Salba Seeds

by Dena
(Port Arthur, Texas, Jefferson)

I have 2 questions about Salba seeds...

I had gastric bypass weight loss surgery 1 year ago.. would this be safe to take since it swells in water?

Also, if someone has a tendency to low blood sugar would taking salba seeds lower it too much?

Hi Dena,

I don't personally have a lot of knowledge regarding the gastric bypass weight loss surgery and the consequences involved.

My instinct tells me that Salba seeds would be fine for you to take regardless of the gastric bypass. Although they swell up, you would only be taking a tablespoon of them per day, so it's not going to swell up THAT much that you should have cause for concern. How much food are you allowed to consume?

As for the blood sugar levels concern, that shouldn't be a problem either. Salba grain is not a "medicine" or even a processed food supplement. It is literally salba seeds. :) Your body is able to process the salba as a whole food, taking the nutritional value it needs and passing the excess.

Whole food supplements are the best kind of nutritional supplements because they help to balance and regulate the body's systems in the most natural way possible.

If you are still concerned, why not speak to the doctor who did your surgery and see if they can give you any reason why you should avoid Salba.

To your good health!

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