by Maria Morales
(New Hartford, New York)

Attacked by this parasite for over a year. Notice small black splinters all over the floor after a shower, also specs of black and red pin bots all over my feet.

Attacked mostly on my toes the bottom of my feet have tiny pin holes my feet but all over my entire body (little red pimple like spots all over my body).

Can be see when wearing white clothes for they appear to just stick to it. It leaves behind a sticky residue.

For example: after shower I would wash my body and my toes would stick to the towel and when I examine the feet I notice specs of black where it felt to me the stickiest.

After the year is when I noticed the specs turn a shape of a splinter. when I try to remove the spec or splinter from the floor or shower floor with a napkin the thing would tear off the paper (it would make the paper towel stick to it). I would have to rub very hard to retrieve all of the specs.

I have also noticed them jumping. I used all topical creams for scabies although light relief I gave up on it. While taking a shower I also examined pieces of my hair in knots fall off.

While using a curling iron I saw a thousand little splinter like things on the floor. (I have a white tiled floor.

I have washed everything in hot water and with ammonia products this entire year. Cleaning and vacuuming the entire house on a daily basis.

I finally received a prescription for trimeth/sulfa/Da (Bactrim/SEF#20). It has been only four days and I have noticed that the itching, crawling, sticky feeling has decreased almost 90%.

I have bomb
my house over ten times. my car too. I have been to at least 20 doctor visits. I do have specimen in a plastic container and wait for an answer (I don't know who to send it to). Will you help?

I do not own any pets, never have. I also have problems with bowel movements (I drank some castrol oil which only brought me to the bathroom three times (1/2 cup).

I have numbness in my right thigh only one day after this treatment of bactrim was administered it seems to be spreading.

Dear Maria,

I'm so sorry to hear of the horrible time you've been having over the last year. I can understand your frustration and misery.

I really don't know what in the world you are dealing with. Your description is very unusual in my experience.

I do know that your continued use of scabies creams, chemical bombs, etc., is certainly NOT good for you and will only make matters worse through their toxic side effects.

I have been unable to find a location online where you can send your specimen, but I would encourage you to look for a local agricultural college or cooperative extension office to approach with your sample. They may be interested in looking at and trying to identify this unusual parasite.

As for suggestions for your own treatment to help get rid of the parasites, improve your bowel function, and alleviate your numbness, etc., this is what I would use...

I very much hope and pray that you will find this to be helpful and that you are well again and back to your old self as soon as possible.

To your good health!

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Mar 25, 2016
20 years and counting NEW
by: I gave up

Dear Maria
I have the condition you are describing, they are everywhere. I first got this in 1997 and went to every doctor I could. After countless doctors telling me I was nuts and giving me psycho meds, I have turned my back on western medicine and do my own research and what I have found that works for me is this.
First to see them, take mud mask (Queen Helene) and turmeric (not the grocery store kind but the herbal shop kind) mix them together about 2 tsp turmeric and 2 tblsp mud with a little vitamin E oil the highest BTU you can buy, go into the shower with it and have a borax/vinegar and water rinse handy. Start at your feet, rub the mixture into your skin, and watch them being ejected from your skin. Immediately pour the borax & vinegar mixture on them to kill them otherwise they will just melt right back into your skin. These things are ruthless, you will be surprised at how many there are and they are not all brown, those are the dying ones, they are translucent like little pieces of glass.
I have not yet found a way to kill them inside me, but I will let you know if I do. I believe they breed in my intestines and the cycle is scratch get eggs on fingers, fingers in mouth ( they are in my nose, eyes, mouth, ears, and private areas the skin turns brownish, like an age spot, but when you use the oil/mud/turmeric mixture all your ages spots, pimples, and that blackhead that wont go away will be miraculously disappear.

Nov 25, 2014
Splinters in skin NEW
by: Angela

I am having all of the same symptoms. Noromectin mixed with neem cream is helping. Also anti fungal shampoo ketoconazole 2% is helping. I don't know what to do

Aug 18, 2014
black balls, white lint, red bugs, long marks on my body.,,
by: Gaga

Hello everyone I have a multitude Of problems with my hair and body. Th things that are in my head look like eyelashes,some things are black and round and some are long and straight, there are red mites, and some white things that look like lint. I have been battling this for Months and nothing helps, I am grossed out because something is moving around in my hair and scalp. I have tried everything but nothing works. When I open the door to my truck the things swarm right into my face and all the time that I am driving I am getting bitten by them. The front of my foot and around my ankle is so messed up they are discolored,swollen, and my right calf is swollen to the point that it looks like to calves. Every night I spray my bed with tea tree oil because of the tiny black things and the things that look like eyelashes and the tiny red mites. HELP PLEASE

Nov 11, 2013
Black Specks, etc.
by: Angie from

Dear splinters2,

So sorry to hear that you, too, are suffering from a very troubling condition that in all likelihood is due to your living conditions. It IS a good idea if you are able to find different accommodation.

It sounds like you may have a mold/fungal issue in the home, which can cause serious health concerns if not dealt with.

Your condition doesn't sound at all like scabies and I would not continue with chemical based treatments that aren't going to get rid of the problem. All they end up doing is weakening your immune system.

Can you afford the protocol that I outlined above for Maria? That would be my choice if I were in your shoes.

I would also take Composure to help with your anxiety levels during the day and help you sleep at night.

You can order them at wholesale prices in the US here.

If you simply can't afford them all, try to get at least the Herbal Fiberblend and the Barley Life as they will be the most use for your condition in cleaning out your body and supporting your immune system. Obviously, the full protocol would work much more quickly and effectively, but I do understand that some of our readers are struggling financially and can't manage the lot.

I sincerely wish you all the best in your struggle to return to good health. I definitely believe wholeheartedly that you can get there if you can give your body the support it needs and hopefully change your environment too.

Angie from

Nov 09, 2013
I am so frustrated with this same thing!!black specs on floor after shower and crunchy hair!
by: splinters2

I thought I was losing it but I have read many things that have lead me to believe that this is a parasite. They do turn into splinter looking things after awhile& are hard to get off of the floor. WAS EVEN IN MY FINGER AND THE DR REMOVED IT!I was told it maybe scabies. THERE is a skin test so I am going to get a scrape because I think I have it on my scalp. I have done lice treatments and nothing comes out. When I did garlic and olive oil this seemed to help though.scabies?

I know there are silver fish in mine and have complained to the landlord but he has not done anything. The city has shrugged it off even. I am looking to move. I am so mad that I am even selling my furniture and have thrown out my bed because I did find small super tiny in a weird light yellow wax on my bed frame?? what was that?

I clean and vacuum daily and am keeping all clothes in bags separate from clean and dirty. I am a substitute teacher and do go to many schools but like I said it wasn't lice. I have turned some bugs I found after shampooing the carpets into the entemologyst on campus and he has said there was nothing the bag of importance. I did find some ticks here.

I will say that when I used GermX in my hair it softened and lightened in color right back to normal. It just didn't stay that way more than a few hours before it turned course and dark colored again plus my head was itchy,and some bites on my back, neck and body. bites some little like mosquito's but some big hard lumps especially on my head.

When I do get bit it is like a sharp sting sometimes. My cat sits by the back of the reclining couch where I killed a silver fish once and I swear there are more as I cleaned their yucky yellow goop and some eggs too up before. it was the fact that he didn't fix the plumbing under the sink for two years or the leaky air conditioner hanging half out the wall. THE CITY made him make the repairs so why won't they make him get a damn exterminator too?

I have hair that is matted to my head and hard. It falls out in the shower and is like someone shaved their beard or legs but it is from my head! It is whiskery! I have like rat hair now! HELP! Black smears were on my bath towel too after I dried my hair and I have seen one jump too! I also have squished the black specs when I see them around the house and they leave a dark purple or blackish smear like a marker almost?

This all started happening after I took my cat to the vet one night because she had an altercation with the silver fish that I saw come in through the busted air conditioner. I want to sue the landlord and he keeps the heat super hot! It is included so he controls it here.

What is the next step because doctors are not helping? The last they said was that a bite is infected and put some antibiotic cream on plus take Benadryl for the itching but they don't know what is going on.

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