Prevent Colon Cancer
What Can You Do?

prevent colon cancer

There are a number of things that we can do to help prevent colon cancer. British health reporter, Phillip Day describes four key areas that need to be addressed:

Step One - Diet

  1. The majority of your food should be whole, organic, high fibre and eaten raw. Remove grains where possible from the diet.

  2. Eat small meals, often.

  3. Reduce meat and eliminate dairy intake.

  4. Stop eating sucrose and refined, high glycemic carbohydrate foods.

  5. Drink 2 litres of clean, fresh water each day.

  6. Balance any hormonal irregularities – cut out unfermented soy products (soy milk, soy ‘meats’, etc.)

Step Two - Detoxification

When it comes to detoxifying your life, there are two main areas you need to consider. You need to reduce future toxins as well as eliminate toxins you have already been exposed to in the past.

  1. Remove all toxins from your environment and lifestyle (harmful personal and household products, chemicals, smoking, drugs, SUGAR).

  2. Detoxify your body and kill fungi, yeasts and parasites – a regular colon cleanse is a good way to prevent colon cancer.

    I use Herbal Fiberblend as an annual cleanse.

Step Three - Supplementation

Restore the nutrient balance with nutritional supplementation, including minerals, vitamins, including C complex, B-groups, including B17 (usually taken as apricot kernels), and essential fats (the correct omega 3:6 ratio).

I use supplements from several different companies, but two of the most reliable that I prefer are AIM and Global Healing. I know I can trust their quality and refer them with confidence.

Step Four - Prevention

  1. Avoid, whenever possible, prescription drugs, radiation scans and intrusive 'diagnostic' testing.

  2. Exercise regularly and rest frequently.

  3. Be happy and stress-free.

Some Food For Thought!

We corrupt our natural food supply by processing, boiling, frying, irradiating, roasting and destroying its valuable nutrition prior to consuming.

This nutritionally corrupted food produces its own acidic by-products, including ‘free radicals’, which can damage the colon, and potentially result in colorectal cancers.

It is a measure of how serious this food-processing and -corrupting problem has become in the West that colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death for both males and females in many nations across the industrialized world.” ~ Phillip Day, British health reporter.

Colon Health

Paying particular attention to the health of our colons is important in colon cancer prevention. I recommend a regular natural colon cleanse, using Herbal Fiberblend. This will help to clean the colon walls of food wastes, eliminate toxins from the body and kill and expel parasite worms, which can all play a part in contributing to colon cancer.

Prevent colon cancer through education. It makes sense to treat the cause rather than the symptoms!

To your good health!

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