Parasites Living Under My Skin

by Meg

Tiny parasites living under my skin!...and seems to be spreading!

My husband and I noticed these tiny reddish bumps on his back about two days ago (they look just like a pimple).

So, innocently we started popping them. It didn't take long before we realized they were some type of parasite. Some of them are red, some brown, and some clear (whitish). Guessing the clear ones are eggs?!?!?!?

Everyone says they're chiggers, but they DON'T ITCH!!! No itching at all!!! I've suffered from chiggers (red bugs) before and these things are not chiggers!

We would just go to the ER but we don't have medical insurance.

Also, they seem to be spreading. I hadn't noticed anything on me until today. Needless to say I'm now covered with them.

All the same with one HUGE EXCEPTION... under my right breast we found a much larger, darker bump. I couldn't stand it being there so we carefully opened it up. (I know this is gross, I apologize!)...and out came a BB sized ball. With the consistency of opened flesh.

Everything else was much smaller in size, all though around it were more of the same little bugs, which we pulled out as well.

Please note, we've disinfected everything more then once, boiled utensils, used hydrogen peroxide solution as well as alcohol. Hoping to keep open wounds clean and not causing anymore irritation.

We believe they may have come from our camping trip last weekend, but we are constantly in the woods and have never seen anything like this!!

We keep a clean house and, of course,
are cleanly people. If it helps, we have three fleas and they are indoor pets.

I've been looking all over the internet and the closest relation to this has been the Bot Fly? But, do Bot Flies lay eggs and spread?

These awful parasites are creepy crawly and under our skin!!! There has got to be an answer to them!!!!

Please Help!!

Hi Meg,

Oh, I do feel so sorry for you. You both must be miserable and frustrated over this. I know I would if I had unknown parasites living under my skin.

Well, I suppose we all do have parasites in us that we don't really notice most of the time, but something like this that's causing you such concern.

It's very strange that you don't have any pain or itching. That's unusual indeed.

I wish I could tell you what these little critters are, but I can't. They don't sound like Bot Flies, though I can understand what you mean by the "resemblance."

If you have a local extension or agricultural college office perhaps they can identify them for you if you collect a few and take them in.

When it comes to internal parasites of almost any variety, I highly recommend a few basic cleansing and building supplements to help your body get rid of them and regain its proper balance and health. Here they are...

Let us know if you find out a definite answer on what these parasites are.

To your good health!

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Dec 14, 2017
also dealing with em NEW
by: jeremy

sounds the same as my unwanted guessed possabley that the docs keep treating as no avail.what i found this morning falls into a worm family tree.if it is its easily treated with vermox.check it out.ive got a little more research
to figure out what family of worms.i do alot of remodels and some r pretty nasty when i first walk i can figure.
ill keep u posted

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