Progesterone use in Pregnancy?

by Jessica
(Modesto, CA)

Question about progesterone use in pregnancy...


I have an alternative practitioner that said I needed to take a progesterone cream. I trust her in that, especially since I have problems with my thyroid, cortisol and aldosterone.

I'm now pregnant and am feeling a bit better. She said I can take it while I'm pregnant since it is completely natural, but I am hesitant. Is it safe to use while pregnant?


Hi Jessica,

So glad to hear you are being helped by the use of natural progesterone cream. I love the stuff and have found it to be extremely to helpful for myself and so many other women (men, too, actually). :)

Natural progesterone cream IS safe to use while pregnant, although it is usually unnecessary after the first couple of months. Your placenta will automatically begin producing far more progesterone than you can get using the cream.

If you were using the cream leading up to the pregnancy, it would be wise to stay on it for the first few months until your pregnancy is firmly established and your body is producing sufficient progesterone levels on its own.

Dr. John Lee, well known natural progesterone advocate, said that a sudden drop in progesterone early in a pregnancy has the potential to signal to the body that the pregnancy isn't viable and cause a spontaneous abortion. That's why you don't want to stop progesterone use in pregnancy during the first several weeks.

Hope that helps. By the way, CONGRATULATIONS on your coming baby. You are truly blessed!

To you and your baby's good health!

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re: progesterone use in pregnancy
by: Jessica

Great, thanks for your response:) I haven't actually tried the progesterone cream because I was scared to start it being only a couple weeks pregnant when my practitioner gave it to me. I'm now 4 1/2 months pregnant and believe I'm feeling better due to my progesterone levels naturally being high. As soon as I deliver I will start taking the progesterone since it sounds like I won't be needing it til then. Thanks again!

Using Progesterone After Pregnancy
by: Angie

Your welcome, Jessica. Glad to help! :)

I'm sure your practitioner probably gave you instructions on how to use the progesterone cream, but just in case, here's the basics...

You want to rotate the site of application each day to get the best benefit and prevent over absorption in one area.

I rotate left arm, right arm, left breast, right breast - as it's easy for me to remember. ;)

You will probably want to use the progesterone cream for about the 14th day of your cycle until your cycle starts again.

It may be difficult to determine when to start at first due to the delay in your cycle after giving birth. I'm sure your health care practitioner will be able to advise you more specifically.

I hope and pray you have a safe and easy delivery and that your baby is as healthy as can be!


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