Small Round Black Dots

by Lynn

Does anyone know what these small round black dots are?

I went to the doctor. Left with no idea what was on, in my skin - small round black dots clustered, or in a row. Some so small you could only see them with mag.

Also some black lines random some zig zag and with or with out the dots. From the line around my head hair to the soles of my feet.

No symptoms at first. It was on a bored day at home I noticed on my right front thigh (worst spot) a huge mass of little black lines..then I noticed dots everywhere. Some big some small.

My dog likes to rub his head (ears) on my right thigh. He has been having flies feast on his ears(treating those with ear mite stuff) and has been shaking his head and rubbing his ears. I was treating them, without gloves...

3rd round of emilite cream from the doctor for me. Not sure they are gone. There has been some re-infestation, I think. Hard to say. Think the small dots get bigger and then I can see them.

Treating dogs with mite soap. Cleaned house, washed everything sprayed every thing I ever touched with bug killing stuff.

Now I feel the bites. They keep me up at night. Not red or anything
like that until I pick them out. Itches where there is nothing that I can see...what do you think?

Known of this for about 2 weeks.
Thanks for your help!

Hi Lynn,

Hard to say exactly what these small round black dots are. With your symptoms and story, it's quite possible that you've picked up a bacteria or parasite from your dogs.

I would suggest that you try using some anti-parasitic herbs for an internal cleanse as well as some anti-bacterial topical treatments.

You could try Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend for internal cleansing and get some Tea Tree Oil to put in your bath water for external cleansing.

Another option to help with external cleansing is organic (raw) apple cider vinegar.

You should also try to eliminate sugars from your diet until you get this under control. Sugar weakens your immune system and your body's ability to heal naturally.

I would also take probiotics like Florafood to boost the number of good bacteria in your body. Many people don't consider the importance of boosting the immune system when trying to deal with unpleasant or unknown health issues.

I hope these tips help you to get rid of these small round black dots and the discomfort and biting feeling that you are experiencing.

To your good health!

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Aug 12, 2020
How I Beat Lyme Disease...for good
by: God's Messenger

I was bit by a tic. I noticed it while sleeping, scratched it off, rolled over, went back to sleep not realizing what it was.

Next Day I began to feel really tired, not clear headed. I figured it was just a migraine coming on, so I ate some sunflower seeds to stave it off. (Migraines are caused by magnesium deficiency, so, for me, a handful of sunflower seeds + a good night sleep and a glass of water usually do the trick.)

Day after, I noticed a small round light red oval shaped rash on my inner thigh. I put some oil on it, but it didn't help.

The rash expanded rapidly, literally, I measured it hours later and it had grown in size. By the next day it had doubled, within a few days, more rashes appeared all over my body. I was covered, head to toe, in giant, oval shaped, red rashes, each with a large painful bruise in the center. I looked as though someone had hung me up on a meat hook and used me as a punching bag.

At this point, I knew I was dealing with lyme disease. So, I looked up the cause, a bacteria. But the problem was, it felt like I had the flu. I had no appetite. All I could eat was strawberries. Then, the pain in my joints, was so bad, I could not move. I had dark circles under my eyes I had never had.

The right side of my face began to droop. It was Bells Palsy, and I knew I was stage3.

I prayed, "God, please help me. I know you can just wave your hand, and make this go away. Please lead me to the information I need to heal." Then, I went to bed and resolved to waiting for the miracle.

Next day, I got online and began to cross reference the bacteria with essential oils websites, doctors' websites, and studies. Within 24hrs, I had the cure. Within two days I had enough energy to feed the dog and go to the grocery store. Within a week, I was back to close to normal energy, and within 2 weeks, done with it...for good.

Here is what I did:

CEYLON Cinnamon: 1/2 tsp morning and night, up to 1 full teaspoon per day.

Clove: 1/8 tsp ea morning
Nutmeg: 1/8 tsp ea morning

I took the spices in my coffee. If you dont drink coffee, you can mix it up in apple juice.
Tastes like chai.

I also took Boron. 1 Capsule/day.

I also put cinnamon + clove oil up/down my spine ea night. This kills the bugs that like to hang out in the spinal fluid, and come out later on.

I also made chicken soup. I know it sounds old fashioned, but it worked. The trick is the seasonings and how you make it.

First, you peel fresh garlic and let it sit overnight in apple cider vinegar. This makes the garlic turn green every time, and that's a good thing. Green garlic is high in sulfur and very good for you.

When you make your soup, use at least 2 cloves garlic, any kind of chicken that's on the bone, whether it's legs or breasts, whatever you can get. Boil the chicken in a stock pot, add salt, celery and lots of onions. Onions and garlic are high in sulfur.

It's important to make sure your Italian Seasonings contain Sage. I get the Simply Organic Italian Seasonings blend. Add the spices in at the end, about 15min before you eat the soup. When you cook the spices for too long at too high temp, it reduces their potency. Less cooking is more benefit. I used a healthy 2 heaping tablespoons of Italian Seasons per batch.

I lived on chicken soup for a while.

Finally, each night, I gave it the one-two punch with a cup of ginger tea.

So, how does it all work? The cinnamon, ginger and sulfur kills the bacteria and any ongoing infection. The ginger and cinnamon can pass the blood-brain barrier, which enables delivery of suflur to the capillaries.

So, you're basically thinning the blood enough to deliver the cinnamon/ginger/garlic/italian seasonings (oregano/rosemary/thyme/SAGE etc), which kills the bacteria in the areas where the body can't usually reach easily. Lyme acts like a virus in that it hides in synovial fluid, like joints, and the spinal cord.

I have no residual symptoms.

The local health food store suggested a few tinctures but I couldn't take them due to an allergies, and frankly, they didn't work.
With my methods, I had results within 24hrs.

I did have a Herkheimer reaction with the first cinnamon, but the headache went away with water and sunflower seeds.

I also ate a handful of pumpkin seeds every day, since pumpkin seeds are known to kill intestinal parasites.

Clove is also very beneficial for killing parasites, and is anti-viral, so that is the reason for that. The nutmeg is anti-bacterial. The ginger is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. Oregano is a powerful anti-microbe, anti-viral/bacterial.

PLEASE NOTE: You must use CEYLON Cinnamon which is low in taurines. Siagon cinnamon and cassia are too high in taurines and can do harm to your liver in high doses over long periods of time. But, the cinnamon does work, and fast. Altogether, I got long lasting results.


This info provided courtesy of: God.
He led me to it and, as I said, I had a full recovery with no residual symptoms. I still do the chai coffee every morning...just with less cinnamon, just in case.

I think this could be helpful to many of you on this post with your skin conditions...and, with some of the other things going around these days.
No way it's all in your head.


With only a few exceptions, most people have judged me as worthless, and, for a long time, I actually believed it. I'm autistic, on the spectrum, and because of it, I have no friends, and my adoptive family has disassociated.

I took an interest in medicine and this is what I came up with. I couldn't afford a doctor, I'm allergic to most supplements and so I had to figure something out with just gluten-free food.

I have also beat gas-gangrene to avoid amputation, removed moles, and beat skin cancer/poss-morgellons if you want help.

I hope this post stays up long enough for you to benefit. May you be blessed with good health!


Jul 15, 2019
by: LYNN

really.... you think this is and you have the lack of common sense to come here and say that. do you really think people are simply not bathing enough or correctly...what ever that means.
clearly you are some CDC drone, Dr. on my thread here...or your just crazy and have noting better to do.
people are suffering from something, exclusive or inclusive to a condition, sorely under investigated.
It is not dirt or bad hygiene.
please take yourself back out to the woods. try not to get bit by any ticks.. or you might find yourself with a skin condition, like many have acquired. Think co infections to Lyme, as one possible cause.
But for crap sake stop with "its just dirt shit" it only serves to make you look incompetent

Jul 14, 2019
by: Dr. Andy C. Myte

Lynn and any other concerned readers, I PROMISE these black dots are NOT insects/parasites/etc. Lynn your detailed description verified exactly what I strongly suspected. Do you recall the black "zig-zag" lines? That was some type of dirt/grease/oil that you somehow got on your skin. I'm sure we can agree no insects or bites could possibly look like that! What happens (especially in the hotter months) is everyday dirt and other substances like you described get inside your pores as they open up in the heat. You would be AMAZED/DISGUSTED at how much can build up under the surface in just a week or so if you are in a situation where you can't bathe or shower daily. When I went camping for a week it was hot, dirty, and after spending 7 hours sitting in my truck driving, a surprisingly large bump had an opportunity to form under the skin a couple inches above my tailbone. I applied some pressure around the perimeter and slowly closed in and there was an audible "CLICK" as the added debris was forced through the tiny pore and it literally sprayed black flecks over the exposed areas of my hands. Definitely one of the most entertaining pimple pops of my life and I'm almost tempted to leave a little dirty patch somewhere that's easy to access so I can start farming a small plot of skin. I just LOVE to pop zits when I get them, but I bathe twice a day usually and workout daily (which also helps prevent buildups due to the regular sweating flushing things out) so these are very rare treats! They are also nothing to worry about or waste any money on. If you can squeeze the junk out without causing damage to the skin, do so. Otherwise, just scrub daily with soap warm water (to open the pores) and a mildy abrasive wash cloth to slough off the dead skin cells (which are another ingredient in the average bump goop). Hope that solves this once and for all!! Take care, folks!

Mar 09, 2015
Small Round Particle Experiences
by: A Stuart

To All Sufferers of small round black dots/embedded black particles:
I have read this column, and many other threads of information. I see a commonality: a lack of confident, knowledgeable answers to the personal stories, and observation info herein, and I have sympathy, at a personal level, for the bewildered contributors. I too have this particulate, and jumping insects from my dog, that sometimes burn, ooze, sting, fall out, or burrow deeper into my skin.
I have some theories, based on my own experiences, many days of online research, and seeing seven doctors, two urgent care clinic/emergency centers, and two specialty care clinics.
The bad news first: I suffer right along with you all, and am ashamed of being disfigured by oval, ugly skin ulcers on my hands, forearms, thighs and calves.
The good news: I am making progress. I have some doctor’s help, with beneficial medicine and medical protocols information they gave me, along with practical procedures, and home/natural remedies that help, especially with the burning pain, which I have all but eliminated, all of which makes my situation somewhat more livable, and life more tolerable to me and my family.
At first I was a mess physically, emotionally, and spiritually, living with constant pain, shame, and fear. I am now healing, slowly but surely, and trying to be certain that this is not a chronic condition. Note the sores on my shoulder, head, face, behind, and neck have all but disappeared, and although this attack is not over, I have an effective, non-pharmaceutical, inexpensive, natural solution to the pain, that has literally saved my sanity and way of life. I also treat the wounds on me and my animal in an effective manner, and all is improving on a daily basis.
My question: Would anyone want to hear this information, if they are required to anonymously join, and send in ten dollars to support, a "tiny black dots affliction" website of problem statements, white papers, home-remedy-like results, tips, latest research, dialogues, doctors' names (diagnoses, and treatments), and important ideas, which I am willing to set up? I believe that together, we could begin a non-Morgellons, non-conspiratorial, self-help forum, to retrieve and share info, and take surveys to advance our understanding, being that doctors, by and large, will not carefully diagnose or treat this condition effectively? I can also solicit the involvement of a research university nearby, to experiment and help us, as a group.
Does anyone agree with this approach, and wish to support it moving forward? I am very technical, and qualified to do it, if it is in demand.
Respectfully yours,
I. M. A. Student (of Mysterious Skin Problem Suffering)

Sep 08, 2014
if it is morgellions
by: penelope

Try soaking in grape juice. Heard it is a cure.

Feb 22, 2014
Almost gone.
by: Lynn

The big question..what is it. I'm still not clear on that but I do know it is in the mite/ parasite range. On a tip I saw here or someplace other, I have been dyeing my hair and it has proved to be a huge great idea. I think it makes the hair shaft undesirable for what ever is hanging on. Also Wormwood compound tincture mixed with glycerin and water, wormwood being the greatest part, and rubbed all over the body. I came to this myself after thinking, well if taking this internally is good for parasites, why not put it my body. I have to say both ideas have been curative. I'm no longer dealing with this issue constantly. I'm now focused on the healing of my skin from the plague it's been under for so long.
One important note, many people have tried a long list of treatment modality s with either limited results or maybe even great results. So what I have to say on this is that everyone's immune system is unique. I have talked to many people who are suffering from this strange condition... and one thread with every person, almost always, is that most are suffering from a lowered immune system. So what might work for the person who has a bit stronger immune system may well not work at all for a person who is struggling with a very weak immune system. I am a case in point. I'm suffering deeply from a lowered immune system, Lyme, Lupus and what ever this plague is as well. I have tried everything you can think of. Some has helped and created a better platform of health. But most ideas have done nothing. One thing that I feel really caused a big turning around has been a year long fast...yea no kidding. Water into juices into goat whey into some foods. The point is you have to try everything, and the sicker your immune system is, the more things you may need to try. Another thing to remember, this plague is a mother of a bug and you have to stick with treatment. This is not something you can treat for a few days with any lotion or potion and think your going to kick it's ass. It may take weeks with a treatment modality to see results...My best plan has been the fasting and this great idea of dyeing my hair and the wormwood compound tincture everyday all over my body. I am healed from this plague and now on ward to healing my skin from the damage. That being said, it will be a long, long time before I stop dyeing my hair and using this compound on my skin. feel free to ask me anything.

Feb 22, 2014
Your going to tell me my dog had...
by: Joann Brydon

My boxer had these black bot which baffled the veterinary community until the day I laid him to rest. That was last August, in the beginning of September I noticed black stuff under my nails. I tried to dig it out but thought it was just makeup or marker. As time went by it got worse, progressed to other fingernails, down my finger, face, scalp toenails. I'm infested just like my dog. I've tried it all, it works for a few day then it comes right back, just like what happen to dog. I've been to the doctor, what a joke! I get the same thing every time, they take a piss sample and while it's processing ask about my drug use, leave and return saying alls they can do is try an antibiotic. I'm sure they feel embarrassed for all the accusations, I've learned to look at it more positively, maybe the next person they see they with a skin condition, they won't judge! Maybe more people need to become less judge mental! I'm thinking my boxer, Koda, who spent so many years dealing with this horrible parasite did not have Morgellons disease.
To clarify Koda was not laid to rest due to this parasite, Koda lost a 2 year battle with cancer. However the daily routine to keep this at bay was an Epsom salt bath on all paws, chin and outer ears, and momenta max for his ears which were the worse. I continue the battle every day with this parasite in hopes I kill off. I will beat this, with my own strength, gods, and my Koda's! My god rest your soul. To all of fighting this, don't give up. The more positive you are the easier it is to heal.

Feb 05, 2013
by: JoJo

I too have the itchy skin. Starts out tiny red or black dot and either i get out a white linear rice like thing that doesnt move or just my own skin with a black spec in it. I put alcohol on it and this tape that comes in a roll that stays even in water which keeps me from scratching or picking. I shower two to three times a day. I read where someone was going to go to Dr. Karjoo and you all are waiting to hear back from her after her visit. Don't hold your breath. They take a biopsy and type up quite a lengthy report convincing you of some organisms in the air and you become convinced that it is true. Then they sell you some cream you keep in the fridge, smells like potato. a spray thatstinks to high heaven and doesn't work and black tar soap made in china. I went a few times and about 400 dollars later and another year or so I still have itchy skin outbreaks. Some heal and then i get new ones. All i can do is stop picking them and they will heal but when you get new ones alcohol stops the itch, warm water with anti bacterial soap and use the roll of tape i get at cvs or target. I have never seen any thing move after i get it out of me but if i see a new one i make it my lifes work to pick it off adn get it off me. My husband doesnt have this and no one else that comes over gets it. Its not in my head and i am not crazy and am sick of dr's saying its just dermotitis. Doesn't even look like that. I think i get more on skin that makes contact with chairs, car seat, bed etc.... I wish I could just hang in the air til i heal. lol. or sit in water. waterfeels good. Okay time for my before bed shower and lotion up and clean jammies. i change my bed daily. No doctors will be able to diagnose this. I'd like to know how to hook my microscope up to my computer and really get a better look. am in california if someone wants to help me.

Dec 20, 2012
Study done
by: Anonymous

Hi All, well i am experiencing something, that is somewhat related...dr says lice or scabies, and its only been 1 week. Did the lice shampoo, thought it helped til day 3, then itching, sores, etc...never actually SAW any lice or eggs in my hair...did see tiny litte black specs at the root of hair folicle...So, i have been reading like crazy, itchy, crusty scabs, etc...did a permethrin lotion from head to toe for scabies, i felt REALLY good the next day, but...i dont think thats it either...i dont see any bugs, entering or leaving my, I like the borax cleansing and may try that after my 2nd shampoo of lice killer...
WHAT I DID FIND is a study that was done on 20 people who got classified as "NUTS" by the doctors for complaining about creep crawly, itchy, thread like particles, this article was NOT on Morgellins(sp), rather it is called COLLEMBOLA (SPRINGTAILS) - you know, those little buggers that live under potted plants, in the gutters etc...on anything decaying....they studied the people, took skin scrapings, looked under micrscope and saw nothing...then they hooked it up to the computer with software and low and behold, those springtail (larva, etc) were attached in such away as to not get, now i am studying this, because there was no mention on what the doctors in the study were going to do about CURING if the borax thing doesnt work for you, this may be a new avenue to explore and get your doctor on...not your regular doctor, but a doctor that studies parasites...(my dr. broke out into a rash and started uncontrollably scratching herself at the first mention of creepy crawlies....she couldnt WAIT for me to leave)and i dont expect her to be of any help here....
good luck to you all and to me...

Aug 12, 2012
Using Borax for Parasite Cleansing
by: Angie from

Thrilled to hear you are doing so much better. That's great news! Thanks again for sharing your tips and your own experience. Hopefully others will find it helpful too.

Aug 12, 2012
Borax cure for mites
by: Anonymous

Hey all,

I wrote earlier about using Borax solution to fight mites.

Its so simple and is working perfectly.

You make the drink in the morning (near tasteless) and sip throughout the day. You make the external remedy (goes on clear) and put it on after bathing, morning and night.

Easy as pie.

I went back to and re-read through Ted's notes on the thread, 'Mite Infestation Cures Questions.'...

He suggests ingesting the internal solution (while applying topical Borax/H2O2 remedy as well) for a complete month to keep Boron level maintained in the blood to kill the parasites.

I had taken Day 6 off as noted and by end of the day started to get a tingly sensation in areas that had been most infested.
More bugs were hatching :(

Day 7 re-read the notes, made up the solution and the tickling sensation abated once again :)

Ths is a very easy and safe remedy. I have reaped only benefits thus far. Every sore on my body has by now scabbed, no new ones and most of the scabs have fallen in the shower leaving me with silky smooth skin.

I'm now adding Borax into my shampoo and body wash.

The mites were in my scalp too and I ad some hair loss due to this. I've begun rinsing my hair post wash with a mix of apple cider vinegar and water - little hairs are sprouting in the once dead zones!

Ted notes most the parasites will be gone in two to three days. By Day two, I had little to none of the itchy/crawly sensation. He's my hero :)

I had tried several rounds of parasite cleanses, cut all sugar out, drinking lots of water, taking bentonite clay/psyllium husk drinks along with the parasite cleansing.

It did not kill these bugs.

I never tried the HFB. Could be a miracle cure too. If Borax wasn't so easy I probably would have tried it too.

Anyways, Borax is my miracle. The taste is good... Tastes like smooth bug-killing juice. I feel A-list and ready for the world. Do yourselves the hugest favor and read through Ted's posts. He's an excellent resource, for life.

I will never be without Borax again!

Aug 09, 2012
Small Round Black Dots Aren't Always Parasites
by: Angie from

Dear "Anicelady"

First, let me encourage you not to panic. I know the itching/crawling sensation can drive you nuts - I've been there! :)

It is possible that the small round black dots you are finding on your neck and chest are completely unrelated to your internal itchy condition. You may simply be discovering "black heads" that you hadn't noticed before because you hadn't been looking for them.

Your description sounds more like black heads (a build up of oil and sebum in the sebaceous gland) that is very common and doesn't really reflect poor hygiene.

It sounds to me like your main issue is internal (whether it IS an allergic reaction to something or whether you've picked up a parasitic infection or fungal overgrowth, etc.).

In situations like yours I always encourage a natural internal cleanse to clean out of your system whatever is causing the problem.

Of course, you should rule out things like side effects of medication, allergic reaction to any new foods or topical products you may be using, etc. I suppose that's common sense, but I do like to mention it because some people don't think of those underlying causes.

Anyway, the anonymous person who posted before me made some suggestions that you may want to consider, but I'll make one, too, that I find much easier and that I know from personal experience works wonders.

Herbal Fiberblend is a combination of anti-fungal and anti-parasitic herbs mixed in with psyllium fiber that you mix with water or juice and take twice per day.

The herbs help to clean out and eliminate toxins, parasites, yeast overgrowth, etc., from the body and the fiber works to push it through the body more quickly and clean out the intestinal track.

When I was suffering from a similar sounding condition, it worked great for me. I use HFB regularly now whenever I feel like I may have "picked up something" along the way. :)

I posted some other suggestions above (if you haven't already read them), but the most important one I think you need is the HFB.

Hoping and praying you get it cleared up soon. Let us know!


Aug 09, 2012
Borax Fights mites!
by: Anonymous

Hi guys,

I tried everything in the battle against mites. Everything.

Then I was routed to and inpired by intelligent reasoning, decided to try the Borax solution posted by their genius contribuor, Ted.

So far so good.

For five days I took the internal solution alongwith the external Borax/hydrogen peroxide paste. No itchy crawly sensations whatsoever. All sores diappearing and the drink is very soothing to worn nerves. Best to drink after meals. The solution is 1/8 tsp for women and 1/4 tsp for men mixed in four cups water. Works on all types of mites.

Now I'm Day 6, slight crawly sensations in my most infested zones (shoulder blades, glutes) but as soon as I put he Borax saturated in 1% h2O2 on them, the crawling stops and out surfaces a tiny mite. Its very effective.

I will take today and tomoorow off from the drink, then start back up for another 5 days. The activity in my body has lessened to almost nil, hopefully with another 5 days they will be all be destroyed. I will probably do two more five day cycles just to be sure.

Please visit and search for the threads titled: 'Mite Infestation Cures Questions' and 'Borax Cures'. Read through them all, especially noting the remedies as outlined in Ted's posts.

The Borax/H2O2 paste can be drying so I have also tried combining with warmed up Castor Oil (alongwith essential oils of cedar, clove, peppermint, lavender and tea tree) and this works as well as being nice and hydrating :)

I am also on the food grade hydrogen peroxide regimen (see e-book, 'The One Minute Cure' for a quick and informative read)... Day 6 so 10 drops of FGHP in 8 oz of distilled water 3x/day. I will work up (one drop per dy) to 26 drops 3xday then taper back down to the 3 drops 3x/day as rcommended.

Also taking baking soda with lemon juice to regulate my bdy pH. Apple cider vinegar drink too... 2 Tbsp/day in a drink.

Make sure to clean house with Borax and hydrogen peroxide added to your cleaning solution. Also make sure to add these two to your wash to kill bugs on clothing. I let clothing set in wash for a half hour before running the cycle.

I was getting so worn out from chemical pesticide and had tried every natural cure possible (each for several months). I felt strong but the mites weren't dying.

Usng Borax now I feel great, at peace and hopeful that this bug era is comng to a close.

Go read through these two threads and equip yourself to get back to living your life again.

Much love!

Aug 09, 2012
Skin issues
by: Anicelady

First, I would like to vent with my most irritating thing is my skin itches all over and feels like something is crawling and biting me. Mainly on the back of my neck, head and legs, but it's everywhere in general. A day ago after I got out of the shower I was drying off and red splotches appeared on me speradically and was itchiing. Then I looked at my skin further and noticed on my chest near my boob was a black dot that looked as if it were under my skin and not on the outer part of it. I have never had anything like this before happen to me. I freaked out. But I went to squeeze it and this black stringy little thing came out like a pimple would do. I took it under the light to see if it was crawling or moving but it wasn't. I squeezed it between my thumbnails to see what that would do and it had clear liquid in it. But then I noticed a bigger black mark under my skin on my neck in the front. I squeezed that one. It had more in it. I have heard of squeezing black stuff and it turning into skin cancer so I was scared to squeeze further b/c this was larger so i stopped. Today, I found another black dot on my left boob near my arm and squeezed it out it was black in color and now I am really freaked out so I squeezed the rest of what was on my neck out and that one left a puffy red mark and is now hurting. The other two I squeezed left a red mark like a pimple looking mark. I have called my Dr. to refer me to a dermatologist. I am so scared. I am a clean person. My entire body is red in color like when I press down on it it turns white, when release it is red. I don't know why this is happening to me. I might have those demodex in my hair and will surely mention that to the doc. I hope this goes away. I also wake up to red eyes. I went to my Dr. last week because I was broke out on my face with sporadic red dots and red face itching with red eyes and he jst sd it was allergic reaction to something. So I bought some tea tree natural soap and washed my hair in vinegar. I am so depressed and cry all of the time. I have prayed about it. I am at my wits end. But the most annoying like I said is the itching all over and red skin. It doesn't look like hives though, it's just red. It itches everywhere except private areas. I just pray I find out what all this is. If there is anyone out there who can give me an idea of what it may be i would appreciate it but please don't scare me anymore than i already am. I hope its nothing major.

Jun 19, 2012
Dr. Karjoo - Morgellons Doctor
by: Angie

Thanks for letting us know about this Dr. Karjoo in California. We would definitely be interested in hearing what treatment he suggests to you and how well it works for you. Please do keep us posted on your progress.


Jun 19, 2012
There is a cure for Morgellon's (also known as Karjoo's phenomenon)
by: Anonymous

Check out, finally a real doctor who knows what is going on with this disease and takes it seriously. I had been getting the run around and treated like I was a crazy person by all the doctors I've seen. I'm going to call today and see if they can help me so I will post back when I'm cured. THere are quite a few testimonials that have me hoping this is for real. Check it out I know I wouldn't want to wait.

Jun 02, 2012
Found my cure, part 3!
by: Anonymous

I have had their debris coming out now for almost two weeks. The pain has mostly subsided but I think this process would go a lot faster if I had a tub to soak in with epsom salts. I'm limited to a shower but have a sauna blanket so trying to get in there as often as possible to sweat this crap out. Still have to apply moisturizer 24/7 or its too itchy and I get paranoid that there was an egg that survived somehow. Just received 36.8% permethrin from Amazon so I can (dilute by half &) spray car, sheets, shoes, bags, clothing where an evil egg may be lurking. So glad I don't have carpet but if I did I'd dust it with Diatomaceous Earth, Borax, vacuum then give it a good soak with Permethrin 36.8 (diluted by a quarter in a spray bottle) as well!

Also add a half cup of permethrin (at least 10%) to your laundry wash + bleach for whites or ammonia for colors + Borax bc everyone says its helpful then let soak for two hours. Obviously then super dry them. Also bought a massage table to sleep on so I could thoroughly disinfect in the AM. Wear gloves to clean and fold.

All in all I feel I'm cured as the mites are no longer alive as they pop out of my skin. Thank God!

When you're free of that living hell of being eaten from the inside your skin, be sure to get some aluminum oxide microdermabrasion crystals from (best price for them I found). Add to your body scrub and use a nail brush to slough out their debris.

There ya go, thats pretty much everything I've gleamed from my journey through hell & back. May Grace & a speedy recovery be with you!

Formally, ms. bugs be gone.

Now they are so I'll call myself RECOVERY RIDER :D

Take care all!

Jun 02, 2012
Found my cure, cont...
by: Anonymous

If buying the ADVANTIX 2 blue 55+ squeeze tube vials, the follow-up treatment a week later can be with one or two squeeze tube/vials in the grapeseed oil (i.e. Less than the first dosing) but keep it on for the same amount of time. I would do at least two follow-up treatments spaced weekly. One can also buy oral ivermectin at a more affordable rate (and at appropriate dosing percentage) within the tubes of deworming horse paste sold at your local feed store. Squeeze it out to your weight, its marked on the syringe of the tube. Tastes like bitter apple. Makes you drowsy too so take at night. I did the oral ivermectin, then after two days the advantix, then after 3 days more ivermectin, then after four days more advantix, then one more squeeze of ivermectin after a few days to be sure.

I had already been using the sulfur soap by this time for months. WISH I HAD KNOWN THEN THAT THE PRESCRIPTION NEEDED TO BE AT 20% SULFUR POWDER IN THE PASTE AND SHOULDN'T RINSE IT OFF FOR FOUR CONSECUTIVE DAYS. Get the sublimed sulfur so you're not all stinky. Now I know in case we catch this ever again. I would be able to diagnose easily by sight and do the natural sulfur paste right away. Saw a kid at the playground today with scabies sores all over her body. Poor kid. Its become an epidemic :(

Made sure my daughter did not use that swing.

Thankfully, I didn't die from these extreme treatments or even actually feel ill... Just a little drowsy & got my life back. Phew. Now onto de-toxing!

Good luck everyone!

Jun 02, 2012
Found my cure.....
by: Anonymous

Finally! After months, realized I had a bad case of mites (scabies for sure, maybe demodex as well.

My Traditional Chinese Medicine ancient text prescribes applying a sulfur paste (5-10% for kids, 20% for adults) for four consecutive days, without bathing to kill the mites. Just layer it on (can mix with vaseline). I'm finding clove oil to be excellent in penetrating the wounds left by the mites. ONES THAT WERE TAKING FOREVER TO HEAL AND NOW CLEARING UP RAPIDLY! Also, clove bud oil has been found to be effective at killing scabies mites (after 15 minutes via Aussie studies- go to scabies frum for article link( due its high percentage of eugenol.

TEA TREE OIL HAS BEEN SHOWN IN STUDIES TO BE INEFFECTIVE AT KILLING THE MITE. It may help to disinfect the sore and help it clear up a bit but
AND clears the sore
AND is less expensive than tea tree oil soooo...
there ya have it. Definitely go to for lots of good info & support on their scabies forum.

I didn't read about the 4 days consecutive sulfur until after I tried using the Bayer Advantix 2 blue for canines over 55 lbs+ (2 vials diluted with grapeseed oil spread over my body, then topped with vaseline & 1 vial undiluted on my scalp). That worked well- try to keep topping with vaseline to remoisturize it for at least a day and a half. One may now buy the active mite-killing ingredient in Advantix 2 called Imidacloprid itself from Amazon as Bayer no longer has a patent on it. However the Advantix 2 has like 1% Imid with 44% permethrin (VERY POTENT CHEMICAL!!!) with whatever they use as a solvent base. If you're going to buy the Imidacloprid & permethrin from Amazon in bulk to save money, PLEASE visit the Bayer site, find the exact percentages of both in the formulation and take the time to DO THE MATH RIGHT (and check your calculations a couple extra times)! Probably ok to use vaseline as your solvent base. Otherwise, you could easily OD on the IMIDACLOPRID as it is extremely toxic.

Try the sulfur remedy for four days first with a follow-up after a week. The advantix worked right away for me though.

I was misdiagnosed as adult onset acne (as we now know pretty much always caused by mites) for a while so by the time I realized what was at the root of it all I had them bad.

Apr 30, 2012
Small Round Black Dots
by: Angie

Dear Anonymus1,

I suppose it would be a good idea to rule out early stages of skin cancer. You can probably find photos for comparison by typing in "early stages of skin cancer" in the search feature and then when the results come up, click on the link near the top of the search results page that says "images" to get a bunch of photos. Do keep in mind that just because you may see photos online that say they are skin cancer doesn't mean they are for sure. They may just be someone guessing.

Another option to rule out is fungal infection. A fungal infection can also display as small flat black dots.

This is much easier to deal with, of course, as you can use a candida cleanse as well as topical treatments for candida/fungus on the genital area.

Apr 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

Wow this forum has been helpful, I have the small flat black dots as well but in the genitile area. and it is not a symptom of any std according to my internet research. no itching or bleeding flat and very tiny. possability of mites is greater than the worms theory.... I have larger black dots 1/2-1/3 cm in circumfrence that appeared pretty recently in same area, I am thinking skin cancer is a good probability. Knowing to my experience that Doctors are unreliable where can I find pictures of skin cancer in early stages?

Apr 18, 2012
Black dots
by: Anonymous

Recently had an infestation of the smallest fleas and very small clear grasshopper like bugs. The black dots are flea/tick type parasite. Some turn into flies. There are worms, that monitor the eggs and the clear hair like fibers are nest fibers, not worms. The black hairs or dots are. There are clear worms but they are bigger than the thin fibers you pull out. They line the sore to keep it open and also connect to eggs. It is almost impossible to see when the fly out, but you notice something. I captured some in different stages. (Glass cup/clear tape, etc.) Your skin has more infestation than you know. I was told I was making it up until I brought in the samples, and there was still a look. These bugs are amazing and yes, I am afraid to spread this horrible thing. Eating hot sauce helps. So put hot wings on your menu. Use ketcup, mustard, vinagar, or lemon juice on the skin before and after you wash. No hot sauce on skin-it burns!!!!! AND YES, I was that desperate. I am still trying to get rid of the worms.

Feb 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

As I was saying Indian doctors know more about the skin then American doctors do, I have been to dermatology, infectious disease on and on. Maybe a doctor will read this because they seem to need to get a 101 course on fungal infections and parasites . I am hopefully going to get checked for sporotrichosis, my old doctor said he hoped they did not let it get systemic, in getting my medical records I found swelling in my brain ,a cyst on both kidneys, liver panels out of control, and possible fungal spores in my lungs which one doctor made an important note on it being checked out, also another doctor noted actually two noted exposure to a fungus.My black dots may be tiny fungal spores and this fungus eats at your skin which will make you think maybe it is a parasite and there is no reason a doctor should call you delusional for asking a question.I think we all do not like thinking we have black dots or specks in or on our skin and our natural impulse is to get it off.An indian doctor named AMIN you can google found dental caps cause sores that resemble Morgellons, caps removed sores go away.I just pray that we all get rid of whatever it is, be it fungal or parasite and that mine has not gone systemic. I lost weight severly 88 pounds and if these illerate doctors knew what a fungus was ,well look I almost died and from a black speck maybe from a bush is what caused me to hive up maybe it was a thorn instead of a bug, I hope to know soon cause I still have black specks and sores that go in rows and something eating at my skin and this does not itch.Also a very important thing because of picking and MRSA. VETERCYN KILLS MRSA AND IODINE IF THEY WILL SELL YOU ANY,I GOT SOME ,I DID NOT KNOW THEY MAKE METHAMPHETAMINE WITH IT. HIBICLENSE (SP) DOCTORS USE THAT IT KILLS MICROSCOPIC THINGS AS WELL AS MRSA. So if you pick cleanse your skin so you do not get MRSA.
What I have to say to any doctors who may read this I hope one day you get a black speck and go to some illerate doctor friends and put you through hell and misdiagnosis which maybe needs to be called a new disease caused by doctors who are not literate,if other countries recognize soil related funguses and parasites why don't American doctors recognize it.If you don't know why are you labeling people delusional. I have 2 degrees one in Psychology so I got a real problem with anyone calling me delusional.. I am going to have to get sanded because of these fungal holes. It is very unreal that we are getting treated this way as well as the lymes victims with tick bites.I am glad God is still in charge and look natural things are better for our bodies then pharmaceuticals. With each new add listen to the warnings and has anyone picked up when they say if you have a fungal infection don't take it. Good luck to you all and may your healing come fast .

Feb 28, 2012
Black dots ,specks, sores etc
by: Anonymous

I think I had posted here a long time back. I am very disgusted with the medical field. As far as being diagnosed with Delusional of Parasitosis, I simply asked one question because I tried to remember everything that happened to me that hot July day when this all began.I had what I thought was a bite and dug a small black speck out of my behind as I was cleaning the yard and thought it was a tick or bug because I got hives so bad.Whatever it was, was black and round and under my skin. I treated a sick dog ,I treated some neices who had lice and sores on their legs ,I got put on a new medication in July, everything I could think of to tell the doctor to give some idea to help. I finally pulled my own medical records and saw that on there DOP. They did cover themselves and put appears to be. After the hives I had 2 sores one necronized,I put colloidial (sp) silver on it and packed it because it became a huge hole. I also went to a doctor immediately after what I thought was a bite because of lymes disease which try to find a doctor to treat that, you may want to watch an hour and a half documentary about lymes disease and doctors who loose licenses if they treat you for it. Well whatever the black dot ,bug whatever it kept spreading with white spots and brown spots open sores which I did not dig and yes doctors from India know more then American doctors when it comes to the skin or bugs or FUNGUSES. After 60 plus doctors a young Physicians assistant said you have Sporotrichosis, I think the black specks are fungal sores.I finally sought out my old doctor who is retired who is going to get to the bottom of this. He said I do not know what doctor you see now but I can not imagine anyone getting in the shape your in, because whether it be a parasite or fungal someone should have caught this.I have sores white and brown circular sores, some scales and some ulcerate and have black specks in them. The Physicians assistant said you see this in the military because of thorn bushes and various fungal and soil related things even parasites. That is probably India doctors know more then American doctors.

Jan 23, 2012
Black Dots on Scalp Only
by: Angie

To "Can Someone Help Me?" dated Jan. 22,

I'm not thoroughly convinced that what you are describing is actually bugs and eggs, like you suppose. Have you actually seen any bugs or any eggs that can definitely be identified as such?

It sounds an awful lot like you may have a fungal growth on your scalp. That's actually good news if that's the case, because it should be able to be treated with some consistent steps:

  1. Make a mixture of warm water and sea salt and rinse your scalp thoroughly.

  2. Make another mixture of 60% lavender and 40% tea tree oil and apply to the scalp immediately after using the salt water rinse.

  3. Repeat this 2-3 times per day for a couple of weeks. I know it's messy and smelly, but if it works for you, it will be well worth it!

  4. Take some probiotics daily (2-3 times per day preferably) as it will help reduce the fungal growth inside your body. I would suggest Florafood. All those medications and antibiotics you've used have most likely really devastated the healthy flora in your body and you need to replenish in a big way!

  5. Cleanse internally with Herbal Fiberblend for a minimum of 3 months. Use the HFB twice per day.

It's heartbreaking to hear of your despair over this condition and I sincerely hope that you will be willing and able to use these suggestions and begin the healing process.


Jan 23, 2012
Small Round Black Dots Leading to Excema-Like Condition
by: Angie


I'm glad to hear that you are experiencing some improvement. I hope that it continues and you clear up completely.

Two suggestions for you:

If you haven't done so already, consider a very good internal cleanse. I suggest Herbal Fiberblend. It's amazing how it can help clear up your skin.

Secondly, if you continue to get those severe sores in future, see if you can locate some coriander oil in your area and apply to the area. I read some very good research a few months back on how powerful it is against many forms of bacteria (including MRSA).

May you continue to heal!

Jan 23, 2012
by: Anonymous/Chris

I am very sorry to hear of your problem. Read a few comments up (Dec. 31,9011). I, too, have been throught hell with the same thing, only mine spread all over my back, got huge and left open sores. I then got them on my lower legs. I found a doctor who gave me blood tests and stool samples to attempt to prove they were not parasites but a really bad excema. I'm still not convinced, however, the creams he has given me have worked and kept the problem from getting larger, dried up many and have controled it. It, now, looks like plain ole excema. One thing, do NOT scratch as I did an leave open sores. I will have scars for the rest of my life. I would also suggest not looking at them through a magnifying glass as that will scare you and is not realistic to your sense of reality because you probably haven't done this before and have no reference. I hope you inderstand what I mean. I used steroid cream for a short while and took an anti hystamine....then crossed over to an anti bactirial cream. I'm still not out of the woods and have a lot of questions, but, at least, I am not in a panic/crisis state and feel it is much better. The doctor I spoke about is primary care, not a dermatologist. Dermeatologist do not seem to recognize anything they don't understand for some reason. I'm not liking them much these days. Good luck to you.

Jan 22, 2012
by: Anonymous


Jan 22, 2012
GET VETERICYN IT WORKS - I am not a sales person either!
by: Anonymous

I have been itching like crazy for 3 mos and under microscope it looks like scabies and demodex mites. I tried scabies rx, garlic, vinegar, BLEACH baths, hydrogen peroxide, sulphur cream, sulphur soap, vitamins, diatomaceous earth inside and out - nothing worked until I went to a pet store and asked if they had anything to treat my cat. I bought VETERICYN spray from them and used it on myself and cat. After two days I am thinking I will be cured! Massive healing itching almost gone. It is expensive but WORTH IT!!! You can buy it online for less than at a pet store. It is colorless, odorless and you can spray yourself and chairs and it doesn't draw attention. I had to do something to help you guys. I know how absolutely horrible it is to have a skin condition that won't stop! This kills mites, fungus, bacteria - EVEN MRSA! I bet it will work for MORGS too since my symptoms are very similar if not actually Morgs.

Dec 31, 2011
More to say (continued from previous post)
by: Anonymous/Chris

I have been through a lot however, I know I am clearly sane. I have also shared my "samples" with others who I can only say must share my delusions. Isn't this terrible? I know there are many people out there like me. Thanks again for trying to help. There is little worse than feeling hopeless and helpless. I hope I have helped others to understand what could possibly happen to them when they need answers as to why their skin is producing bug like "things". Chris

Dec 31, 2011
Thank you kind people
by: Anonymous/Chris

Thank you both for being so caring and kind. I do want you to know that I have two dogs and three cats. The dogs are indoor/outdoor and the cats strictly in the house. I am going to check them over very carefully, so thank you for telling me as these animals are very important. I did get blood tests and stool samples ordered by a kind primary care physician I talked about before in a previous post. I brought in "things" I had taken out of my skin as well as having biopsies I asked for. Everything came back negative for parasites. When I went to a very prestigious hospital in Denver, they knew about the biopsies (because their lab had been the one the "samples" had been sent to, saw where I had scratched some of the sores to get samples, and had read notes from a dermatologist I had previously gone to and had also labeled me as delusional the last time I saw her. I never had given her the right to send any information about me but she knew I was going to go to this hospital and decided to send her notes mainly to protect herself. I can only assume this. I have as yet seen what was exactly said. A lot of injustice here. They chose to believe the dermatologist and not listen to me and treated me as an unfortunate psychotic. They were very disrespectful and condenscending. It was horrible. Their only solution was to give me a psychotropic drug. They barely looked at me and had "grouped" me into what they said "others like you" ( meaning other crazy people) before I had even come to see them. Fortunately, I refused to take it after I asked a pharmasist what it was for and what the side effects were. None of this had been explained to me at the hospital. Basically, they felt it was more important for me to get rid of "that crawly feeling" (they said is what it would do for my skin) and didn't seem to care that it could help destroy my liver. I am fortunate because I have friends who are pharmasists and told me it is only used for people who are psychotic. They also said I am not the first person they know of who has been labeled as having delusional parasitosis and treated with psychotropic drugs. I have gone to the original dermatologist for two years, as that is how long I have had this terrible infestation. It was not as bad as it is now for that specific length of time. It became unbearable the last part of this Oct. She never ran tests of any kind and for most of the time said I had shingles. I did try to get another dermatologist, but the wait (to be seen) was months. I live in a fairly small town. I have never had a rash in my life and do not have a medical background. I am very concerned for people who are given psychotropics and deceived by doctors. I have discovered, unfortunately, that when doctors cannot heal a patient, they blame them. I have also found out, the hard way, never to mention the word "parasite" anywhere near a dermatologist.

Dec 31, 2011
some helpful solutions
by: Anonymous

Permethrin does not work and it is poising and will wreak havoc on your liver. Spread garlic capsules on your body and sores, works so well. Also vaseline and it will help you pull critters out you never knew you had. Also use bentonite clay inside and outside, paint it all over your body, it is ideal to detox and kill those horrible parasites. Sadly this disease is passed back and forth between you and your pets. My little maltese is having seizures now and they are horrifying, yet another symptom of morgellons.
Parasite cleans is paramount, you can do a blood test and find you probably have infintesimal parasites in you. This is diabolical.

Dec 31, 2011
few more thoughts
by: bugs be gone

Just got your note Chris, keep your head up sister - so much suffering in this world that we all go through. You're not alone! When I need to smile, I pop in an episode of Monk (the OCD detective). Guaranteed to make me feel better-so funny :D

Don't forget, we're not only united by suffering, there's also this wonderful desire to be at peace in ourself and enjoy Life! Soon as you're feeling better inside yourself, you'll be more inclined to reach out and start mingling again. Don't worry, it'll happen naturally... no need to force yourself. Keep the faith!

I also have a few more suggestions to add - I bought the silk cocoon sheets off amazon recently. They are so great, very insulative but also super tiny when rolled up so they make my daily sheet washing a breeze. They make a bug-repellant one too but I just apply the sulfur concoction I outlined b4, put on long sleeve shirt and pants and off to restful sleep (finally).

Can also try dr. bronners tea tree soap (by the gallon), you can use it to clean everything and keep pests away while taking good care of your skin and the environment at the same time. My markings are almost gone and I've been dealing with this for only two months now.

Soon to be pest free!

Dec 31, 2011
some more ideas to try
by: bugs be gone

Research pyrethrin and permethrin (naturally occuring vs. synthetic) on amazon to control mites. Use the pyrethrin when cleansing yourself, the permethrin to cleanse your home unless you want to pay a little more and do all pyrethrin to cleanse everything. From what I read on reviews pyrethrin comes from the chrysanthemum.
You can also get an enzyme cleaner to kill these pests in cleansing. Stay clean, get rid of clutter. I'm looking for a new place to stay as my landlord won't let me have a washing machine in this place (too bad he didn't tell me that when I moved in last month!)... oh well, I'm going to find something better. Looking at c. list now - of course, only hardwood floors of course. The idea of carpet now totally grosses me out... like paying top dollar to wear someone's old hand me down, no siree. I'm the gal who posted yesterday as well with a few comments and let you guys know I'm studying TCM. Thought I'd say, as long as I'm here tip-tapping away that acupuncture and herbs are awesome tools in building one's immunity, relieving pain and practicioners of asian medicine will hardly ever look at you weird! The book I'll be writing will detail the methodology I'm using to kill and then suck these buggers out of my skin and so far have gotten great results; still healing with some red here and there but its definitely working. For the residual light brown markings that are left after extracting these bugs (and letting the scab fall off)... I will be using my new diamond head microdermabrasion machine on these and see if that helps erase their burrow marks. One of my theories is that these markings are where they burrow to lay their eggs. Looking forward to my financial aid check coming soon so I can purchase the items in my amazon cart and heal from this once and for all!
Best wishes everyone & Happy NEW YEAR,
2012 - the end of the world as we know it :D

Dec 31, 2011
Thank you kind people
by: Anonymous/Chris

What rapid and kind responses! It is wonderful to get the info you both gave me. Thank you so much! You both said to relax. Very good advice. Just to let you know. I have a Master's degree in Education and taught public school for thirty years. My husband and only child passed away only two years apart. I have felt very alone and have struggled. Thanks so much for your support. Chris

Dec 31, 2011
natural antihistamine to try for swelling...
by: bugs be gone

TURMERIC! Google 'turmeric antihistamine' and tons of info will come up. Western meds will further reduce your immune system and lead to greater proliferation of these mites = the pharmaceutical industry's dream come true (so you keep buying more and more into their system). Also, get a good quality daily multivitamin, try taking this every other day to build yourself back up without giving the bugs super energy to feed off of. EAT TONS OF GARLIC! Definitely get a B-complex vitamin as well to take daily to boost that immunity and again, relax and try to find the joy in life. No more horror films/sad drama/etc... comedys are ideal! Life is short so try and have a good time while you're here. Laugh, smile, the bugs will naturally be pushed off by our body's incredibly resilient immune system. Remember, its actually quite common so don't lose hope. We've been to the moon and we can't kill a bug on our body... I don't think so!

Dec 31, 2011
advice for above
by: Anonymous

Hi there, sorry to hear about your troubles. Try to relax as the mites (from what I've researched) feed off of rising cortisone/elevated hormone levels (hence the proliferation of acne during a lady's pms times - they are very commonly the cause of acne, check the Next step for you is to get a microscope with a box of prepared slides. Be very careful with the scalpel when you're doing this or ask a friend with a very steady hand. Do your best to get these buggers on a slide and then take it in as 'hard evidence' to your doctor. Get a new, true diagosis = "Demodicosis" is listed under 'Other Acariasis' - ICD-9 (billable insurance) CODE: 133.8 (see link - I'm not sure about the implications as far as your medical history but granted they are looking at your history intelligently when they see a new diagnosis of acariasis they should be able to see you are not psychotic and were unfairly treated. If there is, for some reason, still a chance of discrimination/higher rates against you due to your previous history, get a lawyer and take your 'hard evidence' to court! Best wishes Chris!

Dec 31, 2011
Don't Scratch (again)
by: Anonymous/Chris

I have written just a few days ago. I want to report something new that has happened to me and want to know if this is going on with any of you on this site. Thank you in advance for any information. Not only do the black dots still exist, but I now have a very fast moving and vicious excema. My doctor said to stop the steroid cream and added an anti-fungal cream that does have a little steroid solution in it. He also changed the antihystamine pill, Loratadine to Allegra????????I am doing what he says because he is the only doctor out of five who has done anything at all. Even if he doesn't believe me, he is kind and treating my symptoms. His explanation for the black dots is that they are our own tissue and biological matter. One of the worse things about this whole experience is that I was labeled with delusional parisitosis by doctors who are not licensed to make that type of diagnosis. It is not true and I am worried that this info, in our medical charts, could hurt in some anything else. It is a a nightmare. Please comment, anyone?

Dec 31, 2011
left last posting...
by: Anonymous

Hi again all,
that china demodex skin site is (plural 'solutions', i had put solution singular before in the last post) .....
also, like to thank everyone for their helpful input, esp. dirtguy for your proactivity and peggy for your guidance - i will definitely be dropping tea tree oil into my laundry henceforth and have just added plenty of sea buckthorn soap and shampoo and also the para-cleanse you wrote about (why not try it all) in my amazon cart Followed the 'also viewed' links on amazon to the 'sibu cellular support softgels' that contain sea buckthorn and omega 7, these have gotten super + reviews so I've added them too...
today's a new day.

Dec 30, 2011
yep, same here...
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone, i have these dots too and here's some of what's been helping me so far. still have itchiness in my skin but far less and i have faith i can kick it! i first went to, they have a cream that will kill the demodex mite but i got the 3 month kit and it lasted me only 2 weeks (as I was spreading it all over my body)... so I've decided to make my own home solution and thus far it feels comparable to the China super cream they sent me. I use a natural cream (shea butter lotion right now) and add in sulfur (1 parts to 10 parts cream) and then a few capsules of a Chinese patent medicine called 'SaiMeiAn JiaoNang' (I got it from my school where I study Traditional Chinese Medicine). I use this cream liberally and it takes all itch away and then from time to time when I want to halt itchiness IMMEDIATELY i cover my body in a camphor muscle balm. These bugs can't live with this stuff. I'm excited to be getting a microscope soon so I have hard evidence to take to my doc. I went into see one doctor and had him tell me it was probably just in my head. WHAT?!? I was so perturbed and even had my ipad out with demodex-wikipedia link pulled up and he was just shaking his head saying he'd never heard of it. So sad how uneducated and unwilling to educate themselves are some health practicioners. Sooo obviously in healthcare for the money. I was like, I've been studying healthcare and medicine for 7 years. I'm going to be a licensed physician next year. I"M NOT CRAZY. Give me something to stop the f'n itch on my body. Its like they're more trained to tell people that itchiness is in their heads than granting creams. Oh and permethrin for mites is kinda a pharmaceutical scam... just buy the permethrin 10% on amazon and cut it in half with petroleum jelly to get the 5% permethrin that they'll give you at your local pharmacy. Thats just a side note because as my doc hadn't heard of any skin mite besides scabies thats the Rx he handed to me. Just a side note if you have scabies too... really friggin common as well. And of course if all else fails tea tree tea tree tea tree... that'll teach those bugs! By the way, I've also been taking these markings off and noticing that muscle knots and nervy/tingling (aka fibromyalgia) sensations are disappearing when the dots do. So, it seems pretty clear that these mites burrow, defecate, die and when they leave all their toxins still mess with us. I've also noticed lately since I realized what is going on with me that when treating patients with fibromyalgia their most sore spots have little black dots on them. And yes, I will be writing a book with comprehensive care guidelines once I'm fully in the clear. Look for it : D
Cheers to healing and a blessed CLEAN New Year ya'all -
take good care : )

Dec 26, 2011
black dots
by: Anonymous

Hi all, not worth it to go to the doctors they cannot help and you will be wasting your money!!!
Diatomaceous earth (food grade) ingest along with bentonite clay slather all over your body and smother and kill these horrible things. Also get a parasite cleanse and take it for 15 days wait 7 and take it again. This is war and will be ongoing but be brave of heart. I also use idodine liquid from the pharmacist and paint it on your body it will break the biofilm. Don't bother with doctor prescribed permethrin it won't work.
Sea Buckthorn soap will make the mites fall off when they are trying to bore into your skin.
By the way I consider it horrible to dump your pets, maintain your integrity above all...
God bless.

Dec 22, 2011
DON'T scratch!!!
by: Anonymous/Chris

I am currently going through what many of you are whose testimonies I have read. I have tried to educate myself in any way possible. I currently have the label of being delusional because I made the mistake of saying "parasite??" in a dermatologist's office. Never again. I have mainly the black dots, that sink into the skin and dissolve and ultimately produce a sore. I also have the protruding rather hard pieces of ????(hate to say worms) sticking out. If I pull them out, it is like uncorking their blood source (me) and the bleeding is unbelievable. I have found relief by going to a primary care physician who has given me an antihitamine and steroid cream. I still get new ones, but just don't touch them and they remain small. Mine spread if I scratch or dig, so I stopped. When I take baths, they soften and I ever so slightly wipe out the lesions. Not always the best, because sometimes it does cause spreading. It is discouraging to read that no one seems to have been cured. I was prescribed a psychotropic drug for my "parasitic delusions" from the prestigious University Hospital in Denver. Don't take that if that is what happens to you. I take comfort knowing I am not alone.

Sep 09, 2011
black dots and more
by: Peggy

Hi everybody, I finally picked up Walgreens Lice treatment kit and put the shampoo all over my back, after doing everything else. It really wiped out alot of disgusting things which I dragged off with my nails. I am alot better after this and see that we need to use the dang poisin.
I also had these things in my rescue cats ears, my rabbit got his ears chewed up by mites so I had to treat him, almost realized how serious it was too late.

I have been told Avon Skin so Soft will keep bugs off of you, something in them they don't like.

I met a lady whose husband got the internal parasites by eating a fish soup in Mexico. They crawled everywhere under his skin. Like so many others who have this issue. Thankfully for them they got a doctor who understood the condition and prescribed him something and it did go away. This was 15 years ago so she cannot remember the doctor or the meds. Today it seems no one can find a doctor who understands these problems.

I did herbal parasite cleanse and am taking wormwood capsules and sea buckthorn pills internally. I also bathe in with sea buckthorn soap and slather sea buckthorn body oil on me.

I really hope we can all lick this horrific problem.

God bless!!!

Sep 08, 2011
our pets
by: the dirtguy

What really baffles me, is throughout all of our suffering and dealing with these parasites that we know we are getting from our pets ...... Nobody wants to get rid of the source of the infestation! As soon as I figured out where my problem was coming from, I separated the animal from my living space until I figured out what to do. I then took the animal to the vet/shelter so they can treat it the way I cannot afford to do. I got rid of the source! Why would anyone want to keep the source of the parasite infestation close by when they have to deal with fading health? It's insanity.... they may be cute and "part of the family", but they are making you sick! No, I am not an animal hater, I HAD an animal in the first place, that's how I ended up like this! c'mon people... is it really worth your health? your life?

Aug 26, 2011
by: Peggy

Also I learned 10 drops of Tea Tree oil in your laundry will kill the eggs and bugs on your clothes. We know regular soap does not do it.

Please get a blood test for parasites because from what I saw myself they burrow into your skin.
You wouldn't even see it if you weren't paying attention.

Please Use the castor oil and terry cloth and wrap in cellophane for an hour twice a day to get this cleared out. It also works on your stomach for liver issues!!

Ivomec on your pets, follow Barbie Brown's advice on her website, if we suffer from this we can only imagine what it does to our pets!!

Sea buckthorne shampoo will get the buggers out of your scalp...check Amazon for all the customer comments they are so educational.

Also Wormwood Combination pills from Amazon, great to get that interior cleansed.

What a sojourn we are on, maybe it is nanotechnology, take care all and if you want email me with any thoughts, we are in this together. God Bless!!!

Aug 26, 2011
Sores on my arm
by: Peggy

I applied the Castor Oil and terry washcloth and applied the plastic over it taped and put the electric heating pad on the sores for an hour. Anyway my vet told me to apply Panalog on the sores too, I did that too, the following day.
I have been pulling things out of the sores, they are like infintesimal little worm things or black dots. They are so small I use a magnifying glass and still am dismayed. No they don't move I think that Castor Oil (if they were alive?) did the job, but I did also use a product earlier called SWAT from the feed store which I had applied to my rabbits ears which had sores and maybe mites, I couldn't see anything but his little ears were being eaten away at the edges and the ears were inflamed and getting very thick and hard, and then he was losing his hair!!! Wow.

Also at the Health Food Store they did a blood analysis and said I have parasites and actual fecal matter in my blood. They put me on Para-Clense which they told me to do at a full moon and drink no coffee or alcohol when on it. I thought it was hoaky until I came across the info on the internet that these parasites really come out at the full moon. They feed on sugar too.

I sure hope this helps someone out there. I cannot believe we are suffering like this.

If you have pets Barbie Brown's Bunnies gives information on a product which is called Ivomec which helps protect pets. She will take your calls too. Rabbits these days are suffering from parasites and going into serious health problems, which none of us have ever experienced before. It is rampant.

Aug 26, 2011
tiny black specs on me too
by: Peggy

Hi Guys!! Wow I am not alone. I have found the nasty tiny black speck on my leg when I was bathing. The Ivory soap wouldn't take it away. It did seem like it was burrowing into the skin. So I grabbed my Sea Buckthorn soap (Amazon sells it) and washed the spot and it fell off my skin. How creepy is that? I found a little tiny white worm with a black head in my bathtub ( I wonder if they come from these black specs?) and researched the thing on the internet and found that alot of skin rashes and breakouts and ecsema are from microscopic parasites we cannot see and that the medical community is really not aware of this. That took me to further research and that is how I found out about Sea Buckthorn which is the only effective thing to get rid of these things. I bought shampoo and oil and capsules.

I have sores on my arms that won't heal. I don't know if it is bedbugs or mites or what. But I have been using everything to heal it, and I met a woman who told me she had the same problem and she used Castor Oil on her arms and then put a terry wash cloth on it and wrapped her arms in cellophane and taped it securely and applied a heating pad to the area for an hour. So I did this

Aug 18, 2011
by: the dirtguy

What I am seeing through this last year is there are new diseases and infections happening to humans every day, and the medical community can't keep up with them! There are new parasites invading the human body and since they are microscopic it is hard to either identify them or diagnose. BUT it IS happening, and we are the ones suffering until the medical world catches up! These doctors have been up on their pedestal for so long that when something new they don't understand comes along they don't want to think they are ignorant of something so they lash out at the patient and say they are psychotic... So, what do we, the infested, do? I don't really have a good answer, except that we need to band together and most importantly, DO NOT GIVE UP! There are ways to fight these parasites. Not one of the ways are easy. Since we don't really know about the problem until it's too late, it's hard to "nip it in the bud", and we just need to fight it when we find out that we do indeed have a problem... I have read about many different journeys that people have taken to get back to health. The main thread that runs through EVERY story is, nobody believes them. We are on our own in this fight. In a time when we have the most sophisticated health care system in the world, it is unimaginable that we still have to treat ourselves. join me in my journey, and follow my progress as I try to rid myself of my parasitic infestation. go to: . . . I am trying to keep current with posts, but I have been sidetracked a bit this summer... please leave comments on blog, I am compiling a list of ailments and where they are located... we can help each other...

Aug 18, 2011
Small Black Dots
by: NanetteAnonymous

I found your site with all of your symptoms and they sound familiar to mine, with the exception that i had two black dots in my left toe nail bed ( no fungus) i could feel and see them burrowing their way towards the nail root and then my nail lifted and sparted from the nail bed. The podiatrist removed the rest of the nail and we figureded that was that but that same week i noticed 3 black dots in my right nail bed which was pink and healthy, i then again watched as they moved their way towards the nail root and again the nail detached totallly from the nail bed but this time i also had a yellow fungus which is common and can be treated with Lamisil tablets. What is troubling about this right toe is right after total nail removal the skin around the toe became very white (im white anyway) but the skin was numb and seemwd to be necrotic ( dying) i have have medical experience. I am now faced with severs bone and joint pain of the right toe and necrotis skin. They will be performing surgery on my finger nails and the skin around 2 of them and the podiatrist will be removing skin and bone. ( a total loss of the big toe is eminent). I also for years had sores on the back of my scalp which started like bites then pimples them when scrathed turned to sores and bled some. This condition would come and go through the seasons, only when i did my hair color did i have at least 2 to 3mths. relief from it. I am from FL. and have been exposed to many indide /outside animals even exotic peacocks etc. at my sisters house. This is when i first started having problems due to the lack of cleanliness with all these animals and the mixture of stagnate water/ fecis/ dirt etc. This might not be of any help but seeking an infectious disease doctor who will take time to listen and research can help although they too admit that there are many parasites yet to be identified medically and sometimes surgery is necessary when gangren or necrocis sets in. Mine has yet to be identified for sureand is not limited to just one area. They seem to be in my blood system as well as in my brain now. Severe complications will occur when this happens and many other diseases blamed instead of the true problem. Good Luck from one who is now losing body parts from it.

Jul 15, 2011
black dots
by: Anonymous

Here is my email

Jul 15, 2011
sore susan
by: the dirtguy

i didn't understand how to get a hold of you, so if you want to chat about your problem, go to and leave a comment after one of the posts. include an email address. this goes for anyone who needs to vent.

Jul 10, 2011
Black spots on toes
by: Susan

My podiatrist said I was out of my mind to think something was living in my foot that is mycroscopic.A little black speck appeared on my toe two years ago and has spread and disappeared of an on for 2 years. I cut it out, lots of blood, so sore.Cut all dead skin off rest for days and another black speck appears somewhere else.Thi creature layers hard skin over toe and begins to dupicate. I amnot crazy. I had science and chemistry in College. Two podiatrists think I'm crazy and all I have is fungus.I couldn't even walk for months and finally had to stop teaching because I could not be on feet. Sore Susan RSVP please help me!!!!!!

Jun 16, 2011
this works!
by: the dirtguy

i have gotten a prescription from a dermatologist that seems to kill what I have... The docs said what they think I have is probably Demodex mites, and the cream they gave me kills them! The cream is: EURAX 10% lotion. This works for ME. I cannot say it will work for what YOU have going, but it works for ME! I massaged some into an area that was always biting and crawling, and as soon as I put it on, the biting and crawling STOPPED. It has been over 15 hours so far, and still no discomfort. I think this may be it!!! I am hoping for the best, but this is the closest thing to a weapon against them I have found so far... FOR ME. I hope everyone finds their weapon... I will continue to fight this, and inform on my progress... be well my friends....

Jun 15, 2011
by: the dirtguy

After months of dealing with this affliction, I now have proof and a diagnosis. When I began this journey, I purchased a digital microscope and began searching for any proof of parasite infestation. I now have actual photographs and video proof of these little mites infesting me! I went to see a doctor in the dermatology department of the state university here and was told these are most probably the DEMODEX mites. Although the pictures found online don't look exactly like what I have, it could possibly be so. The pics I have are of a bloated mite, note a skinny on depicted in the online pictures. So, perhaps these mites get bloated and can no longer fit in a pore, or just cannot hang on any more. I am not sure, but at least I now know what it is! for pictures, go to : . . .

May 22, 2011
i finally know
by: dirtguy58

right after i started noticing my problem last september i bought a digital microscope that works through my computer, and i have been looking at EVERYTHING i dig out of and off of my skin... yesterday after squeezing a "zit" on my lower lip, i looked at the ooze with the microscope, and was amazed when i saw movement on the screen! what i had squeezed out of my lip was a tiny white mite! it was so tiny that a strand of ooze had trapped it, but allowed it to move a few legs. so, now i have proof, and i will be going back to those doctors who rolled their eyes and told me i had dandruff... it has been 9 months of suffering, knowing there was a problem, and being unable to get help. hopefully i can get that help, and i will be VERY VOCAL for the rest of my fellow sufferers out there. i will speak up, and if there is a way to get the word out, i will do it! there is hope. please do not give up.

Apr 12, 2011
Fungal Infection
by: Angie

The problem you are having may be a fungal infection. Here is something you can try before you go to the extent of shaving all of your hair off again.

If you already have shaved it, you can still try this:

Rinse your scalp with a mixture of warm water and sea salt.

Then apply a mixture of lavender and tea tree oil - 60% lavender and 40% tea tree oil. If you find that it is too strong to use straight, you can dilute it with some extra virgin olive oil.

Use this procedure 2-3 times per day and see if it helps relieve your problem.

Do let us know if this works well for you.

Apr 12, 2011
sores on my calp
by: ASR

This is to all of you suffering from this affliction. I started having my problem eight years ago, it started with one bump in the center of my neck in the hair line. I thought it was a pimple so I just scrachted it off. Well it spread fast after that ,I did everything, all dr's think your crazy I begin to pluck the hairs and the sores got bigger and bigger. I tried a perm, haircolor, lice treatment, alchol, peroxide, tjel shampoo dermatix, I have bought everything on line. I finnally got so frustrated I shaved my head. All the sores where pouring out blood and it hurt very bad. well it just so happen I had a dermatologist appt. that week, when I went in they said I haid shaving bumps and it would go away. well when my new hair grew back it was gone. Then about one and a half years ago it came back this time worse I have huge sores on my head. sometimes they are scally scabes but mostly they are bloody and eating my skin. I guess it is time to shave my head again at least I had a few years of releif. I pluck the hairs out of the sores so they will heal my hairs I pluck will have between two and ten hairs in one pore. the sores are hurting very bad again and I am using campho phaneq and anti acne products they are not working I was my hair every day and when I comb it it looks like I havent washed my hair in weeks, all kind of skin and black dots and hairs and scabs come out of my hair.every scabe I get I just want to pick it and when I do the sores get bigger and bigger and hurt and infected. I thought for a long time I had morgellons, but I do not know anymore. I pray God will heal me that seems to be the only way. god be with everyone who has this problem, and I hope he helps you.
thanks frustrated and desperate.

Feb 21, 2011
we are not crazy!
by: the dirtguy

I have been dealing with this now since September, which would make it 6 months now. I stupidly started out demanding that there was something wrong with me to doctors. After seeing way too many doctors, ranging from ER doctor to family physician to infectious disease doctor to 2 dermatologists....and finally to a holistic healer, I have made a determination that doctors aren't as smart as they think they are. Perhaps what we are dealing with is something new, perhaps brought to us over time from overseas, or some other culture. This is how I must justify the medical community being so ignorant on the subject. At first I wanted to just flip out and give up with a gloom and doom attitude and just wait to be consumed by the aliens. But that isn't my real nature so I started to investigate and pay attention to it all. Since it is all so tiny, I bought a USB powered microscope online to try and identify these creatures. I have since taken almost 2,000 pics of everything i picked out of my skin, and my various skin conditions over time. I now believe I finally have a few pics of these creatures. What I see are a small clear worm like thing that attaches itself to the tiny heads of hairs and feeds on the stuff that feeds the hairs, letting the hair grow up through the worm. These things are able to change the composition of the skin. I went from slightly dry skin to oily skin. I think this is how they travel over the skin (in creases and folds) to the hair follicle of choice. These things are tiny, which is why I had to get the microscope to see them. As they feed, they ooze out some white stuff that I can only describe as a white, dry pus like substance. This is what is happening to ME. I know others are having different experiences which I believe is part of new diseases and maladies we are now noticing that could be coming from other lands and cultures. I COULD BE WRONG. As I said, this is what is happening to ME. Anyone have a different idea, please let me know, we must get a handle on these things before EVERYONE in the country is scratching unknown itches... my email is : dirtguy58 @ REMEMBER, WE ARE NOT CRAZY!!!

Feb 06, 2011
tiny tiny black dots appearing now everywhere
by: mary 51

I'll try hard to get to the point. Yes I have a little dog. He hardly ever goes outside. I've noticed since last summer tiny tiny black dots. Almost coffee ground size but perhaps smaller.

I do not find them on my dog. I find them now on counter tops cupboards etc.

Believe me, I dumped everything. Sprayed ortho 24 home guard. Now they are back, except this time I'm seeing what look like sesame tiny seeds.

Here's the medical nightmare kicker. I've had head BURNING SO BAD, INSIDE NOSE BURNING SO BAD, seen many neurologist. Developed last June big quarter like bumps after a hospital stay for pain control in my head, neck, nose.

All say the same. Chronic neurological pain disorder? Help!!! I'm scared to death.

I'm not crazy. I have pics of these dots. Could they have been transmitted to me by my dog?

Yes I've been tested by docs for everything spinal tap normal..?????

Feb 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

Yeah i have a small black dot but thats it: just one. Im allergic to animal dander so i cant have a dog but i also have a really wierd dot on my skin. Its like an indentation and its freaky. Im freaked out!! Help!! Email me at spotsthemonster @ gmail .com. I used spaces to not get kicked off

Jan 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

I've been researching these symptoms because my dog has them and came across this article:
My dog has these same spots on her skin and is scratching until she bleeds. It can spread to humans.

Jan 09, 2011
Black dots,tick bite, loss of weight....
by: Anonymous

Just a update- Bite by tick in july 1010, lost a lot of hair, open sores, black spots, unable to sleep for days on end,lost desire to eat- so far lost about 30+ lbs, when I eat it drives my skin crazy. Only trying to eat blended foods , only able to eat mono foods, one thing at a time, on baby food after a few months of no long as I do not eat, my skin is getting better but very slowly. When I eat my skin crawls, can't sleep, and new black hurts. Never seen any worms, bugs or anything that looks alive. Never seen any fibers or feathery things. Not sure what the black spots are

Jan 07, 2011
maybe morgellons
by: Anonymous


Dec 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

this is called Morgellons!! you can find lots of research on the web. It is actually not even a real parasite but an illness caused by nano technology!!

Dec 14, 2010
Long Term Parasite Removal
by: Angie

Hi Dan,

Sorry to hear of all of your troubles and lack of medical support. That's a familiar tale in these forums.

If you are going in circles of improving and then getting recurring bouts, you probably need to consider a long term parasite removal program. If you don't get rid of some parasites entirely, you'll just keep having flare-ups indefinitely.

I always suggest that you build up your immune system while you are cleansing. Don't underestimate the importance of a strong immune system.

Here are some helpful cleansing and building supplements to consider to get your condition under control...

Herbal Fiberblend
Para 90
Bear Paw Garlic
Garden Trio

You can get them all wholesale here.

When you are cleansing and building, continue on for a few months, even when you "feel" like you've got it under control. It's that long term treatment that will make the long term difference.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and all of the visitors to this site who share their story and experiences.

Dec 14, 2010

i have been having this problem for over a year now,
it first started on my left outer hand on top of hand, i felt a bite, so i squeezed at it, a small brown looking worm appeared,and thats no bull, so i took that to a dermatologist, i told her my problem, i said have it in the bag, there was no response from her at all,another doc told me it is all in my head, i then was lucky enough to get another squeezed out of my stomach, yes, stomach, below my belly button, so i waited for my appt. with the dermatologist,a different one of course,lol. he said it was just a piece of dry skin, i almost clubbed him,lol, i said doc this thing bit me from the inside of my stomach skin, i squeezed that out to show u,he walked away, so i left, what in the sam hell r we supposed to do? he put me on ivermectin, and gave me a antibiotic, if he gave me those things, he must agree, that there is something going on under my skin,ivermectin destroys most parasites, but they also give that too dogs for heart worm i think...and when i take the prescriptions together, it feels like all the parasites want to leave my body, hey bite and itch for quite sometime, then that stops, but i still have the same problem reocurring...

Nov 14, 2010
be prepared

just a warning to anyone out there who thinks that they are infested with any kind of parasites. be prepared for the medical community to not believe you. there is nothing in their past experiences, or training, that would help them understand what is going on with you. they will dismiss you as someone that is going off the deep end, and will suggest that you are suffering with "parasite psychosis" or something like that. since they don't recognize what is going on with you, it must not be true! they will ask you how your state of mind is, and may even suggest that you see a head doc . . . i have already seen a handful of people in the medical profession, and am now pursuing the holistic approach as doctors don't think it is worth their time to listen to you. do yourself a favor, and skip the doctors, because they will ultimately not help you. look up a holistic healer in your area, and see them straight out. it will save you time and aggravation. do some research and with assistance of a healer, formulate your own plan and treatment... WE ARE NOT CRAZY!

Oct 18, 2010
black dots
by: Anonymous

I have been experiencing this for the last 2 months since I went swimming in the pond. I thought at first it was ring worm (because of how bad it itched and the fact that it was on my fold of my neck towards the nape of it. The days went by and in the sunlight I was itching it one day and noticed that there was little red specks coming out of the skin where it itched the most. I have been noticing now 8 weeks in that there is also a little black hair like strings that come out when I pull the black specks off, as well as these grey colored ones that are a little larger, I can pull white crystal like balls out of my skin on my chest & neck as well. I also have some big scares on my chest from pulling what appeared to be acne to start with. I have been using tea tree oil & Bactroban cream (the Dr. prescribed for impentigo years ago) for the last 5 days, and it seems to be clearing it up. I have big sores on my cheeks & forehead that are red & crusty (like impentigo)- I have only found online that it appears to be this demodex. I have found mange on my dog (who likes to sleep on my bed at times) I'm guessing it has something to do with this. I have been suffering from muscle weakness as well as a fever the last 2 days. good luck

Oct 12, 2010
black dots
by: the dirtguy

since commenting on this site, i have been studying the "cycles" of this parasite... i have purchased a usb microscope that hooks up to computer that magnifies up to 200 times. what i have seen is, and i believe to be true, is these are parasitic worms. i have actually taken pictures of the little bastards sticking out of skin. they are not visible to the naked eye, this is why there is trouble diagnosing at the doctor. i saw 2 doctors that said i have roseachia on face, when it is actually this infection of parasites. they're boring into skin, and as they go, leave a tiny hairlike white ooze behind. i pick these tiny white things out of skin every day. the closest thing i have found on-line to what i am seeing is what they call Demodex Folliculorum.... these critters look and sound very similar... i hope this helps.

Sep 17, 2010
sm.round dots
by: Anonymous

Yes I had splinters too But not now. Just the dots.
it's not to itchy really but now that I know something is there EVERY THING feels itchy. I have some good ideas for treatment options. email

Sep 16, 2010
black dot parasite???
by: Anonymous

I have been search the inter-net over this issue too! I have this same trouble... to me it looks like a small rough area of skin then a small black dot... then what looks to me like a little splinter. Then, once the "splinter" falls out ... it looks like a small open sore which itches like crazy. I too have a "barn kitten" but he has been to the vet ... and he does not go outside. The only other thing that I can think of ... about a year age I travelled to Japan and brother talking me into eat sushi. My doctor said it was a heat rash... but it won't go away. I did pick one of the "splinters" out and I put it on a piece of transparent tape... I don't know if it will help or not.

Sep 16, 2010
small black dots in skin

i have something similar too. i started noticing them after bringing a barn cat into the house. i have been researching all over the web, but this is the closest thing i have found to what i have. i have been digging them out of my skin, but they are too tiny to actually tell what they are. by the time i pick them out, i have started bleeding, and it seems like they just disappear into blood cells and skin cells.... it's like little black dots, too small to see what they are.they don't really itch, it just drives me crazy to have anything under my skin. if anyone can help with suggestions or info, PLEASE email me.

Sep 14, 2010
sm.round dots
by: Host of small round black dots

Thanks for has been a mystery and none more so then the doctor I went to. I'm left to my own creative I cant seem to find no info on my symptoms. And I myself think it very possible that I contracted something from the dog. I can only hope that the treatments the dogs get eliminates the issue. The cream is working on me but it's not the one step treatment the doctor said- that's for sure. what ever these things are, the black dots- they do not want to come has to pick them out with a needle under magnification.

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