Reddish Eggs Around Hairline

by Erika
(Torrance, CA)

What are reddish eggs around hairline?

I spotted reddish eggs around my hairline recently. It also spread through my entire body.

I also feel biting, crawling, stinging and my skin feels tender. The insect is ejecting saliva through my skin and also reacts to other insects.

Due to my condition I have not gotten any sleep for the past 4 months because the crawling seems to get worse at night.

So far I already been to several clinics and dermatologist. They don't know anything about my condition. They assume I have scabies. I do not have scabies at all.

I need HELP! This is freaking me out.

Hi Erika,

So sorry to hear about your condition and how much you have been suffering. I don't know what you actually have, but I can give you some suggestions on what you can do to try to get some relief, sleep, and get rid of this problem.

  1. First of all, I would thoroughly soak your hair and scalp with olive oil and wrap it in a towel while you are asleep. Leave the oil on for at least 8 hours. Wash and comb it out in the morning.

    You can do this every few days until you feel you have eliminated all the reddish eggs around hairline and/or insects from your scalp.

  2. Secondly, I would get some raw organic apple cider vinegar (like Bragg's) and use it to apply to your skin topically or add to your bath water. This may help your skin to feel better.

  3. Third, to help relax your body and allow you to get some sleep, try Composure. It's a natural herb combo and should be of help in that area.

  4. Last, and most importantly, I would get some anti-parasitic herbs and some good quality probiotics in supplement form to try to rid your body of whatever it is dealing with. These would be my picks...

It can be difficult to get rid of parasites once they have taken hold in your body. If you decide to use those suggestions or do a cleanse with some other natural supplements, please be faithful with it and stick with for the long haul.

A lot of people start and then give up and only end up worse off than before because they don't eliminate the parasites completely.

To your good health!

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