Something Moving Around Inside

by Wanda
(Dubuque, IA)

When I rest I feel something moving around inside of me.

Initially, I thought there was something in my mattress, but have slept on different mattresses and still have the sensation of something moving inside of me, with a sucking sensation.

I had to have breast surgery earlier this year. The surgeon kept saying, "It's weird; It's as if you are lactating!" I am 52 years old!

He removed a 3 inch long and 1 inch long lump! No EXPLANATION.

Now I have a 2 inch lump on my right knee and I feel something sucking on it at times. It's very painful!

But I feel something moving around inside of me at all different parts of my body!


Hi Wanda,

How unusual! It's not uncommon for people to feel like they have something moving around in their body. Some people describe it as if bugs are crawling around inside.

What's unusual is this sucking sensation that you are describing. I haven't heard that complaint before.

Yes, it's possible you have some type of a parasite infection, but there are also other possibilities that could account for the sensations you are having.

Apart from these feelings that something is moving around inside of you, do you have any other symptoms like bloating, constipation, etc?

What about medications? Are you taking any prescription medications at all? Sometimes you can develop side effects to drugs that cause your body to react in a strange manner.

You mentioned that you are 52 years old. Have you had your hormone levels tested at all? Do you have any of the common symptoms of menopause?

Some women have reported having a crawling sensation when they are in menopause, which is remedied when they begin using some natural hormone supplementation. I use Renewed Balance cream myself to help keep my hormones in balance.

If you do suspect parasites or toxic build up in your body that may be causing these strange feelings and you don't have any other thing that you can tie it to, I would suggest the following...

Give yourself a good herbal cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend and take some probiotics like Florafood and some essential fatty acids like AIMega. This is a quick and natural way to cleanse your body and help build your immune system.

It's the first place I would start.
To your good health!

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