Purple Bulb Like Vein In Lip

by Julia

so many i will start with purple bulb like vein in lip. once came out after eating carrots. had a hard shell med brown in color 4-5 sides. nonetheless. filled right back up again. of course itchy scalp. hair tries to get in mouth, eyebrows, forehead, and eyes. eyebrows finally won and i plucked all hairs. long story short on that i think among billion other things is never tweezed right. thirty years going against the grain. flying things have stopped. jumping mites ???? doesn't matter have stopped because down to core but every hair still black ball root. all hairs different thickness. going with grain and hairs coming in too fast, but sores (oil like first won't let up. now missing a few eyelashes. i have been diagnosed after 14 years recently at hosp. with jar in hand of intestinal worms. appt. to infect. dr two months away. 6 mebendazole just took a tooth out. yes they are in my teeth which are reasonably ok considering. mid back near spine always crawling. or numb or flares up near sink, tub etc. i used to splatter water everywhere just washing my hands but now with colon cleanses. long story. not so much. i didn't know everyone not like me. i used to pick up crumbs off floor. not alot i keep a clean house and most of it would disappear into me.....yes.....didn't even think about it....brain fog off the charts. this all came 14 years ago in a flood under severe stress. but 7 years ago half of it came another story. it involves black spots on leaves and triangle shapes....lol lol just got to bottom of that being real the other day....i gotta stop. oh yeah coughed up yellow rock one day after lip thing came out. it shot across room. my color is mustard yellow it seems. lymph node removed from neck lab said nothing to it but Yellow more or less......i have to laugh. been told i am crazy 15 years....until i took jar. hanging on some days and will

the rest. no choice. for a couple particularly wonderful angelic reasons....yes they have probs.... can't see thru tears....i got to get fixed so i can get them whatever...so they don't end up like me....but i love this life....thru their eyes....i no longer have to concentrate when eating thanks to cleansing but don't know alot' it was recent 6 months ago. food goes down the pipe don't even think about it...unreal because been choking...blah blah part of my life 4-5 years. neck no longer stiff. it was for two years. they took out alot o mustard....constantly neck cracks, pops, in my ears. its irritating. worse it is worse my insides are i realize....oh and nose one side was blocked....using neti pot....worms still up there. cannot ever get rid all this head to toe....hmmmmmm there is more....but cannot see again....there is a god...thank god. we have a bi polar type relationship. i yell sometimes....he don't. peace and love. and he sees everything in all creation.....he misses nothing....so cool....that keeps me alive...and the angels. the smaller one has wisdom beyond her years. oh yes growing up i was allergic to mold like no other. only one of 12 children that had. sneezed every day all day....until age 30 first child born. 2nd child at 40. have not sneezed or had a decent booger since. older child. allergies. plus vag probs. smaller child only a few.e but want gone. i want her free of this. both of em. its time......had eye and vision problems always till leaf and black spots made it all even worse and then....5-6 eye plugs that popped out in day from eye institute. and now my vision unexplainable they said is perfect and no eye allergies or any kind allergy that i ever notice.....hahahahahahahahaha. i had to vent first time ever.....you don't have to feel guilty about not putting this out....i wouldn't either....or maybe... i dunno....i feel sorry for everyone.....so i would but... don't pity me...i would not change a thing. life is good....but looking for GREAT!

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