Penile Yeast Infection
It's Not The End Of The World

penile yeast infection

If you think you have a penile yeast infection, don't despair.

It really isn't the end of the world, although you are feeling like it's pretty serious.

Yeast infections in men occur quite regularly. 

They aren't all infections of the penis, but that is the kind that alarm men the quickest. It is also one of the easiest yeast infections to identify.

The symptoms you may experience include itching and burning of the penis. You may get a rash or even small blisters. You may also notice a thick white discharge. These are all signs of a penis yeast infection.

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You can get a yeast infection of the penis if you have sexual intercourse with a woman who has a vaginal yeast infection. That doesn't mean that IS how you got it, it is just one of the more common ways of contracting this infection. 

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If you suspect that is the case in your situation, it is important that you and the woman both treat your infections. If you don't, you will just keep passing it back and forth between you.

You can also get an infection of this nature by having a weakened immune system from taking antibiotics or drugs or even using certain types of condoms. 

Candida (yeast fungus) lives in your body naturally all the time. When something happens to interfere with the balance of bacteria in your system, the Candida starts to rapidly spread. This overgrowth is what causes the infection and the symptoms that result.

For a male yeast infection cure you can start by simply getting some tea tree oil or garlic oil and using a cotton ball to swab the infected area of the penis twice a day for a week.

You should also take candida probiotics at least twice a day. I recommend Florafood as one of the better quality probiotics on the market. Basically, probiotics are friendly bacteria and will help build up your army of good guys to get the bad guys under control.

If you find this doesn't do the trick for you, you may have a more severe case of candidiasis. You may need to try a full candida cleanse diet and add some additional supplements.

The additional supplements should include an antifungal like Bear Paw Garlic and nourishing immune builder like Barley Life.

These full blown measures will most likely cause a candida die off and make you feel a bit worse at first as your body reacts to the dying toxic yeast. 

Hang in there. Ultimately, those steps will build up your immune system and put you right.

To your good health!

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