The Progesterone Depression

progesterone depression

There is a real progesterone depression connection that many women are never told about. 

One of the most common signs of low progesterone is depression and an inability to control your emotions.

As we age, our hormone levels decrease. In most cases our progesterone levels are affected even more than our estrogen levels.

In western countries, or "developed" countries, our "progress" has exposed us to a wide range of environmental toxins called xenobiotics that greatly alter our natural hormone levels. 

Women are experiencing the symptoms of hormone imbalance at much younger ages than their mothers and grandmothers did as a result of these environmental conditions. 

We, as women, are often the butt of jokes about menopause and PMS.

For many years, the "solutions" offered by modern medicine were (and often still are) to get a hysterectomy or to take anti-depressants. It's really rather barbaric. 

The first so-called solution of surgically removing our female organs did not fix the symptoms of hormone imbalance. Instead, the problems became even more pronounced.

The next solution offered was/is synthetic HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy. This was a great move -- for the pharmaceutical companies!Unfortunately, the side effects of synthetic HRT's lead to even more serious conditions, like cancer. 

And for those women who suffer from low progesterone depression, anti-depressants are prescribed. Do anti-depressants fix the problem? No, again! Pharmaceutical drugs are rarely a good option, in my opinion, for long term health benefit. 

Prescription meds almost always serve as a mask to disguise an underlying problem. This mask allows the underlying problem to grow worse, and usually brings it's own nasty side effects to contribute to the problems we are experiencing.

Is there a safe solution for progesterone

progesterone depression

I'm happy to tell you that the answer is YES! I myself, and many friends and family members have all benefited greatly by the use of natural progesterone cream. 

The difference between natural progesterone supplementation and synthetic progestins (HRT's) is fundamental. Natural progesterone cream is bio-identical in nature. It is the same form of progesterone that your body produces. Sythetic progestins have been molecularly altered (in order to get a patent), making it a foreign form of progesterone that is actually harful in the long run.

If you believe you or someone you love may suffer from progesterone depression, I encourage you to try using a good quality natural progesterone cream for a couple of months. You'll probably notice a difference in weeks, but give it a couple of months to determine if your depression is one of the signs of low progesterone or something else. 

I use Renewed Balance progesterone cream. One container lasts me almost 3 months. At a price of only $26, I consider Renewed Balance to be more than worth the cost.

Please don't continue to suffer from low progesterone depression. Make the effort of trying natural progesterone cream. I'd love to hear back from you to hear how it has helped you, too.

To your good health!

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