Parasites on/in the scalp

by Angel

I think I have parasites on/in the scalp. How do I know, and what can I do about it?

Hi Angel,

What makes you think you have parasites on/in your scalp? Is it because you are itching? Do you feel a crawling sensation? Have you seen any actual bugs?

Is it possible that you have lice? Lice are parasites and are the most common parasite that affects the scalp.

Do you have a friend or family member who can examine your scalp and hair for you? They can try to locate any possible external parasites, lice or otherwise.

What I find to be most helpful is to cover your entire hair and scalp with olive oil and wrap it in a towel overnight. This works by smothering external parasites like lice.

For internal parasites (under the skin), I use Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend in combination with Florafood.

For faster results and more effective relief of parasite symptoms, I also include Barley Life and AIMega as nutritional support for the body. This enables your body to deal with almost anything because it gives it the tools it needs to help in the cleansing and healing process.

If you decide to use the olive oil treatment, repeat the process in a few days so that you get any stragglers or hatched eggs that you may have
missed the first time around.

Hope this helps. To your good health!

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