Parasites - Creepy Crawlies

by Ceidre

Please help with these parasites - creepy crawlies!

I feel like bugs are under my skin - I see track marks on my hands that look like a scratch, and I feel it in my hair and on my scalp - cant see what it is...........

What can I do and what can I use?

I am really trying to remain calm.....


Hi Ceidre,

Usually when you see what looks like track marks on your skin (and you are not using drugs, etc), the most likely parasite culprit is scabies. They itch like crazy, too!

Here's an article with some suggestions on treating the scabies parasite that I wrote in response to someone else who sent in a question.

I can't guarantee that scabies is your particular parasites - creepy crawlies problem, but based on your short description, that's what it sounds like.

Definitely remain calm. Anxiety doesn't help and may actually make you feel worse than it really is. I know it's difficult, but start taking some basic actions and hopefully that will make you feel more in control.

Apart from the suggestions for internal and topical treatments already made in the article I linked to above, you can also start by taking some a bath and rinsing your head with sea salt in water.

Eating a clove of garlic (raw) daily may be helpful to you also. It's a bit strong eating it raw, but if you chop it up and eat it on a piece of buttered bread, it should make it easier to eat and not bother your stomach.

It can take a while for the itching of scabies to go away (even after the mite is killed), so just stay faithful in your treatment until you are all clear.

Hope this helps you and that you will be on the road to recovery soon.

To your good health,

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Jan 09, 2021
Burrowing parasite. NEW
by: Monica

I have been haunted by a parasite that lives in my blood. I see it move through my veins. It is characterized by lines of two to three dots along the skin and initially made me break out all over with hard round lifting of the skin and a dark spot in the middle. After a few months of wondering, I had a lump on the back of my forearm burrow up and make a a huge lump. I could see the length of it traveling through the vein on the under side of my arm. I cut off my circulation and it tried to retreat. It was painful. I also got one on my nose which is very visible to anyone. The one on my nose turned hard and sore. It has something in it.
I have been to 4 doctors including an eye doctor because one showed up in my left eye. None have helped me. I think they think I’m crazy.
I may be super aware of any change to my body and attribute it all to the parasite. I can’t help but wonder if it’s really only the burrowing that is the bug. But if any of these symptoms sound like anything I can treat please lmk.
Thanks so much for listening and talking the time.

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