Skin Rash

by M.W.

This skin rash has been treated as scabies 2 times but the family has found no relief.

Today while digging at this small blackhead looking thing a really small black bug was removed. I put it on a napkin and it jumped away. This is not a scabie infection. Any ideas on what it could be?

The rash from these pests looks like a scabie rash and has spread.

Dear M.W.

Based on your description, I really don't know what this particular skin rash could be.

Did the bug only hop? Could it crawl? Were you able to capture it again so that you could take it in to be identified?

Scabies are not known to jump, so I can understand why you would conclude that this is not scabies.

The fact that two rounds of scabies treatment didn't work does not surprise me. Even if you DID have scabies, you may have had the same result. Scabies seem to be coming more and more resistant to the chemicals commonly used for treatment.

Consider cleansing internally - using Herbal Fiberblend and/or Para 90. This will help your body get rid of a wide range of parasites since you are having difficulty identifying the culprit.

Also, try boosting your own body's defenses by taking probiotics daily. Florafood is a combination of 3 good probiotics that will give your body the ability to fight and heal.

For the external treatment, have you tried any natural remedies? You can apply any of the following to your skin rash for soothing and healing the skin...

  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Oregano Oil
  • Garlic Oil
  • Indian Neem Oil

Different people find different remedies more effective than others. You may have to do a little trial and error to find the one that works best for you.

Please let us know if you are able to positively identify the bug causing the skin rash, and when you find the best remedy that works for you.

To your good health!

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Mar 25, 2010
Buy Products To Help With Parasites, etc.
by: Angie

Hi Boom,

Thanks for visiting my site and taking the time to post a comment. I can't speak for the other site you had visited, but we offer the best recommendations we can based on the information our visitors provide.

Why do we recommend products to aid in their healing? I'd love to wave a magic wand and miraculously remedy their situation, but I am unable to do so. Wouldn't it be great if I could? :)

So, in lieu of that, I have researched high quality health supplements that have been proven to be helpful for a wide range of parasite and digestive issues and recommend them to aid in the healing process.

I do earn money from this website, of course. I don't suppose that is a real surprise to anyone. This is an area of business I chose to pursue because of my own interest in natural remedies and nutritional health and healing.

But, earning a living is not my sole purpose in spending the countless hours I do providing information and recommending resources on this site. I also have a sincere desire to be a help, encouragement, sounding board, etc., to those who are suffering with various health issues.

There are no magic cures. My own dear mother went to be with the Lord 2 months ago today. If I could have waved that wand for her, I certainly would have done so.

Instead, we did all that we could do to help her with nutritional supplements and alternative therapies. In the end, it was God's decision to take her to be with Him.

That day will come to all of us. Helping people prepare for THAT day by cleansing their heart is my ultimate goal and joy.

If I can help them enjoy this life here a little more by suggesting quality supplements and tips for natural remedies, I am pleased to be able to do so.

I realize that the information I provide is not for everyone and that I can't possibly help everyone. That's the beauty of the internet. It doesn't cost anyone anything to visit my site and it's quite easy for them to click away if they don't find something to meet their particular needs.

Kindest regards,

Mar 24, 2010
hard slog
by: Boom

Hi Angie

I have read several posts on this site and the one previous (I clicked on a link and was directed here) and I do not see much in the way off assistance regarding these questions.

It just seems what you are doing is tryin to get people to buy products. why is this.

Jan 13, 2010
European Scabies
by: Angie

Hmmm. Sounds interesting. Are the European scabies supposed to be able to jump?

I hope that this new cream offers you some healing. I would still suggest the natural remedies mentioned above. I would most specifically recommend that you take some probiotics.

You all will definitely need some boost to your immune system, particularly since you are using toxic chemicals again for treatment.

I hope you will remember to come back and let us know how you are doing.


Jan 12, 2010
forever itching
by: Anonymous

Went to the doctor, he says its scabies. Used a new cream, itching alot more. The doc says there are two kinds of scabies, European and American. I have European. Funny never been there. Will post again in two weeks. Doc says I can itch that long after treatment. The whole family has this now.

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