Parasites Under the Scalp

by Jo
(Pflugerville, Texas, USA)

My husband thinks he has parasites under the scalp. He constantly feels a crawling sensation under his scalp, and itching.

It has gotten so bad until his hair began to fall out in patches. Finally, he shaved his whole head and now he is completely bald.

He has gone to a dermatologist, who didn't know what to do, because the doctor said he had never seen anything like it.

So, what type of Specialist should my husband go to, in order to get rid of his parasites under his scalp?

Hi Jo,

An Infectious Disease Specialist is someone who deals with various bacteria, viruses, and parasites and the illnesses they cause. I don't know if that is what you would be interested in, but if the dermatologist is unable to help you, I guess that would be your next "medical" step.

Does your husband only experience the itching and hair loss, or is his head getting a rash, sores, lesions, etc.?

Do you remember if your husband took antibiotics in recent months before these symptoms began? Had he been exposed to any chemicals out of the ordinary?

I'm trying to get a better idea of what may have triggered his symptoms.

Has your hubby tried any internal cleansing of parasites using natural herbs? That may be well worth considering.

How is his diet? Does he get a lot of high quality nutrition in his food or is he junk food eater like my husband? ;)

There are some natural remedies that he could look at and consider that help the body kill off and eliminate internal parasites if he is interested. Here are some of the ones I would consider....

...That's a place to start if he would like to try getting his body to work at fighting off whatever it is that is plaguing him.

It may be parasites under the scalp, a reaction to toxins, a yeast overgrowth, an allergic reaction to something, etc. It's often hard to pinpoint the underlying cause of these unusual situations, but giving your body some natural support is always a good first step.

Hope he finds some help and answers soon!
Kindest regards,

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May 14, 2022
Or it could be just what he says it is NEW
by: Dan

Look I’ve scoured the internet for a solution to a similar problem, circumstance led mine to expand and I have pockets everywhere in soft tissue. They die with vinegar but they absolutely run for the freakin hills with Clorox disinfectant spray. Everyone thinks I’m crazy because they are indeed the worst case bastard of a bug. If a breakout starts when you first apply treatment (will feel burning sensation) do not stop intensify wage war on them they multiply and spread and are supremely misdiagnosed because it takes WORK to see them good luck drown them out if they burrow constant rubbing works them out

Apr 30, 2010
scalp itching and crawling sensation
by: Anonymous

hi- the itching and crawling sensation on the scalp could actually be yeast overgrowth. You can mix a little tea tree oil in your shampoo. You may also take caprylic acid which helps control yeast. Hope this helps.

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