Potassium Levels In Salba Seed

by A Stewart
(Scotland, UK)

Question about the potassium levels in Salba seed...

I have been adding Salba seed to my meal for the past six weeks and have just discovered that my potassium levels are now too high.

Do I stop using Salba or is there anything I can do to reduce the potassium levels?

Dear A. Stewart,

Although the potassium levels in Salba seed are said to be greater than the levels of potassium in bananas, it seems quite unlikely that using Salba would cause your potassium levels to be too high.

One assumes you are only using normal amounts and not consuming a jar a day! :)

How do you know that your potassium levels are too high? Blood test results? Were the tests repeated to double check?

Here's a great article by Dr. Weil in answer to someone else's question about high potassium levels.

As Dr. Weil points out, there are many reasons why potassium levels may appear to be too high as well as other causes of high potassium levels besides your food intake.

If you are enjoying the benefits of the Salba seed, which I can't see how you wouldn't be, it would be a shame to quit using it when it is quite likely that something else is causing the problem or that there is indeed no problem at all.

Salba seed is a whole food that hasn't really been messed with in any way. My common sense leads me to believe that if God made it for us and we haven't messed it up, it's probably not bad for us.

Of course, I can't tell you what to do one way or another, but I can simply suggest that you read that article by Dr. Weil and consider if either your tests results might be faulty or there is something else that is causing the elevated levels (medications or some other underlying health issue that needs to be addressed).

Please do let me know what you may discover about this. I'd definitely be interested in hearing a follow up.

To your good health!

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