Sores On My Scalp

by Janie
(Sacramento, Ca.)

What can I do about sores on my scalp?

About 2 years ago my family was invaded with the lice bug. I was able to rid my kids of the lice, but because my husband did my hair....I kept getting them back.

I think I used anything and everything from doctor prescriptions, to over the counter, to home remedies.

I did eventually get rid of them (a year later) but my scalp became so inflamed from all the products and the relentless combing.

Even after I was lice-free, the sores on my scalp would not go away.

About 4 months ago I went on a very restrictive diet...meat, shrimp, veggies and limited carbs & sugar!!

I started to notice the sores on my scalp going away. I didn't link the diet with the problem. I just thought it finally had run its course.

I went off the diet in the middle of November and my symptoms slowly started to return. They are worse than ever now.

I have at least 20 sores on my head (all areas of my head). At night I feel a crawling sensation that is so intense it wakes me up out of my sleep. I try to ignore it but it's too obvious. I definitely feel something moving.

I'm afraid that when I had all those open wounds it was a pathway for some type of bug to enter?

I don't want to inflame my scalp any worse than it is right now. What can I do?? Why did it go away & come back?? Not only that but worse??

PS. I don't know if this matters but I'm 44, I workout 3-4x a week. I do have an under-active thyroid. I'm also severely anemic & don't take my iron pills anymore. My doctor wants me to take 4 a day..

Hi Janie,

Here are a couple of thoughts for you to consider...

First of all, next time lice becomes a problem, try the basic olive oil treatment. It's completely non-toxic and easy enough to do your own head, if necessary. ;)

The initial sores may be the result of the lice feeding on your scalp and/or your scratching the bites and possibly causing an infection.

They also may be (as you rightly guessed) from the toxic chemicals you were using repeatedly in your efforts to get rid of the lice.

The fact that your change in diet (cutting way back on your sugar intake) would lead me to believe that you developed a fungal/yeast infection as a result.

This is very easy to develop. We all have candida (yeast) growing in our body. The yeast fungus is kept in balance by the good bacteria in our body so that we
usually don't have any problems.

If our immune system is compromised, the yeast begins to grow out of control and the fungus can bring on a wide range of symptoms - much like you describe.

In your case, the chemicals that you were using would have weakened your immune system because of their toxic nature. Your body may not have been able to eliminate the toxins quickly enough and your natural balance was thrown out of whack. :)

Candida (yeast fungus) feeds on sugar. Your poor diet would be enough to allow the fungus to gain the upper hand again and bring on these sores as that has become a weak area for you.

I would highly recommend a thorough intestinal cleanse to you. I will shortly be starting my own "spring clean" - a 3 month cleanse that I do using Herbal Fiberblend.

HFB has a variety of anti-fungal and anti-parasitic herbs that help to clean out your digestive tract as well as detoxify your body.

You also need at least a month of Florafood. These are probiotics (good bacteria) that helps to return the natural balance to your immune system. Basically, it's a little army to fight off the fungus overgrowth and get it under control once again.

You mentioned some other issues you are dealing with - the anemia and low iron. A healthy way to get the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need is to use whole food supplement powders, like the Garden Trio. These are real organically grown foods that are juiced and dried at cool temperatures to retain all their live enzymes and rich nutrition. I think you'll find them to be an exceptional help to you.

Last of all, with your thyroid condition and your age, you may want to consider using some natural progesterone cream. I use Renewed Balance every month and have found it to be the best natural progesterone cream I've tried.

You can actually get your hormone levels tested to determine exactly what you need and have a special formula created just for you (but please stick to natural and not synthetic hormones if you go that route).

For me, I find that Renewed Balance does the trick for me and has helped many other female friends who've tried it - even though they didn't get tested or specifically diagnosed.

I hope some of this information will be of help and benefit to you. Please let me know if I can be of any further help.

To your good health!

P.S. If you haven't already tried it, raw, organic apple cider vinegar (Bragg's is good), may help to dry up the sores on your scalp and give you some relief from the itching.

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Nov 30, 2013
Serious Scalp Infection NEW
by: Angie from

Dear Gene,

Oh dear! It sounds like your experience at Patton State Hospital was less than beneficial on every level. You have my sympathies!

My suggestions for you would be for both internal and external treatment.

External - Rinse your scalp daily with sea salt and water mixture; afterwards, apply a mixture of organic cold pressed coconut oil and clove oil.

I would add 10 drops of clove oil to 1 cup of coconut oil to create a good solution. You can adjust the amount of clove oil as needed if you find that to be too strong (stinging your skin).

Internal - cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend and build with Barley Life. You can get them at wholesale cost here.

It's really important to use the internal treatment as well because it is very unlikely that the infection is only external. If you don't tackle the root cause (internal infection), you will probably continue to get recurring infections.

The Herbal Fiberblend is an excellent natural cleanser and the Barley Life is a rich source of nutrition to boost your immune system and balance your body pH levels so that your body can heal.

I sincerely hope this is action that you are willing and able to take and that you will recover from this nasty experience physically at the least, but also I pray that your spirits recover as well.

Angie from

Nov 30, 2013
by: Gene

I am 70 years old and I have never had any type of continuing infection, at least until I was admitted to patton state hospital in an effort by the state to "get my mind right"...the outside is well kept by grounds keepers but the inside is as filthy as anything I have ever seen. The place is infested and propagates infections. They decided to get rid of me after less than 6 months, I was a bad influence on the population. My legacy from there is a serous scalp infection from bacteria that they claim they control by keeping the inside temperature at below 70 degrees--In their view this takes the place of regular cleaning of the facility---

May 29, 2011
Cleanse Your System
by: Angie

Hi Michael,

You probably would benefit by a cleansing your system with a good natural herbal cleanse. It helps to detoxify you and allow your body to get rid of the excess toxic build up that some of us accumulate.

You seem to have a lot of sensitivities, and the right combination of herbs can help to ease those so you have a little more freedom.

Diet does play a big part in our health - not just our weight. Some people think that just because they aren't "overweight" that they don't have to worry about their diet.

If sugar is triggering these immediate conditions in your body, you definitely should try to eliminate it as much as possible and also try to build up the good bacteria in your body (probiotics) so that your immune system will be stronger.

All the best!

May 29, 2011
Sugar Sores on my Scalp and Back
by: Michael

So i read your theory about sugar / deit to what you eat.Well mine is similar thing but it happens more so when i have Sugar like candy,cerial,some pop,anything with sugar.Then the next day i get these Sores on my Scalp,Back and they are not pimples.Most the time it is in same place and i get this mucus in my throat at time like Salt.
I have Salt issue it makes my Nose Bleed well iam sleeping,under preasure,working light duties tighting up pipes.?
And Caffeine gives me Jitters / Shakes so yes i've lve with these problems for over 10 years and Doctors does nothing or know anything think iam full of crap..And iam sorry i gone of course of subject,but all these are in the facture of problems i have.

Jan 18, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for all your information...I will try these as soon as possible...

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