Severe Constipation

severe constipation

Severe constipation can be not only painful but also very unhealthy. Your body is meant to eliminate its waste materials in a timely fashion.

If the waste is not eliminated, it begins to rot and become toxic in your bowels. This can lead to a wide range of constipation symptoms and even debilitating diseases.

When you are in pain, you want relief in almost any form you can get it. I do understand that. Isn't it better, though, to treat not only the symptom but the cause? 

Discovering the causes of constipation will help you so you won't end up with chronic constipation and eventual long term ill health. 

I prefer natural remedies and solutions any time I can get them. I don't shun all prescription medications or modern medicine techniques. But, I do look for a natural solution first and save drugs as an absolute last resort.

You can take steps to naturally relieve your constipation and feel like a new person. When you understand what your intestines need, you can give it to them so that they are healthier and function more efficiently and effectively. That will take care of the pain problem, too.

Natural Remedies for Severe Constipation

Constipation can be caused by a number of different factors. Poor diet, lack of water, and use of medications are just a few of them. It's a good idea to consider the cause so that you can fix that if possible.

If you can't change whatever it is that is causing you the chronic constipation, you can treat the bowel a bit more nicely so that it can help itself.

  • Unclog the plumbing - The intestines are like your internal plumbing system. Like your kitchen sink, it can sometimes get clogged up. I DON'T recommend you try Drano on it! :-) 
    The next best thing is a healthy combination of herbs and fiber that will act as a form of "healthy Drano" and clean out those inner pipes. I personally use Herbal Fiberblend and have had great results with it. 

    The fiber and the herbs work together to soften the impacted waste, attack a variety of parasites and bacteria, and help get those tiny little muscles working properly to send it all on its way.

    The first time I tried HFB, I didn't know what to expect for sure. It doesn't taste that pleasant, I'll admit, but it made my bowel motions so soft and gentle that I became an immediate believer!

  • Soothe the intestinal lining - The Aloe plant has many wonderful health properties. I often apply it to burns for amazingly quick relief. But aloe is also good for your insides. A bit of Aloe juice each day may be all you need to keep your bowels functioning smoothly. 

    Aloe has soothing properties that are particularly great for those suffering from almost any form of IBS. You may certainly want to try Aloe as a remedy for your severe constipation.

  • Keep the pipes lubricated - Another way to help yourself to keep from getting recurring constipation is to take in enough good oils, also known as the essential fatty acids (EFA's). They are the Omega 3, 6, and 9 oils and are really very necessary to not only good bowel health, but overall good health. 

    Flaxseed and Salba are extremely good for you and your digestive health. You can get Flaxseed as an oil or as the seed and grind it yourself. I would recommend getting the whole Salba seeds and sprinkle a little on your food each day. This is what my mother used successfully for years. You can get the good oils your intestines need to help keep them healthy. 

    If you're the type who would rather take a pill to be sure you have the good oils, I'd suggest AIMega. By taking the Herbal Fiberblend as well as the AIMega and the Barley Life I believe you'll get the best results and be amazed at the difference it makes for you.

I hope these natural remedies were just what you were looking for to help ease your severe constipation. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to use the form below and I'll reply as quickly as I am able.

To your good health!

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