Itching and Small Blisters

by Rob
(Miami, Florida Dade)

I have an itch sensation around the testicle skin and in the tip of the penis and small blisters in the skin.

Hi Rob,

It is quite likely that your itching and small blisters on your penis is from a penis yeast infection that you picked up.

You can "catch" a yeast infection during sexual intercourse if the woman has a vaginal yeast infection.

That's not the ONLY way for men to contract a yeast infection, of course. The candida fungus can start to overgrow and cause you problems if you have taken antibiotics, used other drugs, eat a high sugar diet, or suffer from a disease like diabetes, HIV, etc.

Basically, whenever your immune system is compromised, the yeast in your body (candida albicans) takes the opportunity to grow as fast as possible.

If you did happen to get this "itching and small blisters" problem as the result of sexual intercourse, it's important that both you and your partner are both treated because you will continue to pass the yeast infection back and forth otherwise. :)

Here's what you can do for the quickest and best results...

  1. Take probiotics like Florafood - these are the good bacteria that your body uses to keep that natural occurring fungus in your body from growing out of control.

  2. Apply tea tree oil or garlic oil to the penis and testicle area to treat the infection from the outside. Both of those oils have anti-fungal properties. Apply your chosen oil twice a day for a couple of weeks using a cotton ball.

  3. Cut down your sugar intake until your infection is under control. Yeast fungus feeds on sugar, so it does make a difference.

That ought to do the trick for you. If you have a more severe yeast infection, you should also consider some cleansing herbs that will help clean out your system much more effectively. I recommend Herbal Fiberblend.

To your good health!

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