Yeast Infection Signs
Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?

yeast infection signs

Yeast Infection Signs let you know that your immune system is out of balance and you need to take action. 

Not everyone has the same symptoms when it comes to yeast infections.

When an overgrowth of yeast occurs in the body, also known as candida, it can attack you in a number of different ways. 

Usually, like any army, candida overgrowth will attack your weakest area.

Quite often if you suffer from recurring yeast infections, the symptoms get more severe and the number of signs increase. 

If you don't know what a yeast infection looks like, it can manifest itself in a variety of ways. If it's an infection of the skin, you may get unusual rashes or fungus in the nails. 

If your yeast infection attacks your genital area, you may experience itching, burning, altered discharge, and even sores.

When attacking the mouth, a yeast infection looks like a white coating on your tongue, produce sores and give you very bad breath.

Those are just a few of the most well known signs, but here's a list that will probably shock you.

Common Yeast Infection Signs

rashesnail fungusbrain fog
acneskin lesionsshortness of breath
eczemamigrainesfatigue or tiredness
depressionmood swingsirritability
vaginal odorvaginal burningvaginal/rectal itching
food allergiespainful jointsarthritis
jumpy legsblurred visionimpotence
sugar cravingweight gainsabdominal pain
diarrheaconstipationmemory problems
asthmaautismwhite "patchy" tongue

That's an amazing list! Not every one of those signs are always symptoms of a yeast infection. That's why yeast infections are often misdiagnosed. If you don't know of another cause for the symptom, it would be wise to treat yourself to a natural yeast infection cure. 

Natural remedies for yeast infections are healthy solutions, even if this is not the specific cause of your suffering. You'll still succeed in boosting your immune system in such a way that you may heal the underlying problem as a result.

To your good health!

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