A Yeast Infection Cure
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yeast infection cure

There is no 'magic' yeast infection cure. But, there are some very effective natural remedies that will kill the overgrowth of yeast and put your immune system back in charge of your body.

Once you understand the basic yeast infection causes, it is a lot easier to see what it will take to get rid of it.

Although there are a number of contributing factors, the basic problem is the same.

Your immune system is weakened by something and the once 'harmless' yeast fungi, Candida albicans, has taken the opportunity to multiply and take over.

Your job is to starve that fungi with a Candida cure.

Getting rid of a yeast infection usually involves a bit of addition and subtraction:

  1. Subtract those things from your diet that cause yeast to grow. The number one culprit is sugar! If your infection is severe, you will also have to greatly reduce or eliminate all yeasty and moldy foods, like breads, vinegars, etc. There is a whole list of do's and don'ts in the candida diet guidelinesfor an effective anti candida diet.

  2. Add those things that will cleanse the dying fungus from your system and build up your immune system to fight off the invading bacteria. I recommend these basic additions for a good yeast infection cure.

    • Herbal Fiberblend┬« - a quality herb and fiber combo that will cleanse the intestines and digestive track of nasties and prepare it for healing. It will also improve the body's ability to absorb the nutrition that you feed it.

      Florafood┬« - probiotics that will build up the army of good bacteria in your intestines to fight off the "baddies." I like the quality of Florafood, but you can use other probiotics. Just be sure that it has a combination of a couple different strains of probiotics and that it has a guaranteed minimum of 1 billion active units at time of expiration (NOT at time of manufacture). 

    • Bear Paw Garlic - Garlic is a great natural fighter against yeast infections. Bear Paw is a wild garlic that has a higher potency than the common bulb garlic that you are probably familiar with. That is why I prefer it. Also, it's odorless which is a plus.

    • BarleyLife┬« - Green Barley is rich in nutrients and one of the most perfect foods. There are various green whole food powders on the market today. The reason I recommend this particular brand is because it is actually made from the juice of young barley grass and specially dried to preserve the live enzymes that we really want. It's the best I've found so far of its kind.

In most cases, if you make these additions and subtractions, you give your body the best possible chance of curing your yeast infection naturally.

If you find you still suffer from chronic yeast infections, you may need to consider a few other additions for a full Candida cure.

A fantastic resource for a yeast infection cure is Sara & Robert Summer's book Cure Your Yeast Infection The All-Natural Way. It covers natural remedies for diaper rash, thrush, and infections of the skin, throat, mouth, nails, vagina, and penis.Order it Here!

To your good health!

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