by Emmanuel Annobil
(Accra Ghana)

There is this skin disease that is destroying my skin. It is all around my thigh and arms.

The last time I went to the hospital the doctor said it's Psoriasis and gave me medicines and ointments to apply but yet still it is coming more.

Please can you let me know what type of medicine is best to cure this? I have been making research on this and realize it's inside of the human body before it comes out, so please kindly help me on how to treat it inside me and outside.

It hurts a lot; itching all night. I can't sleep. I need help to get this away from my skin.

Thank you.

Hi Emmanuel,

Psoriasis is a very unpleasant skin condition, I know. I have various friends who have suffered from this problem over the years.

Unfortunately, the standard creams and medicines prescribed by most doctors have very little effect on improving the symptoms of psiriasis, and they do not treat the underlying cause.

There are different possibilities when it comes to considering the cause of skin conditions like yours.

It could be from parasites, from toxic build up in your organs, from allergies to food, chemicals, etc., or something else entirely.

Getting to the bottom of severe skin conditions can be difficult.

I can't recommend a "quick fix" for you, but I can give you some solid suggestions for cleaning out your system and helping to rid you of the problem over the long term, unless the cause is a particular allergy.

Either way, it
should at least start giving you some relief from some of the worst of it and help you get some better quality of sleep.

  • Composure - This is a natural herbal capsule that should improve your sleep and help to relax your system in several ways.

  • Herbal Fiberblend - This is a herb and fiber powder that you mix with water or juice. It cleans out the digestive tract and helps to eliminate parasites, candida, toxins, etc. that may be in your system.

  • Redibeets - This is whole food supplement powder made from freshly juiced beetroot. It is an excellent liver cleanser and has other nutritional benefits also. It has been very helpful to others with skin conditions by relieving the toxic overload on the liver and, as a result, clearing up the skin.

  • Barley Life - This is another whole food supplement. Barley Life is made from freshly juiced barley grass and is very helpful in balancing the pH of your body. It is full of wonderful nutrition that helps to build healthy cells and repair damaged ones.

  • AIMega - This is a combination of essential fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory properties and should help to reduce the symptoms of your itchy painful skin and improve your overall health.

You can also try to soothe your skin from the outside by applying aloe vera gel to the affected areas. Aloe Vera has been shown to be very effective both externally and internally.

I hope this information will be helpful to you. To your good health!

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Jun 05, 2014
It is parasites!
by: Theceerndp

Mix 2parts baking soda, 2parts Epsom salt, in a gal of clean water. But mix in a 2 gal container. Let desolve. Then add 2parts white vinager, chem reaction bubbles over. Makes 2gal add water until 2gals. Apply daily, just add 3 ing. No water to hot bath soak one hour. Also mix dry baking soda to mixture for a paste. Apply to skin. It really works I think it's some type of fungal and or parasite.

Sep 07, 2010
answer for Emanuel psoriasis
by: Anonymous

So, it is itchy, it comes out from inside the skin and it is localised. It could be something else than psoriasis. Since this is not a pricise description, it is difficult to diagnose. I would say, what does it look like precisely. Is it oozing puss? What is coming out exactly. Is it getting larger? Those are pertinent questions.

Here is what you can do.
See a dermatologist or any doctor at hospiral or elsewhere who will do a biopsy to tell you what it is. It is a small procedure done under local anestesia with a seringe. It only takes a few minutes. Have blood tests with both your generalist and the dermatologist but don't tell them you are seeing the other doctor. If the tests come out with different results you will have something to investigate. Or you may find the answer you are looking for. Do test for MRSA. It can be cured with oral antibiotics.If these are wounds and if they get inlarged go to the hospital right away and do tell them that the wounds are enlarging. Theere is no point to going to see doctors or hospital and say: Oh... it's nothing. Get it fixed.

Now for releaf.

The generalist can prescribe bactroban cream or valizone-G (garamicin)if infection is suspected. You can start with over the counter antibiotic cream like polysporin or something like it.

For the itching use and anti-istamine pill like Benedryl. You can take one or two at a time, 4 times a day. Twice a day usually works. Before bed time makes you sleep like a baby. Benedryl does make people sleepy, so watch out when you drive your car. Benedryl also reduce swelling in legs when present. It is efficient and can be used for people with allergies as well.

Blood test and biopsy are the way to go when it comes to skin infections. Doctors are very limited in their capacity to diagnose. They cannot simply look at you and say oh I think you have this and the thing is solved. It does not work like this.

As for paratite infection, Sory but western medicine sucks. They know nothing!. You are better in these cases to see a specialist in tropical desesse (traveler clinic) or a vet. Animal have skin problems so vet have to know avout them. Good luck.

Jun 18, 2010
Nutritional Supplements to Ghana
by: Angie

Hi Emmanuel,

Just wanted to let you know that I heard back from our South Africa office and they said that they can mail the nutritional supplements to Ghana for the amount of R1214.00 which I believe is about 232.288 Ghanaian New Cedi.

That would be for the supplements mentioned above, namely - Composure, AIMega, Herbal Fiberblend, Redibeets, and Barley Life.

Please let me know if you would like me to process an order for you.

Meanwhile, I hope you are feeling better.

Jun 07, 2010
Ordering From Ghana
by: Angie

Hi Emmanuel,

Those suggestions were all natural supplements, not drugs, and as such, I do believe they would be very helpful to you.

I've put in a request with our South Africa office to see if they have clearance to mail the products to Ghana. Meanwhile, if you'd like to go ahead and fill out the US order form with your details and what you would like, I'll get back to you with a response on whether your order can be processed and how much it would cost in your currency (or South African currency if you prefer).

Do you have the Aloe Vera plant in Ghana? I hope so. That would be a good thing to start on immediately if you have it. You can use the gel from inside the plant leaves to apply to your psoriasis affected skin while you are waiting for your nutritional supplements to arrive.

Jun 06, 2010
How do i come by all these Drugs
by: Anonymous

Hello Angie,Thanks for all the information,I really appreciate it a lot.But i want to find out how i can get all these drugs,I am living in Accra the capital of Ghana in the western Province of Africa and i really need these medicines,so please kindly let me know how i can get them so i will proceed on buying them to start using them as early as possible.Thank you and will be looking forward to read from you.God bless you all for this great Help.

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