pH Imbalance Cause Your Skin To Bleach Cloth?

by Amy
(United states)

I just want to know, can a pH imbalance cause your skin to bleach cloth?

It sounds weird but since seventh grade my skin has bleached my clothing and sheets, even when I'm not using any acne medication and am being especially careful about my detergent.

Someone suggested it may be a pH imbalance or too much salt in the system. I'd just like your opinion.

Hi Amy,

I'll have to be honest and say I really hadn't heard that a pH imbalance (or anything else) can cause your skin to bleach cloth before today.

I do know that having too much acid in your system can take the finish/shine off jewelry (if it's not real gold or silver). I've had that happen enough times personally to know that it's true. :) So, it's reasonable to assume that being acidic may have a similar effect on clothing or sheets.

I've done a little reading on the matter and it seems like you are not alone in this problem. Others have found that improving their body pH has remedied the symptom. Having a proper pH balance in your body is very good for your health anyway, so it's worth trying.

Green whole foods are one of the healthiest natural ways to improve body pH. You may want to try using Leaf Greens or Barley Life once a day to see if that does the job.

I'd love to have you report back to find out if balancing your body's pH makes a difference for you, too. Do let us know.

To your good health!

Comments for pH Imbalance Cause Your Skin To Bleach Cloth?

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Urine bleachng underwear
by: Anonymous

Hi Angie---
Following this discussion, I have very strong smelling ammonia urine which bleaches my underwear. Is this low PH or a sign of parasites?


Urine Smells Like Ammonia
by: Angie

When your urine smells like ammonia, there can be different reasons. It could be something as simple as not drinking enough water.

If you drink a lot of soda/soft drink you can develop ammonia smelling urine. Drinking a lot of sugary drinks will make you acidic so your pH would be out of balance, too.

Usually a person who has parasites also has an imbalance in their pH levels.

So you see, just because you have urine that smells like ammonia doesn't always mean you have parasites. You can test your urine pH if you like to see if it is imbalanced, but that alone won't determine if you have parasites either.

I know it's frustrating not to receive a simple answer, but it really isn't that simple. :)

So, is it low pH or parasites? Almost certainly low pH, but perhaps the low pH is caused by the parasites.

If you think that is a possibility, consider a natural parasite cleanse. It's one of the easiest ways to clean out your system and feel better again.

Thank goodness I have found this
by: Female

For MANY years, I have had a simular problem, When I used to wear black socks the toe areas would eventually end up orange, almost like they had been bleached from the sweat from my feet.Then the same problem happened when I wore black knickers, again the gusset area would turn orange as well. I mentioned it to my doctor on one occasion, but they were very unhelpful and just brushed it off with the answer "its nothing to worry about". I have never resolved the issue to this day and have just learned to live with the embarrasment. I would really like to hear if ANYONE else has any possible clue to what it is? I have to contantly hide my underwear as a result.
Thanks in advance.

a partial answer.
by: klypos

This is a wretched problem that I have suffered from myself, and I really do not know the full answer - which is a nuisance - and I have studied microbiology.

What I have found is that I have an unusual strain of CANDIDA, which I have been living with for years. There have been times when this has liked up with a bacterium species which produces the ammoniacal smell. When the fungus and the bacterium start working synergystically, the ammonia smell is awful and your socks and underwear will bleach up inside a day.

I believe that the bacterium is a species of acenetobacter. It is not easy to do identifications in an industrial lab, especially with the technology of 25 years ago when one is supposed to be doing "company work".

So, what relieves these infections?

Before you start, line up new underwear and socks.
These bugs like cotton, so look for wool rich stuff.

If you have trouble with the infection on your skin, there's an antifungal called Lamisil that helps with the CANDIDA - but it is not cheap. I would recommend swabbing yourself all over with rubbing alcohol to kill the bacterium, then spraying the Lamisil onto your "contact areas".

If you have the urinary problem, there is a urinary antiseptic called Nibiol that can possibly help.
It was refused a a UK product licence in the 60s, but it is still on sale in many European countries. Your urine turns orange when you take it - you have been warned!

Angie - It Is NOT low pH
by: klypos

If you can smell ammonia or amines - the pH is HIGH.
Under acid conditions, ammonia does not smell.

pH High or Low is Still an Imbalance NEW
by: Angie from

Hi klypos,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this question of pH imbalance and bleaching cloth, ammonia smell, etc.

Regardless of whether a person has a too high or too low pH, it is still an imbalance that needs to be addressed.

It is my belief that the best way to balance the pH is through natural methods - particularly a good diet, natural detox, whole food green juices (like Barley Life), exercise, etc.

I encourage all my readers to follow this protocol first and foremost to improve their pH balance and their overall good health.

Bleaching out my towels NEW
by: TLC

This is what is happening to my son. He has bleached all of my towels, some clothing and pillow cases. At first we thought it might be a hair product he was using. Good to know we are not alone and going to try and see if working on his ph balance does the trick.

Could it be acne medication? NEW
by: Kyra

I've just started having this problem. It started when I bought new clothes. I slept in them because I was too lazy to change but last night I woke up with bleach stains on my sleeves and neck. I then noticed my pillow was bleached to a yellow color and my towels were bleached too. I read on another website that the benzoyl perioxide I use in my acne facial wash could have gotten in my bloodstream. I have eaten a lot of salt this past week due to vacation but I usually keep my salt and sugar low. I'm 13 and have pretty oily skin.

PS. Do you know how to remove these stains?

Thanks for the help!

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