Parasites or emotional instabilty?!!!!!!

by Maggie
(New York)

Is this a case of parasites or emotional instability?

A few weeks ago, my little sister started experiencing problems that might indicate that she has a parasite infection - extreme bloating, gas, constipation and then diarrhea.

She then began seeing strange things in her stools - something that looked like the lining of her intestines shedding, tiny white dots that internet resources suggested might be eggs and finally something that could only be described as a worm about an inch long.

She brought that sample for diagnosis to the hospital. Then she actually found a "worm" thing in her throat and has begun seeing the tiny white "eggs" in her mouth after she eats.

She has developed a fever and there is now a rash of round lesions on her legs. She went to the hospital and they have informed her that her tests have come back negative and perhaps she needs to see someone for her anxiety/emotional problems.

Tonight they are sending her home. Our family is freaking out. She is obviously sick and my parents have both seen the things that might be parasites. What do we do?

We have no idea what parasites they actually tested her for except that it is definitely not a trematode/flatworm.

The hospital staff has stated that they cannot tell us what was tested for until the paperwork is filed with the records department.

We are at this point considering filing complaints with the department of health against both the hospital and the doctor who at one point said he "could give her a pill that would clear her out if it would make her emotions feel better."

Meanwhile, according to the other hospital staff, there is no treatment they can give her without a definitive diagnosis due to the specific nature of the antibiotics required for different parasites.

If there are any resources you can point me towards I would greatly appreciate it. At this point, we feel like a House episode, only there's no super intellectual doctor with a team of caring coworkers rushing in to save the day!

Hi Maggie,

I'm so sorry to hear of your sister's parasite problem and the distress you all are experiencing.

The question of parasites or emotional instability seems to be raised more and more often these days. Whenever some doctors don't know the answer or can't figure something out, they seem to think the diagnosis is emotional instability or "it's all in your head." It's really maddening!

I am NOT a doctor, of course. I can't diagnose your poor sister, as I'm sure you must realize. All I can do is encourage you to consider thinking of the body in a more natural and holistic way.

Of course there are tons of parasites that doctors can't identify yet and have no idea how to cure. They are currently racing around trying to figure out to what to do about the swine flu. The pharmaceutical companies are using the opportunity to try to push another expensive and untested drug on the gullible public.

Instead, think about cleansing the body naturally and boosting the
immune system so that your own body (or your sister's body in this case) can actually try to heal itself.

Yes, sometimes antibiotics are used to treat parasites. Unfortunately, they also kill off the good bacteria in your body, too, leaving you even more vulnerable.

There are many herbs that work against a wide range of parasites in a much more natural and effective way than antibiotics do. These cleansing herbs can help your body eliminate parasites without harmful side effects.

Not only do you need to cleanse out the bad, you need to replenish the good. Your sister needs to be pumped fool of good bacteria that can help fight against whatever parasite she's dealing with.

High quality probiotics will provide the good bacteria and excellent nutrition will also strengthen and support the body for healing.

For more information on natural cleansing, please download and read Teresa Schumacher's book Cleansing the Body and the Colon for a Happier and Healthier You.

If I were dealing with my own sister, I would start her on the following supplements asap...

I would insist (as much as a big sister can) that she take the Para 90 for one month and the rest of the supplements for at least 3 months to give her body a chance to completely cleanse and heal.

Can I guarantee that this course of action will fix your sister's problem? No, I can't. No more than I could guarantee it would cure my own sister in the same circumstances.

But, I can say that these supplements are of the highest quality and are definitely helpful in giving the body the tools it needs to fight on it's own, particularly against the symptoms you've described.

And all that, without the negative side effects of drugs, or the frustration of being told it's not parasites, but emotional instability.

By the way, what did the hospital say the "worm" was that she brought in? Nothing! Or did she imagine that, too?

Parasites can be notoriously difficult to identify in stool samples, but with an actual worm in evidence I would think that would minimize their difficulty. Ugh!

Almost forgot! For your sister's lesions on her legs, if they aren't "open sores" you may want to suggest some organic apple cider vinegar. It would sting on open sores, but may help the healing process.

Another option, open sores or not, is aloe vera gel straight from the plant. If you have an aloe plant handy, just break off some of the stems and slit them open, rubbing the gel on her lesions.

If you don't happen to have an aloe plant, try to locate some good quality aloe vera gel at your local health food store - ask the clerk for the purest they have for topical use.

I hope you'll keep me posted on your sister's progress. I'll be thinking of you all and praying for her return to health. Please let me know if I can be of any further help.


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Aug 05, 2009
Worm in stool NOT a parasite?
by: Angie

Hi Maggie,

I'm completely amazed! They tested the worm from her stool and said it wasn't a parasite?
What in the world would they think it was? Oh dear!

Well, as much as you want to help your sister, she has to be willing to take your advice or even the advice of someone skilled in natural health and healing if she is to be helped by those methods.

I hope she truly does keep her promise to you to get some probiotics, etc. Maybe you can even talk her into eating some extra garlic at the very least.

Oregano is anti-parasitic, too. She could boil up some oregano into a tea to drink (if she won't take the capsules), but I would advise against that if there is any possibility that she may be pregnant. Oregano can bring on a spontaneous abortion when taken in large amounts for parasite cleansing.

Well, hopefully your sister will see some sense in natural cleansing if her symptoms continue to get worse. If she doesn't get some appropriate help, they are VERY likely to get worse. Parasites don't just go away on their own.

I wish you both the best!

Aug 05, 2009
by: Maggie

Thank you so much for your prompt reply!

They told her the worm tested negative for parasites, but they wouldn't tell her which ones they tested it for. I told her to get a copy of her records and that it was actually illegal for them to withhold the information. That was when they replied with having to wait for the info to be processed through their records department.

Sadly, my sister is someone who only believes in the magic of medicine. And it is very difficult for her to accept that there are things she can do to help herself despite not receiving the type of care she needs from the very people she believes in so much. I have urged her to consider purchasing some type of cleanse herself with the thought that it couldn't possibly hurt. I had to browbeat a promise out of her last night to drink a cup of echinacea tea to bolster her immune system after spending three days in the hospital. I told her to avoid refined sugar and processed foods and get some probiotic supplements. Hopefully, she kept her promise!

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