Penis Yeast Infection

penis yeast infection

Learn about penis yeast infection causes, symptoms, and cures.

It's not as bad as you think, but candida in men needs to be dealt with using a simple male yeast infection treatment.

You may very well have a yeast infection of the penis if you are experiencing burning or itching of the penis, having a thick white discharge, or developing a rash or little blisters. 

All of these symptoms are associated with Candida symptoms in men

However, you may instead be suffering with a sexually transmitted disease, so if you treat the symptoms as candida and they don't go away within a week or so, you probably should see a doctor to confirm a diagnosis.

Because the male yeast infection cure is good for you anyway, I always recommend that clients try it first before taking further action.

What Causes A Penis Yeast Infection?

Although there are different yeast infections men suffer, an infection of the penis generally is the result of only a couple of different things. 

A man can actually contract a yeast infection from a woman that has a vaginal yeast infection during sexual intercourse. 

If you think that is how you contracted your infection, it is very important that both you and the female are treated with a natural candida cleanse so that you don't keep passing it back and forth to each other.

A great resource that provides natural cures for yeast infections is Robert & Sara Summer's book 
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It covers natural remedies for diaper rash, thrush, and infections of the skin, throat, mouth, nails, vagina, and penis.
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Another factor that can instigate a yeast infection is the use of condoms. Certain spermicides in condoms (nonxynol-9) are linked to yeast infections in both men and women. 

Yeast loves damp places to grow and spread. If you are in wet or damp clothes for an extended period of time, you may end up with a penile yeast infection.

Think of a baby and diaper rash. That is a form of yeast infection that results from the prolonged dampness on the baby's bottom.

If you have the misfortune of contracting a yeast infection of the penis, don't despair. The male yeast infection cure is painless and very simple. If you follow those recommendations, you will probably be rid of it in less than a week.

To your good health!

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