Mites? Yeast Issue? Folliculitis?

by S

Do I have mites? Yeast Issue? Folliculitis? Any ideas?

After giving birth at the age of 39, my body just did not seem the same. I had developed a staph infection around my female area (don't know how the heck I got that), my rosacea got progressively worse, my eyes started burning and tearing and the sensation that something was crawling around in my scalp like little tiny spiders walking around in my hair.

This feeling is extremely noticeable and more active when I stand under recessed lighting in my kitchen.

I have been to several dermatologists. One advised that we have "things" crawling on our skin that need to be there and to not worry. The other told me to use some Rid (it did nothing).

Another did several skin scrapes on my face (cheek, forehead, and chin) and pulled a few hairs from off the top of my head. The results were, no parasites, but some sort of folliculitis and I was asked if I ingested artificial sweeteners (which I never do).

I really truly feel that I have some sort of fungal/yeast issue internally and I am afraid that I have been misdiagnosed.

Would a skin scrape have showed "something" if there was anything there? I also see tiny, tiny white specs from time to time in my hair. They even can be blown off, like dust. I have been taking 5000 MG of garlic daily, 16 billion probiotics daily, cutting back on the sugar as well.

I have tried tea tree oil (it drys my skin out so bad), sea buckthorne oil (soap and a sauve), neem oil, apple cider vinegar.

What can I do externally if I do not have a bathtub? I keep feeling itchy in my nose, eyebrows and occasionally, my body hairs have a tickle like feeling when constricted under clothes.

I have been to an allergist and do not have any real allergies. Thoughts?

Thank you for your time.

Hi S,

I'm sorry to hear about all that you have been going through.
Mites? Yeast Issue? Folliculitis? Good question.

Based on what you have described here and the information you provided in your other email, I would rule out mites. That doesn't seem like a viable consideration in your case.

Folliculitis is certainly a possibility, particularly since you've had some follow up diagnosis for folliculitis. However, it really doesn't sound like that is your underlying problem, but rather another symptom.

I'm not a doctor and I definitely can't "diagnose" you in any way whatsoever. What I can do is tell you my opinion and share some suggestions based on my own experience and research.

It sounds to me like you definitely have a yeast issue. Candida is pretty nasty when it gets out of control. We all have yeast in our body and our natural antibodies keep it in check.

When something happens to shift the balance (an illness, infection, antibiotics, etc.), the yeast starts to grow out of control and a snowball effect occurs.

I know you ordered the Para 90 capsules and that's great. It's a very practical place to start in getting rid of parasites. I would also recommend using Herbal Fiberblend to help flush the toxins from the dead and dying parasites/fungus out of your system as quickly as possible.

Continue using the probiotics. You definitely can take probiotics along with the cleansing herbs, although it would be best to use them about 1 hour before or after using the Herbal Fiberblend.

The garlic is good, too, because
it is antifungal and antiparasitic. With the Sun Down Brand you are using, you are probably taking enough garlic at the moment.

Of course, if yeast or really any form of parasite, is your major cause of symptoms, it's very important that you reduce the amount of sugar in your diet for a little while. That's not just added sugar, but natural sugar, too.

Yeast and parasites feed on sugar! There are some basic diet guidelines for those with Candida, to give you an idea of what foods you may want to avoid.

You asked if I thought more skin scrapes would help. Honestly, not really. It's possible that you might get a different result, but parasites can be difficult to diagnose. Also, many doctors are really not schooled in the matter of parasites and yeast infections.

I wouldn't bother using OTC chemicals like Rid any more either. They are not likely to help at all, and in fact, may make matters worse as you just get more toxins in your system.

I don't know how long you've had trouble with rosacea, but it may be that you are having flare ups because of the increase of toxic waste in your system. When your organs (particularly the liver) can't process the toxins in your body quickly enough, they send the residue to the skin to eliminate. Many skin conditions are the result or symptom of an excess of toxins.

Consider using the Garden Trio for a month or two to see if that will make a difference for the rosacea, too. Basically, the Garden Trio is just organically grown carrots, beets, and barley grass that have been juiced and dried into whole food supplement powders. They are rich in nutrition, help to alkalize the body, and the beets in particular are great for cleaning the liver and helping the body to detox.

Before I forget, you asked about topical treatments you can try, even if you don't have a bath tub. The Thera Neem you mentioned in your other letter sounds like a good choice if you can put up with the smell.

You can apply raw, organic apple cider vinegar directly to your skin, too. You don't have to use it in the bath. You can dilute the ACV or use it straight. You may even want to add a tablespoon to a glass of water at least once per day.

Finally, one other possibility that came to mind when you mentioned your age and your hormonal issues is that some of your symptoms may be the result of hormonal imbalance.

I know it's terribly frustrating to not be able to pinpoint the exact cause of your health issues, but so many times different conditions in the body result in very similar symptoms. Self-diagnosis is often a matter of trial and error in an effort to narrow it down.

Because you mentioned the major hormonal issues you've experienced, I would highly recommend trying some natural progesterone cream. I've used Renewed Balance for a couple of years and a different natural progesterone cream before that for several years. I find it to be so very beneficial, particularly for women our age (I'm 41).

I know I'm giving you so many different options to think about. Look at each one and ask the Lord for guidance on which, if any, would be best for you to consider.

I pray that this is some help to you and that you are soon feeling better.

To your good health

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by: Anonymous

Thank you Angie. I also ordered the Herbal Fiberblend (Unflavored powder). I will place an order for the Garden Tri as well. How long will one container of the Herbal Fiberblend last if I take it daily? I want to do a serious detox. I will cut back on the sugar and carbs (I already have been setting that as a goal for the new year). I thank you again and will keep you updated on my progress as I use your products and try to change my lifestyle to rid these things from my body. I will also keep your mother in my prayers.

Mites? Yeast Issue? Folliculitis?
by: Angie

Thanks so much for your prayers for my mom. That means the world to me. :)

If you are going to do a serious detox, you'll want to use the Herbal Fiberblend for at least 3 months (some people go 4 or more depending on their health issues).

My husband and I both detoxed for 3 months and we used 3 pots of Herbal Fiberblend each. So, essentially, it's 1 pot per month.

Now I just use HFB for maintenance, so 1 pot lasts me a few months.

One set of the Garden Trio will last you about a month also if you use as directed. You'll save a little money on your product purchase if you order one of the "starter packs" available for US orders. Since you're not an AIM member yet, you'll also get free shipping on that order which is a nice plus. ;)

I do look forward to hearing how you progress. Keep me posted!


Mites NEW
by: George Worth jr

Demodex follicullarium

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