Skin Cracking

by Chris
(Philadelphia, PA)

I'm a 29 year old male. My skin is cracking on my face, on the lower right side of my mouth. It has been geting worse for almost two years.

I have seen three dermatologists and two other doctors and they haven't helped with anything. I recently came across info about "candida" fungus.

I dont have any symptoms other than my skin cracking in a line on my face where my lips and skin meet.

I have been trying "lotrimin" for a few days but it seems to be doing very little or nothing.

I think I first got this problem from kissing a girl but my doctor said it's not an std, and I was still tested for stds and everything came back normal.

I read about "threelac" but it seems like that is for people who have problems with their intestines. I dont have those problems, or any white mucus stuff in my mouth, just the cracking skin.

If I keep using the lotrimin cream or other "anti fungal" stuff, will the cracking ever go away, or will the fungus (if thats what is causing it) go away and I'll still have the cracked skin?

Shoulld I try using "syntol" or "nystatin"? Any help would be greatly appriciated...

Hi Chris,

Skin cracking can be the result of a fungal infection like Candida, but it can also be from certain deficiencies in your body, or too many toxins in your system.

There may even be other causes. It can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of your symptoms.

Creams like Lotrimin can sometimes be affective for a quick fix in a mild fungal infection, but it's not something I would recommend for long term use.

There are usually unpleasant side effects associated those types of synthetic creams/medications (lotrimin, syntol, nystatin).

They often
only end up making your body MORE toxic rather than less toxic.

Here are a couple of natural suggestions for you to consider:

  • Bear Paw Garlic is naturally antifungal. You can start adding raw garlic to your diet or get some of these capsules and take a few each day.

  • Florafood is a combination of 3 probiotics - the good bacteria that your body needs to stay in balance and get rid of an overgrowth of yeast (candida) fungus.

  • Herbal Fiberblend or Para 90 would be helpful if those don't do the job for you. They have anti-parasitic and anti-fungal herbs that help to kill off parasites and eliminate them from your body. The HFB will also help to detoxify your body and cleanse your system.

  • The Garden Trio are whole food supplement powders that boost your immune system and help to enable your body to naturally heal.

I'm not saying that you necessarily need ALL of those supplements in order to get rid of the skin cracking from around your mouth. Obviously there is no way I can know the cause.

I CAN say that each of those are effective in their own way and can work together in almost any combination to make your body stronger and able to heal your skin on it's own without nasty side effects.

I don't see any reason why you should have to live with the skin cracking indefinitely. Choose some or all of these supplements to deal with the cracking skin from the inside and then get yourself some good quality Vitamin E oil to deal with the skin cracking from the outside. You can find Vitamin E oil at Puritan's Pride.

I hope that helps you get this skin cracking below your lip under control.

To your good health!

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by: Jane

Please research Cheilitis. I have had this for several years and was prescribed several creams that did not help. A new dermatologist first told me if it happens at the corners, it is probably saliva leaking out when you are sleeping. I told her that my pillow is never wet. She then noticed that i also had peeling, flaking skin on my upper and lower lips but not as obvious. She told me it was Cheilitis caused by a fungal infection. She has me using Ketoconazole Cream 2%. That has given me the best help.

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