Pimples That Itch

by Richard

Have pimples that itch and take a long time to heal. Feel like my skin is crawling...

I have had very pimply and itchy skin since I was 19 or 20, and I am now 41 and still have never gotten rid of it.

It drives me crazy because I can't seem to leave the little hard pimple like things alone. Then I pick them until they bleed. And they take a long time to heal.

Sometimes the itching is worse than at others, but the feeling of little white balls of something that you can feel and pick never goes away.

What is it? Nothing has ever seemed to help. Even my scalp has what feels like small hard pimples on it and I feel like things are biting me all the time.

Hi Richard,

Skin eruptions of all sorts are often the result of too many toxins in the body. A good cleanse is a great place to start.

The itching and crawling and biting sensations suggest toxins and parasites, but I can't say positively that is the main cause of your pimples that itch, etc.

When your body is overloaded with toxic material, the major cleansing organs do their best to process and eliminate the waste. If they can't keep up, they send the excess to the skin.

Apart from toxic overload, other common causes of skin eruptions like pimples, psoriasis, eczema, etc., are food allergies.

You can be tested for food allergies if you want to eliminate that possibility.

This is what I would suggest as a protocol well worth trying for a couple of months to see if you can help your body naturally get control of the symptoms of pimples that itch, as well as crawling and biting sensations.

Do let me know how you progress.
To your good health!

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