open. Try smaller amounts of the oil and as your skin heals increase the amount. Epsom salt helps too. But start out with small amounts until the wounds start to heal then increase the amount. Make sure the water is as hot as you can stand it. Soak everything from head to toe. Iv had success with a parasite cleanse (herbal pills) as well.

Oct 12, 2014
Tea tree oil bath
by: Denise

Oh Boy.. Was that one suggestion that was a mistake. It "set me on fire" where the sores were located. Couldn't get out and wash with a mild soap to get it off. Maybe worked for others, but it was a big mistake for me.

Aug 23, 2014
Bird and Rodant Mites
by: Gilda Quilliam

I've been living with Parasite Living in and on my skin for a few years. I moves in with my boyfriend 10 years ago and within two weeks, I notices something was eating away and under my fingernails and toenails. I was also suffering from allergies and skin itching. After years of suffering and a lot of research, I've determined that I have been suffering from bird mites. has been very helpful and I have recently started taking Silver Water and I'm feeling much relief.

May 24, 2014
parassite on my hand
by: patricia

I got bit 9 mths ago, on the tip of my finger. It bubbled up, then started moving down my finger. It like splinders.It burrows, bites,moves. sometimes painful. now it is between my thumb and finger on my hand. Red ring it tightens, when is active. Been to 3 different doctor . Got pills and cream. first doc said unknown, head lice cream. 2cd gave me 4pills one time parasite pills. and cream. 3rd said it was a rash. blood work, xrays. said nothing was in there. I have proof. I put them in a jar when I pull them out.I have pictures of them since day one.I have spent 1,000.00 on my hand and I still have it. I cant afford to keep going and having no results.

May 14, 2014
Parasits living on you?
by: Chad

I hate to here anyone going through your situation, I hope you are able to find a cure.
Now I have to ask you though, why are you so certain it is a sand fly or flea? Without a real diagnosis from a DR how can you be so sure? If you are certain of it more power to you! I just wanted to say I know a person who had similar issues and fought a parasite infection for 5 years only to find out it was a fungal infection. After seeing a Dermatologist that new what he was doing, that is what was determined. A bad deep rooted systemic mycosis fungal infection (I think that's how he said it). It was in his blood and traveled through the deepest layers of his skin, it looked like it was burrowing in places and made sores, Nodules that came up contained small gritty sand like pieces that would come out when it erupted. It was present over all his body in various patches. The only thing that worked was a regiment of oral antifungal meds and almost a year of treatment. He is fine now, I just don't want you or anyone to go through years of guessing only to be wrong, when a cure was always available. Also the longer you live with it the stronger it gets, longer treatment takes, more meds for a longer period of time. They can take skin cells from the infected area and determine what it is normally, sometimes they draw blood. Treat it like it's a terminal illness, do whatever is needed to get well, never give up!! Your life and well being matters most, I wish you the best!!

Jan 17, 2014
suffering with a similar issue
by: Ronnie

Try Epson Salt, Baking Soda, and 1/2 of is amazing what comes out of your skin. Drink plenty of water before and during a 30 min soak.

Jul 20, 2013
To Cathy, Jane, and Kyle
by: Angie from

Dear Cathy,

Sorry I didn't have a chance to respond sooner. I've been away visiting family and am just playing "catch up" now. :)

Your bewilderment is understandable. It seems strange to us that a parasitic infection can attack a particular area repeatedly rather than travel, but depending on the type of parasite that is causing the problem, it's not that unusual.

For example, if you have an internal fungal overgrowth (which is a form of parasitic infection), the symptoms may vary. One of the ways it manifests itself is externally by attacking a weak area of your immune system or skin.

The truth is, it may not actually be a parasitic infection that you are dealing with at all! If you're body is overloaded with toxins (which category a LOT of people fall into), the organs sometimes struggle to process them sufficiently so they send the excess to the skin (the largest organ) for elimination - the symptoms of biting and itching under the skin (and little pimple/blister marks) fit the bill.

What you are dealing with sounds like something different than what Carolyn is dealing with, but the cleansing and immune boosting supplements I suggested to her in the first part of the page would be the right course for you to follow as well to cleanse and detox regardless of the underlying issue.

The nutritional immune boosting supplements will also give your body the resources to take back control and improve your overall health.

Jane and Kyle, you can also put those supplement suggestions to good use. SOMETHING is causing you to have the sensations you are experiencing of having a parasite living in or under your skin.

It could be a genuine parasitic infection (hundreds of possibilities that fit that category), hormone imbalance, side effect from medication or drug use, etc.

Jane, in your case you mentioned sleeping on your arm. Have you discovered a correlation there? If so, your cause may be nerve related. Just something further to consider. ;)

Hoping you all are able to take action and eliminate the problem and return to good health.


Jul 19, 2013
To all itchy skin comments
by: CK

Try spraying Off insect repellent on the itchy
Places and see if they go away or move to another place.
The flys used to swam me at nite. The OFF stopped that. Or buy some DE (diatamaceous earth power for human use, of course, and powder down at nite. Advantage here is that it will kill them if its an insect and you can see what's biting u.
Also, some medications can cause solar

Jul 19, 2013
Question for Pam about Calendula Tea
by: CK

Pam, do you drink the calendula tea? Or use it on your skin ?
Thanks, Carolyn (CK)

Jul 18, 2013
Me too
by: Kyle

I have the same thing I don't know if they are harmless or not

Jul 01, 2013
I think they are living under/on my skin too
by: Jane

Do you sleep on your side or put your arm under your head at night? Have you found anything that helps?

Jun 29, 2013
whats liveing under my skin
by: cathy

I have a problem at night when I try to go to sleep. its like they wake up and become active what is strange is its only on my left forearm. That I don't understand. It seems like if it were something alive then they would be in different areas but I wake up scratching my arm and little bumps like bites come up where I scratch

Jan 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

Have you been to a doctor that specializes in disease control?? You may look on the Internet for one in your area. Regular M.D will not know what to do!! I agree you must fight from the inside too. If your taking DE you must use oregano & cloves to kill the eggs (fresh clove) from health food or whole foods and grind up and use capsule. Oregano oil the same, 2 cap 3x day then bump it up each day!! Garlic caps work too but you have too increase to be effective. Most people fail because soon as they feel better they stop.. You must continue your kill for 6 months. Apple cider vinegar works after couple days..if you can't afford the other. 1 shot of apple cider v 3times a day.. You will see results in a day or two.. If you are having any problems with your organs you can flush with grapefruit juice and two teaspoons of Epsom salt, works wonders ... But please drink grapefruit juice at least 3 days prior in case you have a stone, it will soften them up! Epsom salt will force any bad bacteria or worm out.. Good luck bchridegolf

Nov 05, 2012
Living with Parasites
by: CK Brown

Hi Pam,

One more thing. What has this tea done for you? Thanks, Carolyn

Nov 05, 2012
Living with Parasites on my body
by: CK Brown

Thank you, Pam, I will try it! Thanks for responding. Carolyn

Nov 04, 2012
Buy some Calendula Tea from an herb shop
by: pam

I promise this calendula tea has been a miracle!!

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