Salba Seed Or Grain?

Is Salba seed or grain?

When I think of seed...I think of sunflower, flax, and quiona...when I think of grain...I think of corn or hominy...

Is Salba/Chia a seed or a grain...I am told you must soak all seeds & nuts to release the you have to soak Salba?...if so, will it develop mucous like flax seed?...

Do you have instructions on sprouting the seed...when sprouted, is it edible and more nutritious?...

What do people do with those Chia Pet Plants? they eat the plants?...

Which seed has more nutrients? or white/beige?


Quite often the term seed and grain can be interchangeable. I know that we do tend to think of some things in terms of grain and others in terms of seeds, but in many cases either term is correct.

You don't have to soak Salba, but I generally add it to something I am eating. I may sprinkle it over cereal or stir it into some yogurt, for example. In some ways, I guess this might constitute "soaking."

I haven't soaked my Salba in water, so I can't really say from personal experience whether or not it would develop mucous upon soaking for some length of time.

Some people who grow their chia seeds into chia pets DO eat the sprouts. I've been thinking of getting one myself and having it available for salads and sandwiches but haven't seen any in stores lately.

It's my understanding that the seeds are more nutritious than the sprouts, but I haven't done enough research on that yet to say so emphatically one way or the other.

The white chia (Salba) are believed to be more nutritious than the black seeds, but both are quite good for you and beneficial in many ways.

Have fun with your chia or Salba seed or grain, whichever way you decide to enjoy them. They are a lovely addition to a healthy diet.


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