Plagued With This Itching

by Alyson

Help...I have been to Dr. after Dr. and no one can seem to help me

I have been plagued with this itching for several years. It feels like I have little bugs crawling on me.

When I watch the area a small white rice shaped thing comes out of the skin. If I try and squeeze them (cause sometimes they look like zits) they really hurt.

So would this be body lice?????? Or Pinworm? I can't go the doctor again because they look at me like I am crazy cause I never have some symptoms when I go in for my appointment...PLEASE!!! I really need help asap.


Hi Alyson,

So sorry to hear of you being plagued with this itching for so long and without help. That always makes me feel sad.

It doesn't really sound like body lice to me. I suppose pinworms are a possibility, but you generally will have a very itching anus if you were carrying around that many pinworms.

It does sound like you are either dealing with a parasite, fungus (like yeast infection), or some other toxic overload issue.

You said you've had this condition for years. What have you tried so far to get rid of it? Have you tried an herbal cleanse?

If you browse through this site you'll see that I usually recommend a good natural intestinal and anti-parasite cleanse for those who suffer with possible parasites.

I prefer Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend for cleansing. You can use one or the other, or use them both together for best results.

Also, to boost your immune system it's a good idea to use some nutritional and whole food supplements like the Garden Trio and AIMega. When your body is dealing with a crisis, it really needs a ton of nutritional support. That's really the most vital point to remember.

You can also try using some organic apple cider vinegar on your skin (where they look like zits) or just putting a cup or two in your bath water.

I sure hope you find some of this helpful and that you are able to get rid of the condition of being plagued with this itching once and for all.

To your good health!

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