by Deb

Thinking of trying Parasitin...

Could I have parasites? For the last month, I have had constant stomach gurgling, most severe at night. Feels like gas, although I am not passing it.

At the same time, I developed loose stools. I normally would have one bowel movement in the morning and that remained the same; although it was very loose.

I also remember about the same time having an intense "itch" around my anus, lasting a couple hours.

2 weeks ago I noticed a lot of mucus along with my bowel movements.

More recently, my loose stools have become more frequent, about 4 times a day. But less mucus. They are MORE loose, being not much more than water and going straight to the bottom of the toilet instead of floating (I heard there is a specific reason for this).

I did the BRATY diet with no change whatsoever.

I also had blood and fecal tests done which all came back negative; although I've heard and o&p tests often has a false negative.

My doctor doesn't seem to be interested in re-testing as she does not think I have parasites. I disagree.

I'm thinking of trying Parasitin which can be bought online, but am slightly hesitant of doing so.

Hi Deb,

It does indeed sound to me like you do have some type of parasite infection. The loose stools are generally a sign that there is something in your intestines that your body is trying
to get rid of.

The body sends additional fluid to the colon to flush out the parasites, toxins, or whatever is abnormal.

You're right about the tests not always being very accurate. :) It's good to go to the doctor when you have a concerning health issue, but they are only human and don't always have the answers.

It's important to listen to your own body. It's very clear that you are quite aware of the differences going on in your system and you know something isn't right.

I'm not familiar with Parasitin. I generally use and recommend Herbal Fiberblend for cleaning out the digestive tract, and Para 90 for more difficult or resistant parasite infections.

I had a quick look at Parasitin and it appears to be a homeopathic product. I'm very much in favor of good homeopathics. I've used various homeopathic treatments over the years with success. I can't vouch for the quality of this particular one, of course, since I hadn't heard of it until today. ;)

If you do end up using the Parasitin, I'd be interested in hearing how it works for you.

Let me also encourage you to take some probiotics. Boosting the friendly bacteria in your digestive tract will be very helpful in speeding up your recovery period and is important for repairing and maintaining digestive health.

If I can be of further help, please let me know. To your good health!

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