Some Type of Skin Parasite

by Melissa
(Hollywood, Fl, U.S.)

A few weeks ago I think I may have contracted some type of skin parasite.

I have read about bedbugs, fleas, chiggars and parasites under the skin.

I have tiny round, itchy bumps acquired through the night but it may not be bedbugs because I checked the mattress and sheets. No sign of bugs, blood, or fecal matter of bugs.

I also find no sign of fleas, but the bites look just like flea bites so I'm in a quandary as to what this may be.

I find bumps swell up on my legs, hands and arms even when I'm at work, so I'm wondering if these are skin mites burrowing under my skin.

Hi Melissa,

If you were only developing these bite marks and rash while you were sleeping, I would guess that your culprit was bed bugs.

The fact that you are getting more and more bites throughout the day, even at work, suggests some other type of skin parasite, or even an allergic reaction to something you've recently come in contact with - a new food, soap, detergent, chemical in some product, etc.

Is anyone else in your household or workplace being affected by these tiny, round, itchy bumps, too?

If this is caused by some type of skin parasite, a couple of things you can try to help get rid of the problem are:

  1. Eat more garlic or take Bear Paw Garlic to make your body a more "unfriendly" place for parasites.

  2. Rinse your skin in organic apple cider vinegar (it's cloudy and still has the 'mother' in it). You can do this a couple of times per day.

  3. Apply tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil to the affected areas as needed.

  4. Use Para 90 as a natural parasite cleanse internally.

To your good health!

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