Stomach Spasms

by J

Are my stomach spasms due to die off symptoms?

After 9 years of ill health, I have finally realised the connection to yeast and probably leaky gut.

I have started treating myself as my doctor hasn't had a clue what's been the cause. My blood tests are always normal, the latest diagnosis has been possibly an allergy.

I started taking probiotics from seeing pages such as yours, but I now find they were not strong enough. I am also taking garlic capsules and folic acid.

I have ordered some stronger probiotics and some oregano oil tablets, as I now hear they are good at correcting the fungal problem.

Last week I had stomach spasms when I lay down. This resulted in me being sick and in pain from the spasms. It all relieved itself once I was sick, and next day I was ok.

It's not something I want to repeat as it has shaken me up a bit. I'm wondering if it could happen again.

Is this anything to do with die off symptoms? I try not to panic as my book says, as I realise a lot of it is die off symptoms - headaches, nausea, joint aches, blurred vision, rashes, dry mouth, and sore tongue.

I hope I am doing the right things by trying to sort this myself but I don't see an alternative as my doctors won't recognise it as an illness.

I think the worse thing has been the years of wondering what was causing it all and knowing there was no answer. I am glad people like you are there to help,

Thank you!

Dear J,

I hope you haven't been having any further trouble
with the stomach spasms. I wouldn't be surprised if they were the result of your candida die off, or a healing reaction.

The healing process with Candida can be pretty harsh for some people, depending on how severe their candida overgrowth is to begin with.

You probably don't really need to take the garlic AND the oregano at the same time. You may end up causing yourself too much discomfort by taking too many antifungal supplements at one time.

You didn't mention your diet. I hope that you are following an anti candida diet, as it is so important in really winning the battle against a fungal overgrowth.

If you find that your candida die off symptoms or healing symptoms are too severe, cut back slightly on the protocol you are following so that your body can cleanse and fight at a gentler pace.

I know it is so frustrating and difficult when you don't have your doctor's support and you feel like you are on your own to try to figure out what to do to regain your health.

Don't be too discourage, and do try to think of your current discomfort as a positive sign that you are on the right track.

One other step you might want to take to help speed up the process without increasing the die-off symptoms is to give yourself a daily enema with warm water.

This can help flush out the dying candida from your intestines so that your body doesn't have to process or handle the toxins from it.

Do let us know how you get on and keep us posted with your progress.

To your good health!

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stomach spasms
by: janine

hi angie

my experience with ill health began when my doctor insisted on treating my borderline thyroid reading , when i was perfectly well and had gone to her for contraception advice
i now realise that reading was probably affected by the candida overgrowth
the more they adjusted my thyroid with pills the worse my symptoms became , they continued to shrug their shoulders not knowing what was causing my ill health as thyroid medication is harmless and natural ! this is what i have been up against ,

i had thrush at that first appointment with doctor which she treated with over counter canesten and presumed that had cleared it up ,

it all does make sense now which i am glad about as the not knowing and doubts about my health have been very worrying ,
after keeping this up for 7 years
i took myself off the thyroid medication and things improved ,
i felt i was recovering but my doctor didnt believe i would be .my thyroid reading went sky high yet i was well ,
they still told me i needed to take it the reading said so! so i took it again ,
i ended up in a terrible state crying uncontrollably sinus problems nasal drip , severe headaches dzziness , lost a lot of time sick from work. the more my thyroid was treated the worse the symptoms became.
they had been treating a reading not my health,when i was made ill they either laughed at my symptoms as being caused by something else yet nothing showed up on tests i felt i had nowhere to turn.
having read more and more about candida i can see it does all add up .
i did a questionnaire on a website that i came out very badly with near toxicity symptoms , i had been saying from the start that i felt i was being poisoned, but noone had a clue why
my doctor still has no idea , i was referred to rheumatology in may for bone pain , i mentioned my belief that and all rest of my symptoms this was to do with candida,
this suggestion was also laughed at as it only happens to people in poor state of health not healthy like me ! ,

i ended up in a very bad way the only way it was relieved was by stopping thyroid medication , when i ended up in a uncontrollably crying all day state for no reason panic attacks anxiety . i decided enough was enough
i have cut sugars out from my diet as much as i can , i did have severe sugar cravings whick i now know are part of the candida problem , natural foods not processed , vegetables

i was relieved to find the headaches were a good sign that the die off is happening , that reassures me that i am doing the right thing ,

i was in a very severe state mainly i believe because my thyroid treatment was actually putting my body out of balance , while drs treat things they dont know that candida can affect your thyroid too , i can see a lit of people suffering and i know there are loads from the thyroid forums too.,
thank you so much for your advice it helps me a lot , j


Stomach Spasms Plus Loads More...
by: Angie

Oh Janine,

I'm so sorry to hear all that you have been going through! What a terrible shame.

One thing I don't want to forget to mention is that contraceptive pills are notorious for causing candida, too. Not sure if you are using them, but I thought I'd better let you know since you did mention that was the original inquiry you were after.

What thyroid medication did they have you on? You said natural, but it sounds like perhaps it wasn't! The thyroid and your hormones are so interconnected that it's no wonder you are having so many issues.

I wouldn't be surprised if your hormones are all out of balance now (even if they weren't before). If you do decide to pursue anything along those lines, I highly encourage you to ONLY consider natural and bio-identical hormone replacement or supplementation.

I'm glad to hear that you are watching your diet, too. That really is important and should go a long way to helping you return to good health.

Doctors can be helpful in certain situations, but there are definitely times when you just need to listen to your body and use your own common sense and judgement. It's your life in the long run, so it's ultimately your decision on what you think is best. I know they can be quite intimidating.

Do keep me posted on your progress. I hope to hear good news from you soon.


stomach spasms and candida
by: Anonymous

hi angie , thanks

i only say that thyroxine is a natural thyroid replacement as doctors say it is and harmless which i am sure it probably would be if you really needed it ,
my husband said not to take at the start as he knew i was fine, the dr never discussed thyroid symptoms or why she thought i needed i literally got a phone call saying come and pick up a prescription your thyroid is underactive , not given a choice or any info on reasons for it , i did ring her back as i had no symptoms and said are you sure about this ? she said yes its bad enough for me to treat you . very abruptly , so i guess believing they know all i took them feeling ill fronm day one , blurred vision , rashes anxiety , but once started they just follow a path and you turn into a thyroid reading ,

i was 46 then and was looking to use a coil , but i had fitted and took out again as i had bleeding after and didnt like , no hormones were used ,

i am now 56 and still trying get my health back from that decision to listen to my doctor , i think to this day she still believes shes right to , tho i changed to a different doctor i wont be trusting one again

yes i should have trusted my own feelings , i have never seen a specialist or been ill until then , they really dont know anything about candida other than thrush , it doesnt happen .
the strange thing is that once off the thyroid medication my thyroid readings were checked and were coming down on their own, which i also pointed out to the dr that my thyroid was trying to get back to normal , a specialist told me that he and loads of other drs would never have treated me but once i had i was stuck with it , so blindly i carried on ,

i am now left with the problem having spent years thinking i must be a mystery to medical science or they were missing something , i knew there must be something else that affects your thyroid reading , i knew i was as healthy as anyone ,
it helps to know others are also going through some of the symptoms , i have a book on the candida now which is really very reassuring everything in it is text book how it has been , hopefully in time the rest of the die off symptoms will ease , thank you so much for your advice ,

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