Something Is Biting Me

by Lisa

Something is biting me but I cannot see it. This has been going on for years and I am tired of dealing with it.

Anytime I get really still, but ESPECIALLY when I get in bed to go to sleep I feel some sort of bugs biting me. Sometimes its just a tickle but sometimes it stings. I do not see any marks on my skin and if I switch on the light to inspect my skin, I see NOTHING.

I feel "them" in my eyebrows, eyelashes, legs, arms, armpits, back, pubic area, butt, scalp, soles of my feet. No place seems to be off limits.

I know this is not my imagination because I notice my little dog will be lying on the bed with me sleeping and all of a sudden he will jump and its not just me. (My dog does not have fleas either, as I work for a vet and I know all about fleas).

I wash my bed linens frequently and have never seen any bug of any kind. This has been going on forever and I am about to lose my mind, as it interferes with my sleep.

I need a solution, please someone help us!

Lisa and Gonzo

Hi Lisa (and Gonzo),

Usually, the symptoms you describe of something biting you while you are in bed would bring bedbugs to mind.

However, bedbugs are visible to the naked eye and bedbugs leave definite bite marks on your body. :)

To be honest, just because Gonzo gets the occasional itch at night, too, doesn't necessarily mean that he's dealing with the same parasite that you may be dealing with, although it IS possible.

For you, I would suggest soaking in a bath with 2-3 cups of raw, organic, apple cider vinegar (cloudy with the mother in it) in the water.

For Gonzo, place some of the ACV and water mixture (50/50 ratio is fine) in a spray bottle and give him a gentle spray a couple of times per day.

Internally, I would suggest that you get some Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend to cleanse your body of possible parasites, fungus, bacteria, etc., and Florafood to build up the good bacteria in your body and boost your immune system.

I hope this helps you get rid of the nasty little problem of something biting you all the time.

To your good health!

Comments for Something Is Biting Me

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Jun 13, 2021
Be strong! You're not Crazy! NEW
by: PatVil

I pray that everyone have solved their mystery pest issues by now. First, make sure you are not fighting mold spores. Check your A/C filters, dehumidifiers etc, since this has solved many people's issues. I heard that bleach and water spritzers and bleach in your bath water helps. Use with caution, do not make strong. Clean your home to get rid of any source of mildew, mold or fungus spores. This may resolve your problem. Check out this article this for mold:

I, on the other hand have identified what's bugging me, but live in a suburban City with people allowed to have Chickens in their backyards, so I am being plagued by macroscopic pests that bite, but their nymphs are microscopic!

Since Chickens came into my town, I also have Chicken Mites, Buffalo Fungus Gnats (aka Blackfly) & lice in my home! No matter how much I spray I can't get rid of these things completely! I must thank my inconsiderate neighbors for this nightmare! I also have Thrips & Springtails which are considered Farm Pests as well, & they do bite, but you can only minimize these by cleaning up your yards & gutters, since they love leaf litter picked up, especially Japanese Maple leaves. You can spot them on sidewalks, tubs, sinks etc, since are attracted to white objects. They like nesting in dirty house gutters, since it holds moisture,dirt, leaves, fungus & other decaying organic matter. They also like dry rotted wood! So cleanup your yards & spray with a residual pesticide to control them. I use a Inside/Outside Pesticide that do not repel them, instead it leaves a residual that they walk over and die, like Onslaught or Bifenthrin, these are two good ones. Onslaught can be broadcasted sprayed inside, not sure about Bifenthrin, but I do it. I tank mix the two with a growth inhibitor to stop the cycle. I buy Onslaught and IGR from and buy the "Compare and Save," brand Bifenthrin from Tractor Supply since it's more reasonable there. BTW, I don't have any affiliation whatsoever with any of these websites or stores mentioned, I am just a Customer.

All of these tiny pests are hard to spot on the skin, but they all bite! Thrips crawl and can fly, Springtails jump, Mites crawl & Buffalo Gnats fly! I found both Buffalo Gnats & Thrips in my hair, but the Gnats like lice & mites suck blood & try to nest in your hair. They try to lay their black eggs in your scalp. This may be the black pepper flakes someone mentioned. These Gnats have been known to attack people just like mosquitoes. Mites & lice are also blood suckers but these things try to burrow under the scalp. I find it harder to get rid of them out of my hair than the other pests I am dealing with. The most troubling are the Bird Mites because they can hide anywhere, in the smallest of crevices. They do not fly, but crawl. Sometimes, it seems like they can fly, but in fact, they crawl on the ceilings, then drop down from above. They're bites are just as painful as Rodent mites who look Similar, but Rodent mites can live a very long time without a blood meal. Both bites are very painful, so it feels like a sharp pinprick, and you know what's on you! The lice I have only found in my tubs & on the counters, but since they are clear they could be on me too, not sure. They like getting into loose & filed paperwork & I feel something invisible attack ne & I start itching afterwards. Try to avoid dealing with paperwork or files and get rid of clutter! Most of these pests can't stand Vinegar on them, but Fugus Gnats are attractef to it's smell, but will die if saturated. I found that if I put Vinegar(White) in my hair, let sit in my hair 10-15 minutes before washing with sulfur soap or Generic brand Tea Tree Shampoo & use drops of tea tree/Citronella / Peppermint in my conditioner & final rinse myself with a mixture of essential oils & water before blow drying my hair, I see at least one gnat on my counter afterwards. The blow dryer and hot curler helps to kill anything crawling in my hair, but it's much harder to get rid of anything making it's nest under the scalp. I also use Equate brand, extra strength Lice Shampoo on all the hair on my body & whole body once every other week, and keep legs/arm pits shaven. Caution: Do not get in eyes,this can blind you! Use as directed. Between lice treatments, I make a spray with Alcohol with a few drops of peppermint oil, Citronella oil and tea tree oils to spray all over me, on my clothes,& in my bed to try to keep them off me. I found that Cedarcide repels almost all of them the best, and is safer, but it dries my skin, but my hair likes it. This is expensive to use @ $109.00 per gal. if you can't stop the source, it will make a dent in your wallet for continued use. I also like Del La Cruz Sulfur Ointment for spots that are red & itchy, it stops the itch ike Alcohol, but doesn't dry your skin out. Unfortunately,t he little tub is only 4oz. If I just can't take it anymore, a alcohol drench gives me peace for a while.

The best thing to do is to keep them off you in the first place, so I mix about 12 drops of Peppermint, 20 drops Citronella, 12 of tea tree and eucalyptus oils in a 16oz spray bottle of water to repel them from my hair and body. You can also add Neem with Geranium and Lavender to mask it's scent but the sweet fragrance serm to attract the gnat Gnats. Research what to use for what Pest you're fighting. I found a great site for recipes for Spitzers:

You can not win this battle unless you know what you're fighting, get rid of root cause,"the source," and end what's attracting them to your home. Most of the time it's a water source like leaky pipes, fungus & mold issues, Organic debris like leaves & paper clutter for Thrips, Springtails & Booklice, around the home, or birds or rodents nests for mites looking for a host. The Gnats are drawn to still water like ponds and plague Farm animals & even Pets. They have been known to kill them.

Watch "Blasted Buffalo Gnats!" on YouTube

Watch "Buffalo Gnats and Chickens!" on YouTube

All of these pests mentioned, except for the Buffalo gnats, are very tiny & you need a microscopic camera to identify what you are fighting! Only then can you find the source & start solving the problem for good. I suggest buying one. I spent a lot of money for mine, but now they sell lots of off brand ones on Amazon, that uses your cell phone for $20 bucks! Wow, what a deal! Not sure how well they work, but it's something! I pray for all of you, you are not Crazy! Wish I could share pictures of all the pests I am fighting, but can't upload. Look then up by names. Stay strong, pray and God will reveal what's bugging you too and help you solve your problems. Hope this helps someone dealing with a real nightmare! Stay strong, it will end! God bless you all!

Oct 25, 2020
something's been biting me also......
by: margaretmari

Stupid me, dumpster diving up at the local college, and came home with all sorts of pricey "finds", right ? and what about that pillow I used that I failed to wash right away and could feel something spreading onto my scalp...yay....well, stupid me...and so now, they're all over the place, pillows, dryers on the pillows tend to kill "them", whatever they are, and who knows ? BUT, "ozone machine" will kill anything of this sort, including roaches and bedbugs, in your house, even permeates wallboard, kills mold, etc....(Amazon)....however, you need to vacate your house, and remove all plants, even, as they'll die also, along with pets and of course, yourself, as ozone kills off lung tissue....BUT IT WORKS....ozonators, they're called.....they SERIOUSLY kill off mold, (vented one down my cold air vent after living in a house with "old house smell", and it took care of it literally overnight) of you live in Florida, etc., they're a God-send....but you DO have to make sure you vacate the premises while you're ozoning your house.....washers and dryers, etc. never seem to get on top of this multitude of problems with mites, etc. will definitely not be dumpster-diving without thinking about what I might be bringing back into my home.....OUCH !!!!

Apr 16, 2019
ghost bugs are Demodex mite
by: Gina Leoni (Phx, AZ)

I had the same problem as all of you, I thought and everyone thought I was nuts until my brother said he knew some one with the same problem it was Demodex mites!So try this and it will work for those ghost bugs (Demodex mite), die instantly with application of 70% rubbing alcohol. I used a brown label rubbing alcohol that is made from ethanol. It is important to use only 70% alcohol, because if it is stronger it does not work, it needs to work combined with water to kill the mites. Also if it is pure alcohol it evaporates too quickly to stay on your skin and work properly. Put the alcohol in a hand sprayer. The alcohol helps calm the itching when you spray it, but it is so effective at killing the mites that it also causes more itching. It is just something I had to get through to get rid of them.You can also use tree tea oil mixed w/ water, use as shampoo and wash your body with it, remember to wash bedding, pillows every other day, it should take 4 weks total o :)

Apr 08, 2019
something is bitting me and stinging i see nothing
by: larraine b.

something is bitting me and stinking me. In my guess room I been sleeping in there my computer is in there even when I'm on the computer they bite and stink. All over my body even when in my car this happens all threw the day running me crazy can't take this any more. any suggestions. I have been eating fish and seafood only when I eat meat.And I been juicing in the mornings.

Mar 07, 2019
My scalp
by: Teri dorsey

Help me this has been on for 6 months now my head itches but not all the time sometimes it itches so bad I can't help it there's nothing I do to help I've been to the doctor 15 times they think I'm crazy I tried every shampoo every medicine that they have given me nothing helps do you have allergies contact dermatitis I am allergic to a lot of things disperse yellow 3 and you're in Laurel I think that's how you spell it Becca when I take my phone and I zoom in on my head I see flying insects it looks like different types of bugs I wash my hair sometimes they come out in the shower also want to look at my Yorkie and she's a year-and-a-half with my cellular phone and zoom in she has the same thing I'm about to go broke I don't know what it is I'm taking a bug to the dermatologist it's going to come for my bathtub my bathtub must be dirty but that's not true if it's clean and it happens every day something falls out when I use that shampoo bumble shampoo please help me I don't know what to do and I'm about to lose my job my family and my fiance already lost thank you so much I hope somebody can I reach out to me and somehow I my email is

Oct 01, 2018
No itch but stinging NEW
by: Frances Battle

I am treating my home for bedbugs and have only had two treatments. They really come out when being treated I see them lying around dead and only have found one alive since the treatments. I have been bitten by something that I can't see I do have sewer gnats also but a plumber told me I did not need my sewer cleaned. I don' know if the bedbugs are still biting because I don't itch. What could it be?

Sep 02, 2018
Small bites and crawling NEW
by: Wes

I have had the same issues for the last year or two I have not found any bugs but I’ve scratched off something that look like scans or cacoons that stick to the skin. Not sure if we are dealing with a new form of mite that bite and burrow

Mar 15, 2018
Try this NEW
by: Khauit Wardell Martin Jr

Douse the area of complaint real good with peroxide. Let me know how that works where the bitting occur:

Sep 20, 2017
biting invisible bugs NEW
by: Dorisdoel

I too have for about 4 months now an invisible bug that is biting me and I see clouds in the air with what looks like bugs in it. I also have tons of black dots every day on the floor and also every nite I place a paper towel on arms of chairs and there is a glue like substance on it.
what is this? and any rememdy?
my email no is

Oct 13, 2016
invisible parasites NEW
by: Linda

I just moved previously from an apartment where the rent was being increased to a rat I could not afford I had storage for a lot of my throw rugs, various kitchen curtains etc that were in boxes and totes and stored in a storage room that was in the apartment.I also had to give up my dog which my grandson now has. I have now moved to a new apartment. Now after 3 weeks I am being bit by invisible bugs. I find dandruff like flakes all over and little black specks on everything. I have a sticky roller that when rolled on the carpets, sofas and bed and bare floors shows me the flakes and black dot things. They aren't moving and I need to find out what they are so I can take action. I don't know if my dog had fleas or picked up mites from outside or is from the storage items. It's getting worse and I'm told that before an exterminator can deal with it they need to know what they are dealing with. The parasite you can't see and the white flakes are now all over the place. Any help from anyone is appreciated.

Aug 25, 2015
goimg crazy NEW
by: David Hamilton

Same thing happens yo me and my little dog Jennie. Not to my wife. But goes away in the winter. I was washing the bed linen every night. I have had the same diet for years. Sometimes the scratching Is allday. Any Help?

Jun 14, 2015
It might be.... NEW
by: Mojo

A kind of flea. Way smaller than those found on domestic pets. The kind that live on rodents. If a rodent population is decimated quickly they move on to other hosts. They are invisible to the naked eye. One way to see them is through intense sunlight as they jump about. Not all exterminators know of or think of these. Call around.

Feb 08, 2015
Something is biting me..... NEW
by: jules

"Chronic Urticaria " which is the diagnosis that someone's Dr. gave her, is NOT a disease, or a diagnosis. It is simply a symptom. It means itching. Doctors use those waste basket terms when they don't know what's ailing you. It sounds good on paper for a diagnosis.

Sep 14, 2014
Not bugs NEW

I had systoms for 3 months that felt like something biting me and could not see anything on my skin, sometimes it felt like a sting. It was everywhere, face, neck, legs, back, it was really from head to toe. My dr. said scabies and treated me for this. Well, it was not scabies.

Finally, I went to a specialist, and she told me I have CHRONIC URTICARIA. She has given me meds to take daily and I feel 100% better. She really save my life because I was going out of my mine with this problem, and not knowing what it was drove me nuts.

Chronic Urticaria is easily missed for it mimics a lot of other illnesses. I would check with your Dr. to see if it is possible this could be your problem. good luck

Aug 24, 2014
by: Roberta Prock

I had some thing biting me and had 5 externation in my home and they said it wasn't bed bug. After all the money I spent to get rid of what I had I found Clean wave Sanitizing Wand and it help me get rid of what ever i had. I brought it at Home Depot.I sanitzing my chouch my bed,drawer all my linenand all my clothes and my floor and I haven't had one bite since I did it.Hope this help you!

Aug 19, 2014
lil bugs you can not see that bite
by: wendy

I also have the little bugs you can not see jump all over me and bite they sting real bad you can feel them soon as they land on your face arms or legs driving me crazy and it is Not bed bugs.

Aug 17, 2013
chyletiella mite
by: Anonymous

chyletiella mite

Feb 14, 2011
Same Problem
by: Savina

Try any soap with Sea Buckthorn. I have tried Aubrey Organics soap, but any with Sea Buckthorn should help. Whatever it is, it hates salt. So when you excercise and sweat or if you move to a humid area they die. I know because my boyfriend moved to a humid area and within three days they were gone. Dr. Mist helps because of the sea salt. just remember you don't have to spend a lot of money because Sea Buckthorn is fairly inexpensive. Be patient because first two weeks the problem gets worse but then gets better. Good luck to you and God bless.

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