Parasite Problem in Boynton Beach Florida

by Teresa P.
(Boynton Beach, FL, USA)

I've got a parasite problem in Boynton Beach, Florida. It started a couple of months ago when I was bitten by what I thought was a mosquito. I had about 10 welts that were extremely itchy.

Since then I've been feeling continual biting, crawling and itchy.

I'm not sure if it's a mite or parasite because I'm mainly feeling it when I'm in my house. My other family members are not having the same sensations at all.

I've had pest control spray. I've been to a dermatologist and an internist. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. I was even starting to believe it myself.

No matter what I do, it doesn't help. I'm hoping there is something that I can do to get my life back. Any suggestions?


Hi Teresa,

You didn't mention where on your body these bites or welts came up. Was it down around your lower legs and ankles or elsewhere?

Sometimes I've found that people who think they have a lingering parasite problem are actually suffering from sand fleas (sand flies) bites instead. They can sometimes take several weeks to clear up.

I'm not saying that's what you are dealing with, I just wanted you to consider it as a possibility since you mentioned your location to be in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Okay, now for suggestions on what I think you might want to try. I will give you an internal and an external suggestion.

First off, if I were in your shoes I would most definitely use Herbal Fiberblend to cleanse out my system. This is my "go to" solution for a wide range of parasites, mites, and other issues. I've always had great success with it.

You start with 1 tsp. twice per day mixed with water or juice and then gradually increase until you are taking 1 tablespoon twice per day for several weeks and then gradually decrease back down again.

Secondly, I would get some organic cold pressed coconut oil and apply it to all of the affected areas externally. You could even add a little tea tree, clove, lavender, or other essential oil to it to improve the anti-parasitic properties.

I think that's your best option to get rid of this condition you are dealing with. I feel pretty confident that it will help you.


Comments for Parasite Problem in Boynton Beach Florida

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Feb 11, 2018
Parasite Problem in Boynton Beach Florida NEW
by: Michele

I thought I was pretty much through and the progress would continue and eventually would be 100% free of every symptom, however to this very day I am still dealing with it. Not nearly as bad. As so many others I have tried so many things and the things I have seen - unreal... Stopped talking to my kids about altogether pretty much... Went to MD Now the other day (for blood pressure issues - my dr. up and left and thought I'd bring up a few things) He told me if I had any fungal infection he would see this and that, never heard of fungus gnats or colembolla - we laughed and I dropped the subject (pretty much knowing it would have gone this way from the beginning.

Feb 10, 2018
Been there done that NEW
by: angrymorg

Here is the problem, you can control aspects of it, but our environment doesn't change in the exposure to it. I have cleared on multiple occasions, it does NOT and I stress does NOT mean you are better. This roots itself into deep tissues inside the body, what you see in the skin is only a partial part of this. It is good if you catch it early, but this is a complicated problem for many of us. Everyone I knew back in 2009 are all still sick. I'm under the impression this is a highly resilient micro organism and I feel this evolved from DNA tampering to agricultural seedlings where outside environmental exposures and human immune are part of the way it affect individuals. Someone here expressed they had a child with EOS, at the time I expressed I was diagnosed with this I had not gotten reevaluated by a very prominent surgeon as of whom the main stream medical is trying to hide the truth from the millions who due to rejection of looking at this in a realistic manner are allowing millions to continue to lose control of their internal organs, this is nothing herbal remedies will cure once it has infected your tissues. Once in tissues it has to be totally irradiated from the body, this is a very expensive surgery and it means cutting out infected tissues, as in my case I have multiple organs now affected. When I asked what would happen if I did not have surgery, I was told that eventually my organs will become so infected and they will shut down. Secondly, there are many surgeon who will do minimal surgery, but then because they do not remove all of it, it throws you into a vicious cycle of multiple surgeries because it spreads from any area it is not irradiated from. My so-called EOS was really this infection spreading into my stomach lining and my full body wounds have healed, I only have problems on hands. However, I suffer fatigue, headaches, swollen abdominals, joint pain. As the years went on my internal issues increased as my skin issues cleared. Be careful! If you have swelling in the abdominals this is your clue in that you need to start putting the heat on your doctors to look into issues, if you are female go to your gyn, go to a center that does deep incision endometriosis, this is connected to Morgellons in more ways than you know. Do not let them minimize your situation, I was appauled that my doctors for years lied to me and manipulated my records. They seem to be like robots when it comes to you first showing your wounds; and by the way a few under their breath will give you little hints, I'm under the impression there is a protocol they have been told to follow with patient suffering anything bacterial, fungal, or parasitic and most of us have more than one of those. Something you need to understand, hospitals get government kick backs for low infection rates, so in order to do this they won't help patients who have been chronically afflicted with them, they are down right rude depending on your insurance carrier, it's about money not the patient. It's imperative that our communities understand that if you want this to change we have to speak up here, we need to group up and put heat on legislators. This means more than one surgeon in the country to do proper surgery most of us can't even afford which is exactly where I am at. I can opted for partial fix risking infection and not fixing already failing organs just to ease some pain or I have to raise avlot of cash to get proper surgery cause surgeon won't take my coverage. So I grin now and pray I figure it out before I end up in the ER for emergency surgery. Don't waste too many years thinking herbal remedies will make you better like I did because doctors refused proper care. I did get some parasite relief from Ivermectin, but this is a multi level infection folks.

Feb 10, 2018
Doctors are delusional NEW
by: don mars

I have been dealing with this for 13 months. I live in Tallahassee and N. Carolina mountains. Have been working diligently on identifying both cause and treatments with no profesdional help and may have some clues. My skin went fron horrible all over to beimg almost completely healed. It took months to develop an effective protocol that includes Parathunder, various digestive herbs (esp. Enzymes), a parasite remedy by Kroeger, Parasitin, digestive enzymes and fiber similar to what is sold here and things to support elimination, cleansing and detox. Diatomaceous earth, beet powder, greens powders also good. It's complex. I believe the severity was due to having a genetic impairment to detoxing (MTHFR mutation), toxicity from amalgams and their removal, some preexisting parasites , stress, and bacteria, somenof which ia confirmed with labs.The parasite formula here looks good. It has taken 3 months of very intense intake of herbals, essential oils, enzyme cleaning self, laundry and houses to nearly completely heal. Ejected some horrendous parasites last month. Now left with things under skin slowly coming out and a rare lesion, a little itching, and little bouts of my abdominal area skin ejecting the tiny worms. Clean everything. Keep at the cleansing and clean up diet. Don't let them contaminate food. It is humiliating if you lack confidence. You're not crazy. Face it with gusto. Educate yourself. Docs wasted my time. Good luck.

Nov 22, 2017
There is growing issues in your area, you are not crazy NEW
by: angrymorg

There is a problem from West Palm Beach all the way down to Miami, I too had digestive issues look up EOE, go see a gastrologist at Weston Cleveland Clinic. I have wounds, bit, severe irritation. Get an Endoscopy done if possible so they can take biopsies although inflammation is usually all they will admit to. This can be linked to bacteria, but 70% of EOE which is an immerging new disorder is connected to a parasite. I have friends in your area, they both were just diagnosed with parasites, however most doctors won't admit there is a problem. If you are lucky to get any scans you may be told you have fibroids in the pelvic and or groin. May show cysts on liver. These are all signs of parasites and the cysts in body are really parasitic. I think they know what is going on and hiding it, Cleveland is aware of issue, be careful what you say to them, but they may be able to help. The skin is fungus, it needs a prescription though for clotrimazole and beamethasone, can try hydrocortisone cream by natureplex at Walmart or lotrimin for some relief but alternate or it stops working. Take a calcium, zinc, magnesium supplement. You probably are suffering from candida as well so watch what you eat and cut out sugar, cut the plaque in your stomach, parasites thrive on it. Slippery elm extract or marshmallow work best, eat pumpkin seeds, it paralyzes the worms than follow an hour later with zeobind. Papaya seeds in honey kill eggs. You have to do this monthly and it will ease things, but try and get a doctor to acknowledge your concerns, possibly a dermatologist. I have a name, I'm afraid to announce it online because I don't want a backlash, he's highly credentialed though. Surgeon and internist along with dermatology... Hint... Look in delray area!

Feb 22, 2017
Parasite Problem in Boynton Beach Florida NEW
by: Michele

Good Evening Teresa:

I am hopefully wondering if you have won your battle with this relentless "epidemic", if I may... I live in BOYNTON too and have had a plethora of nuisances, starting in October or maybe November of 2016... I finally feel like I am winning the battle. Please let me know if you are still dealing with it and maybe we can share experiences.

Jun 08, 2016
I don't think you're crazy at all...
by: Angie from

Based on your suspicions of Candida and history of other digestive issues, I am even more sure that you should really do a good cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend.

Bite the bullet and commit yourself to a three month cleanse as I outlined above. I think you'll be amazed at how much better you will feel when it is all said and done, and I'll bet it takes care of this skin problem too.

The reason no one else in the family is experiencing problems may actually be because the root of the problem for you is internal rather than external. Something to think about.


Jun 07, 2016
Boynton Beach Dilemma
by: Teresa Parasole

The bites were not around my ankles but we're on my chest and back. I've been trying everything to get relief. I've used tea tree oil, neem oil, clove & eucalyptus. I've taken the dog to the vet, no fleas. I've gone to a dermatologist and internist. When I mention this everyone thinks I'm crazy. I know I'm not. If I were imagining it then it would be easy to solve. I've had stomach issues with gerd & acid reflux before. I'm thinking I may have some candida issue. If there is are mites in the house could that be why they are only attracted to me and not other family members?

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