Round Lesions

by Jen

Picture of Ringworm

Picture of Ringworm

What is attacking my skin and causing much pain?

I have round lesions that have little red things with a little string like thing attached about 1mm long. In addition there are painful hooks.

It is worse at night. I have used scabies medication but these burrow much deeper than that.

Every doctor says that there are no such parasites in North America and it must be a bacterial infection. They have not taken a biopsy. Nothing they give me works.

I am in constant pain and it seems as if nobody believes me.

Hi Jen,

I'm sorry to hear about what is attacking your skin and causing you pain. I'm even more sorry to hear that you are not getting the help you need from the doctors you've seen.

It seems to me that many doctors, when they don't know the answer to a problem, they won't just come out and admit, "This is a tough one, and I just don't know the answer."

Instead, they just try to either make you feel like you're crazy or stupid or both. I don't know why we put up with that kind of behavior in the medical profession when we won't tolerate it elsewhere in life.

Sorry for the rant! Anyway, guess what? "I don't know the answer either."

Based on your description, it sounds like a cross between maybe ringworm and scabies or perhaps another burrowing parasite that we aren't supposed to have in North America. (Do they pretend to know every single parasite in North America???) ;-)

Just because you've used scabies medication and it hasn't worked, doesn't rule out scabies. You'd be amazed at how these parasites can build up a tolerance against man made chemicals. I've heard from a great number of people who were unable to get rid of scabies with chemical prescriptions and/or over the counter treatments.

I've found it's best to use a natural treatment whenever possible. I believe you have a better chance of getting to the root of the problem and without all of the side effects.

I would think that if your round lesions were ringworm (not actually a worm, but a fungal infection) one of the doctors would have surely recognized it. I've posted a ringworm photo at the top of the page to give you an idea of what ringworm looks like.

I don't know how long you've had this skin condition/parasite, nor how wide spread it is. Since I don't know exactly what it is either, I can only give you general guidelines for the natural elimination of parasites, bacteria, and fungal infections.

Usually, a person develops a severe condition like yours, when their immune system is in a weakened condition. The body is unable to fend off whatever foreign invader is attacking, so matters grow worse.

To give the body the ability to deal with the onslaught, you need to provide your body with all the ammunition it needs to fight back.

For cleansing of internal parasites, I can't recommend anything higher than Herbal Fiberblend and Para 90. They contain anti-fungal and anti-parasitic herbs that help to kill and eliminate the nasties.

For building the immune system to give it the ammunition (good bacteria) you absolutely must take some probiotics. I prefer Florafood because
of it's quality combination of different strains (acidophilus, longum, bifidum) of good bacteria that renews the little army in your body that keeps the bad guys under control.

There are, of course, other things you can take to help like garlic (Bear Paw Garlic is especially good), which is a natural antifungal.

But one thing most people overlook when dealing with various health issues they face is the real importance of good nutrition.

I know it may sound crazy, but the way the body works is that it draws the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc., from the food that you eat to create healthy cells and repair damage cells. It makes your body healthy enough to fight off illness, disease, bacteria, etc.

If your body is NOT getting high quality nutrition, you can imagine the quality of the cells your body is producing. :-)

I've become a firm believer in the use of whole food supplements to increase the amount of good nutrition that my body gets (since I know darn well I don't eat well enough).

Anyway, if your budget allows, DEFINITELY consider some whole food powders, like the Garden Trio. I don't think you'll regret it.

Okay, now for the skin itself. It's hard to say exactly which external oil to recommend for you. Here are a few of the options I'd try...

  • If you have some Aloe plant, you can try that right away. Just cut off a stem, slice it open, and apply it to the affected areas several times per day.

  • Organic apple cider vinegar has some wonderful healing properties. You can apply this directly to the skin and you can also add some to water (and a bit of honey to taste) and drink it as a healing tea.

  • Tea tree oil, Indian neem oil, and oregano oil are all very good at killing fungus and bacteria, and even parasites. Choose one of those to apply to the skin to treat your body from the outside in. I'd recommend you test it in one small area first, just to make sure you aren't one of the rare people that has an allergy to the particular oil you choose to try. These oils can usually be found at Puritan's Pride.

I know this may not be tremendously helpful. Most people would like a firm - this is what you have and this is how to get rid of it! :) Me, too.

Unfortunately, it's usually not that easy. Still, like I said earlier, I'm a firm believer in giving the body as much natural treatment and supplemental nutrition as you can, and let it do its thing, so to speak. God made our bodies to heal themselves. We just have to do our best to remove the obstacles to healing and provide the right tools for the body to do its job.

I so hope that you will be able to take and use one or more of these suggestions and get real healing and relief. Please keep me updated on how you are doing. I am genuinely interested in your progress.

To your good health!

P.S. Something else I just thought of that you may want to consider is whether your symptoms compare to those similar to Morgellons Disease.

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Oct 03, 2011
white worm or insect under skin
by: Liz

Linguatula serrata

Jan 02, 2011
same thing
by: Terry

I have the very same lessions but have seen the bugs in me after using some permethin cream I got from Dr.,but dr.still dont know what it is and is not wanting to see them.These brown looking bugs can not be pulled out they hook themselfs to the skin and also put out a clear fluid that seems to work as a fleron as well as a glue.They go all over body and and cream does not kill all.Even taking samples the dr,s dont wont to see them.I have also seen hair like things going into my skin then then they attach their selfs to the bugs or to the surrounding area.I went to Dr,s and all I could get from them was it aint scabies.I have been in a nightmare in Austin,Tx.

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