Regarding Salba

by Tommy

I have a question regarding Salba. How can SALBA be good for your heart if it's a coagulant?

Hi Tommy,

I can understand your question and confusion about Salba and it's health benefits for the heart.

If you look around online you will see what appear to be conflicting reports on whether Salba thickens the blood (coagulates) or thins the blood (anti-coagulates). I think the confusion is in the way some of the reports are worded.

Salba is a natural grain that contains a rich amount of nutrition and alpha-linolenic acid (Omega 3 EFA's) that serves as a natural anti-inflammatory and also helps to reduce the risk of blood clots and improve circulation. So, it's a blood thinner rather than a coagulant.

Of course it has a ton of other benefits too, and it isn't a "medicine" that has side effects. It's just a very healthy grain given to us by the Good Lord. :)

Hope that clears up the confusion for you regarding Salba grain.

To your good health!

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